728. Gender Differences Revisited — Group I

  1. Conquest changes a man. He is no longer ‘in the hunt’ for that woman. Marriage changes a woman. Her husband can be made better, and she’s the one to improve him.
  2. Dealing with the opposite sex, a man’s strength lies with directness and a woman’s with indirectness.
  3. Men naturally dominate the present in both society and workplace. Women naturally dominate the future in both home and culture. (Male-dominated religions reject these natural imperatives. Our Judeo-Christian culture enables women to exploit these forces of Nature.)
  4. Females specialize in loving others, but men specialize at something else.
  5. Girls teach boys the requirements and finer details of dealing with females. Or boys learn to be guided by their hurricane of hormonal impulses even into adult life.
  6. Girls dream about the right man and building a life together. Boys dream about doing things when they grow up, and a mate sometimes fills the background.
  7. Men are impressed by what they see. Women are impressed by what they hear.
  8. Women need affection, men don’t, and so men are weak at providing it. Men need respect, women don’t, and so women are weak at providing it.


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3 responses to “728. Gender Differences Revisited — Group I

  1. Sis

    Dealing with the opposite sex, a man’s strength lies with directness and a woman’s with indirectness
    What is indirectness, I find that I’m very direct about things, what do you mean?

    Your Highness Sis,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    As to your question, Catherine suggested post 909. If insufficient to clear up your concerns, ask again. For example, sexy Christian wife can be contradicted by “direct about things.”


    • Catherine

      Your Highness Sis,
      Welcome. 🙂 While awaiting Sir Guy’s return from vacation, you may find post #909: “Her Indirectness Overpowers Directness” intriguing to read. It can be found by clicking the Contents link at the top of this page and scrolling through the alphabetized list until you find it.

      Your Highness Catherine,
      Thank you for great assistance. I view the article as very appropriate. If Sis has further questions, they won’t come from any lack of your perceptiveness. Thanks again.

    • Sis

      not being open about my feelings is causing a distance (mystery?) between us. I’m still encouraging and and admiring, but he can tell something is up, he’s feeling a little nervous and he is trying harder to fix it. I think me taking a step back has caused him to work a little harder. This not being open and direct feels a little bit like manipulation, how do I avoid that? Maybe it just feels like manipulation because it is unnatural. I’m a little scared he will give up, I got insulted this morning for not initiating sex last night……I didn’t refuse, I just didn’t initiate; I like your idea of giving lots of flirty invitations.

      spent a ton of time on pretty time this morning, can’t wait to see if there will be an effect.

      I’ve been amazed at the power of eye contact and a smile instead of saying thank you to men. Good tip!

      The name sexy Christian wife was a goal, not a title I gave myself, I don’t see how you can get more direct than laying it all out like that.

      Your Highness Sis,

      It isn’t manipulation, if you’re not trying to get something specific out of him. You’re trying to change yourself in order to improve marital relations. That’s encouraging, not manipulation.

      However, a word of caution about sex. If you commonly initiate, don’t change. He will misread far too much into it. Currently, he reads whatever you do as both your high regard for him and his deserving it.


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