628. Sweeter is Better—for Her!

I dedicate this article to Her Highness Linda L. She asked for specific examples “…that would register a woman as ‘sweet’…” at post 624.

Gazillions of “manners, actions or comments” frost the cake of feminine sweetness. Men don’t know how to be sweet in the way that women do. Nor do they know how to tell a woman to be sweeter. So, I can’t define it, but men know it when they see it.

Actually, women are sweet, but men are thoughtful. The female recipient of a man’s thoughtfulness calls him sweet, because she judges by her standards and uses female terms. So, women expect men to be sweet or sweeter, but it won’t work that way.

Watch this, ladies: Sweetness flows naturally out of an attitude of gratitude for herself, not him or men. Men don’t have that capability for self-love.

Her sweetness shown to a man may seem like an unearned gift, which men don’t appreciate. But it’s not that. He sees her radiating self-love as part of her nature. He just happens to be on the receiving end, and appreciates her for making his life more enjoyable. He seems to be appreciated for who he is, because one woman crowns him with her heart-felt energies. He receives an unexpected delight, and this translates as high quality to him.

Sweetness reinforces a woman’s femininity and helps, as claimed before, add color to a man’s black and white world. Women shouldn’t seek to make their man sweet, just thoughtful. They should work to like their selves better as females, and this calls for more femininity.  

Sweetness is predominantly a female strength, because women are far more capable than men of giving of themselves. Women are much more easily energized than men to do it. Unfortunately, sweetness seems so natural to the female sex, it easily appears ordinary to the male sex. Consequently, men take it too easily for granted.

Sorry, ladies, but that’s the cake of feminine sweetness. She’s sweet because she feels good about herself. Men benefit. And she goes unappreciated for it. The question rises, of course: Why does she do it? Because acting sweet and sweeter makes her like herself better and better. This generates gratitude for herself, and happiness flows out of one’s gratefulness.


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8 responses to “628. Sweeter is Better—for Her!

  1. Manda

    This was a very “sweet” entry hehe.

    “Her sweetness shown to a man may seem like an unearned gift, which men don’t appreciate. But it’s not that. He sees her radiating self-love as part of her nature.”

    I think it is very important for girls to know this difference between being sweet because it is part of being a feminine woman who loves herself, and being “too nice” in a desperate attempt to make a man love you. The first arises out of genuine self-love, the second comes from not loving yourself and needing others to make up for your low self-esteem. With the first type of “real” sweetness, you will be sweet but still have boundaries (i.e. saying no to pre-marital sex). With the second type of “needy” sweetness,” you will end up paying for dates, buying him gifts, giving in to sex early, etc., which will probably end up pushing him away (speaking from experience and observation of my girlfriends’ relationships!!). Us gals need to learn to cultivate the first type of sweetness that arises from self-love 🙂

    Your Princessness Manda,
    Apt and well described. Thanks for expanding the dialogue with so much clarity.

  2. Princess Rita

    I think sweetness may be more about what a women isn’t, than what she is. When a woman is being sweet she isn’t nagging, complaining, criticizing, gossiping, whining, hatching evil plots, etc. I imagine a gentle and quiet spirit would be sweet.

    Something to pray about and aspire to!

    • Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. Louisa May Alcott

  3. Linda L

    Dear ‘Thoughtful’ Sir,

    How kind of you to take the time to address my question. The last paragraph spoke to me especially. Thank you so much for your work.

    Thanks too to Manda for the descriptions of two kinds of ‘sweetness’ and Princess Rita for considering the opposite definitions to sweetness, giving one the idea of what sweetness is not.


  4. Nice info, useful for my job.. thanks a lot… 🙂

  5. Guyette

    Nice comments by all. Priceness Rita’s comment about a ‘quiet spirit’ reminds of 1Peter 3:4 in the Bible. It says ‘Instead, your beauty should consist of your true inner self, the hidden man of the heart, the ageless beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of the greatest value in God’s sight.’

    I believe Guy is very thoughtful and (may I say?) sweet!

    Princess Manda thanks for your ‘too nice’ notes. It’s a good reminder to do the right things for the right reasons.

    Your Princesstial Highess Guyette,
    Thanks. I love it when pretty women tell me such things. I hope you enjoy some travels in this blog.

  6. Princess Rita

    I’ve always wanted a gentle and quiet spirit as described in scriptures. Proverbs 31:10-31 from the Bible also is a wonderful guide.

    Your Highness Princess Rita,
    Women in no other culture merge the Old and New Testaments so eagerly and so well into their lives. Women have always led the way, and it evolved into our unique Judeo-Christian Heritage. Witness: Princess Rita above about Proverbs and Her Highess Guyette about 1 Peter.

  7. boomer babe

    In the New Testament, Lois and Eunice helped with Timothy…his dad was a pagan…You’re right: it was women who passed it to their sons.

  8. Kaikou

    I have only been doing it for one day, but a rubber band to the wrist and frequent snaps to remind myself to be sweeter, more feminine, patient, kind, mysterious, continuously smiling has made a world of difference!

    Lady Kaikou

    Your Highness Lady Kaikou,
    I love it when pretty women prettify up the world.

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