685. Breasts Exposed in Public — Part I

Several ladies commented on post 682. Boob Exposure: Rest of Story about the public prevalence of bare breasts in Europe. Let’s examine what it means. 

  • Sex objectification is staged by females, but it deals men a pat hand. “They also serve who only stand and wait.” (John Milton) It’s the man’s game, and obviously European women don’t object to playing it.
  • Do European men compare exposed boobs with their woman’s? Does this adversely impact relationships? European women must conclude either NO, it doesn’t matter, or it’s worth it. How do females highly interested in keeping their man feel about such blatant stimulation of the male imagination to conquer other women?
  • Topless women may think they make themselves attractive for men. If so, however, they demonstrate ignorance of male nature and female influence on men. Or, they care nothing about the effect on men, because it reflects disrespect on the male gender, ignorance about taming the animal side of male nature, or both.  

Bare boobs in public personify disrespect for Nature, men, other women, society, marriages, cultural values, morality, and religious standards. It also reflects ignorance about taming male aggressiveness, civilizing boys, and domesticating men for home life.

But that’s not all. More tomorrow.


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2 responses to “685. Breasts Exposed in Public — Part I

  1. easybreezy

    Guy you should write a book. I think you are right, I think it adversley affects the culture overall because I know that the men over there, they really avoid marriage and all that. However, I will say that the only time I’ve heard the following…it came from European men:

    “Everyone knows you have to convince the woman. You have to make her feel important, be attentive towards her, etc…seduce her. Otherwise, a woman in France/Italy, etc won’t give you the time of day.”

    I’ve never heard that from the mouth of and American man. The thing is, of course, that they expect that eventually, the woman will give in. And if she doesn’t, the man will give up and move on.

    Your Reasonableness Easybreezy,
    Thanks. I tried the book. This blog will have to suffice.

  2. Princess Rita

    American guys know this too. Perhaps in some cases they can’t verbalize it as well as a European man but they know if the woman has anything of quality (looks, education, personality, etc) they have to woo her.

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