625. Random Thoughts — Group 2

♦       Love is never enough. Too many little negatives interfere, and too few positives support it.

♦       Modern men have many malpractices for dealing with women and living with one. But men are trainable, when women set their mind to it.

♦       When women want a man more than their dignity and self-respect, they invariably choose poorly.

♦       A woman’s self-love determines her capacity for reliably loving a man. Bitchiness and critical attitude signal a shortage.

♦       Challenge for Wives: When telling him about what happened to you today, try telling it such that he responds with the rarest words a wife ever hears from husband, “Tell me more.”

♦       I wonder what would happen if a woman dressed up for work above and beyond whatever is standard and expected at her place of employment—for example: more feminine, less casual, neater sense of professionalism, etc. Actually I know what would happen. First, other women would dislike them for it. Second, the men would show more attention, respect, and appreciation. Third, other women would gradually follow suit to keep up with leader of the pack. Fourth, it would become a better place to work.     

♦       I credit someone else for this, but I love it: Mother and child is basic Nature. Joining them with a man is basic civilization. I could add: Marriage arranges and the family unit stabilizes civilization.


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12 responses to “625. Random Thoughts — Group 2

  1. Carmen

    Dear Kind Sir,

    My wardwrobe is only dresses and skirts and this hot summer I’ve added some lovely big very feminine straw hats and gloves as well to church. The response has been universally very positive. An older lady in the UPS store was so complimentary and declared she was off to buy a hat too. When I arrived at the hospital to visit a friend nearly every person I passed commented and those who didn’t smiled at me. As I was waiting for the elevator a little girl about 5 years old pointed at me and said loudly with a beaming smile “look at the pretty lady mommy.” Yesterday as I was leaving the Tom Thumb in my sun dress and hat an older gentleman bowed to me and parted the way as though I were royalty. There is something about a nice hat that adds great dignity to a woman or a man. In just the few weeks I’ve worn hats daily has convinced me that our culture is hungry for glamour and beauty that seems to have gone with the wind. We only watch films from the 40’s and 50’s at our home and when I see gentlemen wearing hats and suits and all the women and children dressed so well causes a great nostalgia in moi. Our souls long for beauty and grace and if a few brave men and women don a hat thats a great start.
    May God Bless your Heavenly Ministry!

    • theoriginaloreo

      WOW. That is amazing, it could have also been your smile that added on to it, because you seemed quite happy. 😀 Any advice for a 15 yr old girl because I have a lot of dresses, one skirt, I’m thinking of getting a skirt for my school uniform…before I had all pants. But I don’t think I could wear my types of dresses everyday, but I do have sundresses. Is there a way I could wear feminine shorts or something, because teen girls tend to be very active…that would be appropriate for my age and nice. Thank you so much, belle fille! <33

      • Lady Carmen

        Mon Chere Jeune Belle Fille! Have you been reading Sir Guy’s WWNH since you were 12? No wonder you are tres wise beyond your years! You sound as though you are quite a lovely, feminine young lady who is perfecting her style. Title Nine has cute, comfortable, modest athletic dresses with built in shelf bras, skorts, skirts and tops and is having a summer sale! http://www.titlenine.com/category/skorts-skirts-dresses/dresses+with+support.do?nType=2 Their dresses are great to walk, run or bicycle in and modest enough to run errands in too. Have you seen the film Sabrina with Audrey Hepborn? Viewed it again recently and her dresses made me want to cry . . . so gorgeous, elegant everything that is missing in current clothing, Just get used to turning heads because you surely will! Merci Beaucoup to vous!

        Carmen Belle

        • theoriginaloreo

          Lol :)) I just started reading last month, I’ve been feeling out of sorts…I’m always referred to as gentle, soft-spoken (a lil timid at first) and all those things (but I’ve been a bit of tomboy in dress because…well, im just lazy but luckily I have a beautiful mom that is always ahead in fashion. (she’s a psychic when it comes to trends). And thank you for reading a comment and for the advice, I’ll check the site out now… Thank you! :))

    • MLaRowe

      This is so inspiring! And yes Sir Guy I do also believe one woman can set a new standard and the rest of the women in the community will eventually follow.

  2. Lesli

    Dear Sir,
    I have just recently learned of your blog and cannot agree more with this posting. Each of these thoughts is a true nugget of wisdom. I work with couples on having better marriages and never cease to be amazed by what they don’t know about how relationships work. Much of that is based on a true misunderstanding about how important both genders are to making life, or society, work. I know I will enjoy reading your posts in the future.

    Thank you,

    Your Highness Lesli,
    Thanks. I love it when pretty women tell me such things.

  3. Linda L

    This is a great post chock-full of wonderful wisdom; and very inspiring. Thank you.

    I love being feminine and men being masculine. It makes both parties happy in themselves and a blessing to each other. I appreciate you showing society the difference.

    (When out swiftly walking with my husband I have darling gentlemen greeting me kindly or even tipping their hat. I wonder if it’s because I still dress femininely even when performing exercise. It doesn’t really require ‘work-out clothes’ as we’ve been hoodwinked to believe.)

    Thanks again for all your work.

  4. Linda L

    P.S. I also am usually wearing a smile so maybe that’s what prompts such gentlemanly behaviour from the passersby.

  5. Carmen,
    I missed your comment, somehow, until Guy quoted it in today’s post. I wonder whether we need hat-wearing lessons any more? I have just bought the most delicious vintage summer hat – and when I got it home, I realized – where am I going to wear this? Between the back door and the car, and the car to the front door of my workplace? – there must be more to hat-wearing than this, yes?

    • Carmen

      Lady Laura,

      Wear your darling vintage hat grocery shopping, to restaurants, running errands, and especially to Church. Hats aren’t to be worn in the evening unless it is a cocktail type hat.
      Manners with Miss Janice blog has a basic hat etiquette page. I was inspired in May by a young lady at our son’s college graduation. It was quite the fashion parade and she was stunning in her little black dress and black cloche style hat (a snug fitting hat with a small brim “the Great Gatsby look”. She wore it with confidence and that is the key. Polly Singers web states to expect many compliments when you begin wearing hats.
      Yesterday at Wholefoods another Gentleman bowed to me and cleared the aisle. Every clerk exclaims how much they love my hat and always with a great big smile. I do think we are on to something and it is catching on. Viewing the old classics is my best instruction. We watched “The Monty Stratton Story” this week and it was shocking to see ladies wearing hats and even gloves to the baseball games. Quelle difference to the present unisex baseball cap, jeans, shorts, t-shirts, flip flops attire. Well off to Mass in my new little cream colored cloche. Hats are becoming my latest passion. Please let us know of your hat adventures.
      Lady Carmen

  6. ballee

    Guy, what to do when most men are reading up on blogs and forums like this post : http://www.theattractionforums.com/general-discussion/129973-extremely-good-looking-guys-get-no-2.html

    on how to get women to give it up to them, without them doing the minimal effort and referring to us as “getting p u s s y” and not as human beings?

    They are reading blogs like this one and using the information against us remaining a pathetic bunch which only interests is to get their fix then leave us in the dusts (girls be careful)

    I see nowhere to apply the stuff in this blog if guys are doing the total opposite.

    Your Highness Ballee,

    I quote from that site, “Most good looking guys I know who get laid a lot just are very VERY good at letting girls chase them. They don’t say or do too much, they just sit there and look pretty and let the girl do 80% of the work.” It simply means that females yield their most precious asset (in manly eyes) without cost to or effort by men. Only the stupid buy what’s free or give away what’s valuable and irretrievable.

    I alerted ladies to such thinking in the “HardToGet” series that started way back in 2008. Check out the 8 articles listed in the CONTENTS page.

    P.S. The new male strategy is called Vague and Unavailable.

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