737. Gender Differences Revisited — Group L

  1. Men know romance as whatever is required to initiate foreplay or sex. Women know romance as the attention he pays her when sex is not at stake.
  2. Men demand physical faithfulness in their mate. Women expect both physical and emotional fidelity but especially the last.
  3. Husbands that enshrine themselves at home stay at home. Wives that enshrine themselves at home grow bored with husband.
  4. Men fight best and work hardest for what they believe in. Women fight best and work hardest for who they believe in.
  5. Men see friendship differently. Women don’t fit a man’s mold of pure friendship, except when they are far removed from being a sex target.
  6. Women get upset and cry to release. Men don’t get upset by their own admission. They get frustrated, angry, and shift into battle mode without tears.
  7. Men resist change to their person and role, especially by a woman they have conquered. Women are much less sensitive and more flexible.
  8. Men shape their lives around thinking, substance, actions, and accomplishments. Women shape their lives around feelings, family, appearance, and relationships.


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6 responses to “737. Gender Differences Revisited — Group L

  1. Princess Rita

    Number 8 makes so much sense and helps me understand why my heart was never in my career.

    I was wondering what “Wives that enshrine themselves at home grow bored with husband.” means? Does that mean if the woman is selfish and not giving, she gets bored?

    Your Exceptionalness Princess Rita,

    Yes, boredom sets in, when she stays focused on herself, self-centered, etcetera. Her nature makes her more giver than taker, so acting out-of-character generates disinterest in much of whatever she does.


  2. Princess Rita

    That makes sense. Thanks Guy.

  3. Unfortunately, I grew up seeing an exception to #3 (Husbands enshrined at home stay at home). So far as I could tell, my mother followed that and yet my father was a serial adulterer…

    Your Princesstial Highness Lynne,

    Thanks. I regret your situation, but I’m grateful for your tip that enabled me to add clarity to the sentence.

    It should have and now does read: “Husbands that enshrine themselves at home stay at home.”

    Thanks again.


  4. Kelsie

    Thank you for number five. So often I long for male friendship yet I always feel there is some kind of barrier. And that barrier is as you said, for me somewhat sex-related. As a young, attractive college freshman many men I would love to be friends with me can’t quite get past me being a sex object 100%. Yet I am a very modest, slightly shy woman. Is there any way of breaking this barrier to find friendship?

    Your Exceptionalness Kelsie,
    Find ways they can ‘rescue’ you. Need a favor? Heavy lifting task? Car repair? Escort to church? Tutoring? Come up with enough needs for ‘rescue’, and some friendship connections may ensue.

    Thank them with a special and grateful smile or small gift only if appropriate. Keep your mind clear of guilt. You are encouraging what men love to do, ‘rescue’ a good looker.

    Do it all with a clear understanding that sex is not connected, but you know how to do that.


  5. Abigail

    Just keep an open-mind about these guy-friends Kelsie. There could be potential there! I envy you your options.

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