614. Roots: Politics vs. Females —6. The Taproot

NOTE: Granted, these recent posts have been political. But the puzzling positions you and your family find yourself in daily are largely the result of politics more than anything else. My intentions have been to shine a new light on old things.

I do have a couple more though. Your education about the American past has been watered down. Textbooks are flooded with certain political biases. “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” [George Santayana] I’ll try to close the political gap a little more.


Closure on Roots: Fascism, socialism, and communism have roots in Marxism. The taproot of Feminism goes there too.

After World War I Marxist strategists saw that the workers of the world did not unite against government as Marx had predicted; instead they fought from nationalist trenches. Marxism was dead, unless it changed. So, four European theorists concluded: Cultures can’t be destroyed from within, but must have a new culture superimposed upon the old.

They formulated these strategic objectives: Obliterate religion and religious worship, destroy private property rights, and tear down the family unit as the basic social institution. Make politics instead of non-political principles motivate everyone’s life. Women’s Liberation and Feminism arose out of the last objective. Forty years later Feminism emerged as part of the Marxist-themed sexual and cultural revolutions.

From the first, Feminism was more political than female, more disruptive than cohesive, more anti- than pro-American. The intuition of many people warned against it, but political activists dominated and public opinion bought into Feminism. Only recently has public opinion begun to suspect it as anything but beneficial to women.



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6 responses to “614. Roots: Politics vs. Females —6. The Taproot

  1. Miss Terri

    “Obliterate religion and religious worship, destroy private property rights, and tear down the family unit as the basic social institution” are the most earth shattering words you have written yet. Does this scare anyone else or is it just me? This war is raging on all fronts and the “only” weapon we have is to live by the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. Guy and Grace, your blog is one of the highlights of my day! Thank you for shining your light in this dark world!

    Your Princessness Miss Terri,
    Saturday’s post, 615, shines an even brighter light. First, a graphic of immense clarity. Second and especially, a small book that can render immense consequences.

  2. Princess Rita

    It’s true-we can’t fight this in our own power.

  3. Reina

    “Obliterate religion and religious worship, destroy private property rights, and tear down the family unit as the basic social institution”

    Miss Terri, sadly, this is not the first time I have heard this. There are people who want to stay in control and have even more of it. They do not see however, that eventually the society that they lower to that level will fall-and even those powers that be with it. Historically, any empire who’s family structure was eroded, eventually fell.

  4. Katrinka

    Guy, I wasn’t able to comment as you were posting on this topic, but was able to read along. Along with Miss Terri I have to agree that the most chilling words in your post were “tear down the family unit “. I have been feeling a little ridiculous the past few years, because as I see things going on in America, I keep telling my family that I can see it traced back to the wife and mother leaving the home and leaving the raising of the children to others. Most of the topics that come up . . . crime, politics, moral decline, greed, etc., I keep referring back to how we are reaping what was sowed and it’s because of the neglect of the home during the feminist movement. Thanks for all of the work and effort you put into covering this topic.

    Your Exceptionalness Katrinka,
    The decay you cite is planned. You’ve been conditioned to believe that conspiracies don’t exist in the political realm. Ha! The political class knows differently. Why shouldn’t women?

  5. The tearing down of the family unit also involved denigrating the father as the head of the family unit. Divorce and having children out of wedlock is bad for the family/children.

  6. If you read biographies of people born in the years preceding World War I, you will very frequently notice the pairing of piously religious (Catholic) mothers and atheist, socialist fathers.

    Although almost no commentators dare to say so, it stands highly plausible if biographies be any guide that the social conservatism of women (except a then-minuscule minority with higher education) was THE critical factor blocking unity of the workers and smashing of capitalism in the Europe of 1915. The idea that masculinisation of women was the key (and essential as a door key is to opening a door) to crucial social change is very logical yet never seems to have been articulated explicitly on either side of the culture wars.

    Support for the importance of masculinisation of women can be seen in US voting data, which shows that before the major fall in religious observance women voted to the right of men by up to 5 percent, yet since the sexual revolution in the 1980s and vast declines in religious attendance women vote up to 30 percent to the left of men. It stands highly plausible that neither side of the culture wars saw that expanding voting and other rights to women would have this effect, and both sides never saw (or more probably underemphasised) how keeping women outside the public sphere maintained traditional political and social systems even when almost no working- and even middle-class males favoured them.

    Sir Julien Peter,

    I love it when another guy joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Thank you for some enlightening information. It fits well with my writing and interworkings of the culture.


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