686. Breasts Exposed in Public — Part II

I got ahead of social development with too much detail about how men respond to bare boobs in the public arena. Mrs. Guy vetoed my effort, so I’ll fall back, recap, and stay on track.

Europe. Women appear topless in various areas where interaction between the sexes is not normally face to face. Such as swimming pools, beaches, saunas, etc. Also, breasts and full female nudity sometimes appear in newspapers, advertisements, and TV commercials. Women should pay more attention. It opens the door for expansion of breast exposure and full nudity, when the right inducements come along. The next generation or two of young females will provide such inducement.

America. Young women, especially coeds and concert goers, lift tee shirts to expose their breasts. We can call them the first generation. What will the second generation look like and do? The third? If the history of copying European social practices means anything, American women will venture into other areas close to but somehow different from Europeans. The net result, however, means more boobs in the limelight and full nudity on the way.

Trends. A new generation comes around about every seven years. About that often girls (and boys too) turn away from their older siblings and generate new and different social identities, habits, music, and adventures that put a stamp on their generation. Invariably, they outdo their siblings who outdid their moms.

That’s the situation. Tomorrow, some effects on men and women.


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3 responses to “686. Breasts Exposed in Public — Part II

  1. Robin

    I don’t know that breast exposure is so new. When I was in high school in the 80’s, girls flashed guys at rock concerts. College was slightly worse. Stripping, as a profession, has been around a long time. Playboy was around before I was born. I don’t know what’s going on in the college set these days except that occasionally I’ll hear about some live art project where someone is having sex or masturbating in public as some sort of exhibit, and, if you aren’t sexually active, they think something is wrong with you. From a cultural standpoint, one hears about the occasional teacher having sexual relations with preteen or young teenaged students. Or the college professor who has written a paper that states children are sexual beings and are actually the ones who entice adults into sexual situations, denying that such activity is child abuse and permanently damaging to a human being. That stuff bothers me far more than topless beaches in Europe. Maybe they are connected, but I’m not so sure that there isn’t something more intentional at work.

  2. Collin

    no pics?

    Young man,
    You comment here and at six other posts, where among much else I’ve learned you’re 17 years old. Seeking pics is what you got from this post? So, can porn be your future? And the women in your life can expect to face what? What promises can you deliver? What marital bliss can you generate? Women wish you’d think on such things.

    • Princess Rita

      Your Trolliness Mr. Collin,

      I see you’ve been a very busy and mischievous boy with all your comments.

      I am a former feminist who found that trying to be “equal” to my husband ended in my divorce and with myself raising our children alone. It was a very humbling experience. I am learning from this blog that my present and future are brighter when I am realistic about how most men think and rather than fighting them, working with them (or with a specific man, if I remarry).

      Equality sounds like a wonderful thing but in my quest to be equal I was crushed. When we are young, we have wonderful ideals about how things “should be” and I had them too but as I grew older I learned that book learning and real life were very different.

      What I seek is compatibility, flexibility, compassion, trust, love, respect and harmony.

      One last word regarding your many posts on this blog. I give you a free pass because you are young but I ask you to listen to your elders because their experience is something you can’t find in a book. Mr. Guy faithfully posts almost everyday to help women (not men actually) to learn how to brighten their futures. He doesn’t make a dime from it…just does it out of love. My point is, how many of your teachers can say this? Perhaps you could keep this in mind when you are critisizing this blog. Finally I hope you will think about this verse from the bible:

      When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 1 Cor 13:11 Holy Bible

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