710. Make Mr. Promiscuous Faithful — Part 4

To recap: Conscience is a function of respect for others, and that’s a reflection of how others respect us. Let’s continue with the man.

  • Males must be conditioned to be faithful to one woman. The male nature knows no conscience about spreading seed. Either female-driven Nurture compensates for Nature’s shortcoming in his formative years, or wives and families pay for the consequent oversupply of unfaithful men.
  • A man’s admirable conscience grows from the infusion of morality, respectability, and mutual respect exemplified by parents and other adults. The absence of such things produces a less admirable conscience.
  • Toddlers are first, because their mind has opened and self-interest starts to develop. They learn to respect others by being shown respect for whom and what they are. To greater but varying degrees, the same continues with tweens, teens, and adults.
  • After entering adulthood a man’s conscience changes little except in response to traumatic events, the most glorious being acceptance of the Lord into his life.
  • Guys treated poorly by females in their life tend to smother their conscience and sometimes squelch it entirely. Guys treated respectfully turn out quite differently and much more reverential of women.
  • Mothers are better able to show respect for children than fathers. They have different natural roles in rearing children. Females focus on teaching right and wrong; males focus on obedience.
  • A man’s formative years determines what a woman has to build on during courtship. The more diligently and unanimously respected as a male by mother, grannies, sisters, aunts, teachers, and girlfriends, the more indelibly a man’s conscience becomes conditioned against mistreating females.
  • In principle, when the females in adult life duplicate or improve on those of his childhood, he’s likely to be faithful. When they don’t, he sees less reason to remain faithful, because his respect weakens.  

In the final analysis, a man’s faithfulness rests on this foundation: He respects the female gender more than his own. Building on that foundation, each woman has a role to fill. That’s tomorrow.


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One response to “710. Make Mr. Promiscuous Faithful — Part 4

  1. Mae

    Hi Guy,

    I would like to clarify further on your statement “In principle, when the females in adult life duplicate or improve on those of his childhood, he’s likely to be faithful.”
    How do we duplicate or improve etc..?
    Your advice as always, would be very welcome.

    Thanks and have a great day.

    Your Highness Mae,

    Boys respect the unexplainable. Modesty, femininity, and showing respect without it being earned are mysterious. Each boy sets his expectations for what women are and conclusions shape his thinking for adulthood.

    How to duplicate or improve? You act more modest, feminine, and respectful of the male gender and one man. More modest to be different, more feminine to be more attractive, and more respectful to earn his trust, which returns to you as his respect, which elevates your self-respect, which enables you to show more trust, which returns to you as more respect and so on.


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