688. Dark Side of Feminism — Part 25

Over the past three decades, Feminism expanded the natural battle of the sexes into a political war of the sexes. Trying to kill male dominance, feminists expanded their political capabilities. They made great strides economically, politically, and legally, but women lost the ability, skill, and patience to keep a man.

  • Females that dress ladylike, classy, or even prissy are of the now-distant past. Women abuse male preference for females to look good. Mutual advantages disappear.
  • Mystery decays to full disclosure. Comfortable attire decays to sloppy. Complimentary modesty decays to skin tight. Simple decays to erotic. Grooming decays to natural. Pregnancy decays to beer belly.
  • Manly respect decays, as females appear less attractive by choice and less worthy of much masculine effort. Manly disinterest rises for everything but sex.
  • Guilt and personal redemption fade, and blame and finger pointing explode. Relationships spiral into collapse or unhappiness.
  • Less unconditional respect for the opposite sex translates to less womanly influence to counter male dominance. The original mission of Feminism was to overcome patriarchy, but male independence increases and family responsibility decreases.   
  • Women play the feminist game with political correctness, which pushes Truth aside. Men respond with whatever’s needed to continue frequent and convenient access to sex, and it becomes easier with each new generation.
  • Modern women starve for male attention uncluttered with sex or innuendo. Under threat of sexual harassment and PC, men are conditioned to not pay compliments to females.

The fallout from Feminism continues to pile up.


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13 responses to “688. Dark Side of Feminism — Part 25

  1. lynn maust

    Really explains what is wrong with us all….and if we do the opposite, things will get better between men and ladies ….tho I would not call many females ladies at this moment in time!

  2. Princess Rita

    Everyone needs retraining.

  3. Fitcetera

    I’ve had it all wrong for 49 years.
    I’ve been lost and misguided.
    I have been/am guilty of many of these foibles.
    My proof that I have been wrong … I am alone and without the one thing I yearn for … a good, kind, respectful man to be a companion to.

    I didn’t like the premise of your blog when I first began reading your posts (just today did I find you)
    but as night draws on I’ve become a fan.

    Thank you for the guidance … even at my advanced age I can learn new *tricks*.

  4. Jill F.


    There is always hope! I have several friends who have been blessed by a good man entering their lives in their middle to later years ;)…never give up hope!

    Although I have been happily married for 27 years (albeit with lots of ups and downs and learning experiences) I fervently wish I had been taught to appreciate and esteem men as a young person. I would have enjoyed my single years more and been a better wife to my husband earlier.

    Use your regret to pass on wisdom to those younger women who are wise enough to listen to your advice!

  5. easybreezy

    “Females that dress ladylike, classy, or even prissy are of the now-distant past.”

    My mother is this woman- in public when she goes out, and I’ve mentioned this before, always looks good. Yesterday she came to visit me- (in a stylish black suit with her hair just done, coming from work). I asked her- Mom, do men still hit on you? She said- “3 today.” She is 62.

  6. Princess Rita

    Dear Fitcetera-I’m so glad you’re here. Keep reading. It starts to sink in. God bless you.

  7. Miss Dawn


    Welcome girl! You’ve come a long way baby!

  8. Robin

    “Modern women starve for male attention uncluttered with sex or innuendo. Under threat of sexual harassment and PC, men are conditioned to not pay compliments to females.”

    Ain’t that the truth!!!

    Fitcetera – For a good guide on men, Dr. Laura’s book, “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” is a must read. It was the first book on marriage that told me just how important sex is to my husband, how action and not words indicate my love for him, and how the little details (like what color curtains we put in the kitchen) generally don’t matter to him that much. It’s so weird how unlike women men really are, and we are never told this! We are definitely NOT equal. Once you realize what’s important to men and how uncomplicated they are, life is actually really easy!! If you read it, and come here daily for reinforcements, I bet you’ll be dating a quality man in no time!

    Your Preciousness Robin,
    You’re right about Dr. Laura’s book. She’s the greatest.

  9. mYstiQue

    Ive heard someone say, that women DID dress more feminine and prissy UNTIL the Berlin wall came down in the late 80s

  10. My husband's wife

    Hello! Thank you A. Guy Maligned! Men who write about femininity and virtue are indeed handsome! Wow, I just found this site and can’t stop reading. Over the last few years, I’ve wanted to learn more about respecting my husband as I didn’t really know what to do with him, but inherently knew that I am the one to inspire him as I am more relational. I started out following the Biblical model of marriage, which has turned my marriage into something more beautiful than I’d ever imagined.

    I’m having trouble with something that maybe someone could help me with? My husband works with mostly women, most of them are, well, pretty trashy (full blown man-haters). BUT…they LOVE my husband…he’s a very nice guy (funny, smart). Lately, the women have felt compelled to share sexy youtube videos (Robin Thicke/Miley Cyrus’ disgusting acts, send jokes on their phones) with him. I get really uncomfortable knowing that they have no problem “BARE IT ALL” to him. One thing to note: of course he enjoys this sort of attention from these girls and he tell me as if nothing is wrong here. However, my female instincts go into overdrive and I want to strangle the women for toying with him. I feel disgusted by it.

    I’m stuck at how to handle this so it doesn’t interfere negatively in my marriage. Any ideas???? I’m pretty angry and trying to tone it down. I know these girls are misled and need help.

    Your Highness My husband’s wife,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    It’s one of the toughest challenges that readers have posed, but I shall tackle it. I hope you can rise above both competition and a fight.


    1. Your female instincts may be ungood if you prefer to preserve your marriage over everything else. Your relationship expertise and patience can win the day, if you can withhold your feelings long enough. For example, don’t explain your discomfort or seek his relief of it. Just act on it by yourself.
    2. His enjoying the womanly attention reflects natural masculinity. His disclosing it reflects his devotion to you. He appears to be innocent at heart and comfortable in himself when other men might wish to take advantage.
    3. His acting as if nothing is wrong reflects an under-developed sense of understanding the disrespectful conduct toward his wife. Hence, while trying to please you, he fails to see that you’re hurt.
    4. He appears to be doing the right albeit not the best thing toward them. However, his tolerant and passive participation beats the heck out of active participation.
    5. OTOH, he seeks to please you by describing his experiences. It’s active participation in marriage, so it offsets what happens with them.
    6. If you seek to prevent his enjoying the antics of women with lower moral values than you exhibit, you lower yourself in his eyes. To stay above the fray, you must remain above the participants.
    7. The women show disrespect for him that bounces over to you, but he doesn’t see the bounce and expects you to also take it in stride as he does. Not admirable but not horrific either.
    8. Because he doesn’t see the reflection of disrespect onto you, it’s a good place to begin to change your situation.

    Earn greater respect from him such that the other women appear unrespectable. Don’t complain and don’t explain. Keep your feelings to yourself except for compliments and respectful acceptance of his doing the right thing without mentioning but hoping he will see the best thing. Neither seek nor appear to be seeking perfection. Strong people learn to live with the inadequacies of others.

    He can stop it if he just tells them to back off, that he’s married and intends to stay that way. For you to expect that is to ask him to disturb his work environment to your taste, and men resent the hell out of that.

    Leadership by indirectness—hints, praise, seed-planting, patience—work the best when a lady hopes to turn her man in another direction and away from what she can’t tolerate.

    The more demanding you become and the more spousal competition erupts, then the harder husband works to win against you. That event turns him away from you and toward the offending women. Ungood!

    I suggest you show enough interest in what the women do and say that you can subtly and subliminally ridicule them while indirectly praising his maturity and trustworthiness and giving the impression that you and he are far above such adolescent behavior. Keep internal all your fluttering and silent all your stuttering.

    You’ll have to figure it out yourself, but I suggest you design your actions around the words above. Good luck and God bless you.


  11. My husband's wife

    Yikes…I didn’t proof read well. I apologize for the grammar and spelling mistakes above. I don’t see that it allows me to edit.

    Your Highness My husband’s wife,
    It wasn’t that bad. I presumed I had your permission and made a few minor edits to your initial comment. Please check to ensure I made no contextual changes.

  12. My Husband's Wife

    It’s perfect. Thank you for editing. Looking forward to your reply!

  13. My Husband's Wife

    Dear Guy,

    I can’t thank you enough for your words of wisdom and your insight as you have accurately assessed my husband and this entire situation.
    I see what you’re saying about not becoming combative about this issue. It’s basically putting myself/feelings aside for him and the sake of our marriage. That I can and will do! I argue sometimes thinking it will benefit, but it never does! You’re so right. In my gut, I still want to hear what he has to say, even though I don’t like what he’s saying. I am thankful he’s letting me in.

    If I may, ask another question of you:
    You stated, “I suggest you show enough interest in what the women do and say that you can subtly and subliminally ridicule them while indirectly praising his maturity and trustworthiness and giving the impression that you and he are far above such adolescent behavior.”

    What might an example of that “subtle ridicule” be? I’m struggling a bit with that trying to come up with something without being too harsh, disrespecting myself.

    On another note: After reading your blog, I can see not only in my marriage, but in my family and friends marriages where the feminist ideology is reeking havoc. I’ve tried several things you’ve suggested and it’s building my marriage into something way better than I had ever imagined. I would love the same to happen to those men/women around me who are struggling as well. I will forward the links on to those who are facing difficult times!

    Keep up the good work. I’ll be staying tuned!

    Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,

    How about gently alluding to these:

    • Adolescents in adult clothing

    • Typical of teenagers

    • Wonder what happens to women who don’t respect marriage as an institution?

    • If they can’t respect someone else’s marriage, how can they respect their own mate enough to keep him? Now, or if they ever catch one.

    • Women acting like immature boys.

    • Women regressing into childishness.

    • If they can’t grow up at work, how disastrous is their home life? Either they as the product or they as the producer?

    I wish you more relationship polish in your endeavors.


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