665. The Muumuu Effect — Part I

I refer again to Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Throughout the conquest phase and even beyond, manly imagination more than knowledge about a female’s body improves her chances for whatever she’s after. (Knowledge should be translated as access visually or physically or both.)

Women dress to please themselves in hopes they will be attractive to men. Many lean too far toward the attractive and away from the pleasing. That is, they dress to please men instead of themselves.

The more emphatic this shift becomes in a female’s thinking, then the more skin that she exposes or erotic body parts that she spotlights. This results in two major disadvantages for her:

(1) The male’s objective is to disrobe her, and she thus helps with his primary mission of conquest. (She may want sex, but this also makes his thoughts about a relationship even more temporary. Men don’t keep pushovers very long, because they’re potentially easy for another man.)  

(2) Exposed skin and spotlighted erotic body parts provide knowledge, which makes manly imagination shift toward the next step of disrobing. (Knowledge kills imagination at each step in the disrobing process. The closer to naked she gets, the more his imagination shifts directly to sex and away from what he just accessed and whatever else she has to offer.) 

Such women play the male game, but are they rewarded well with masculine devotion and commitment? Some, maybe, but not nearly all.

Improving her odds comes with the conclusion tomorrow.


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3 responses to “665. The Muumuu Effect — Part I

  1. Carolina Dogwood

    Wearing more feminine clothing is on my short-term goal list. I don’t dress inappropriately but I need to spice up my wardrobe with well fitted dresses. I like this post very much Sir Guy. Everyday I read this site, I learn more about men, women, our destructive modern American culture and myself. There’re so many changes I need to make.

  2. Anon

    Sir Guy,
    A woman who wears nice (not tight) fitting clothes that define her waist which gives her something close to an hourglass shape, is she still leaving too little to the male imagination? The look is modest – skirts that skim rather than hug, no hint of cleavage anywhere etc.

    Your Highness Anon,
    What you describe jump starts a man’s curiosity about her without igniting his imagination about sex. It’s a big advantage for her. If she’s of interest, he has to first learn what it will take to overcome her character that appears resistant to sex, which burdens him to invest himself deeper, and which enables her worth to increase as he uncovers who and what she is to be so different and unconcerned about attracting a man, so independent and seemingly hard to get.

  3. ruppek

    I shop using a phrase from the movie Hitch: “Friends; a**; me.” It helps me find sweet, modest, clothes without looking like Netflix and chill.Thanks for this inspiration to find jeans to don’t fit too tightly. I scored two pairs yesterday second-hand, and I respect myself more in them. Men are never more handsome than when they help a girl become a woman.

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