799. Adolescent Thinking Darkens Adult Life — I

A model of relationship building has become popular. Inexperience and ignorance of the male nature spreads its use.

Females hook up, link up, shack up, marry up, wake up, split up, and start up again. The pattern evolved over four decades, as adolescent thinking replaced adult maturity. Each generation of girls think they know more and better than previous ones about dealing with boys. They ignore the experience and reject the wisdom of older females and live their adult lives with little more than adolescent values.

A new generation emerges about every seven years. Newbies seek their own identity and uniqueness from siblings, and teens aim to avoid mom’s mistakes. (Incidentally, if they don’t know about mom’s mistakes, they have less reason to strike out independently or differently. Full disclosure damages child rearing in unimaginable ways.)

Cause: In the process of feminists convincing women to dislike male nature and patriarchy, females came to distrust and then dislike their own nature. If mothers didn’t teach it indirectly, daughters learned from mom’s complaints or experiences. As a result, each new generation takes a different view of males, which leads to different paths of life. (Is female prepubescent sex mom’s idea? Is mom teaching teen daughters to carry condoms mature or adolescent thinking?)

  • Each generation of young girls makes femininity more undesirable than their siblings and mothers. Role model grannies became obsolete several decades ago, as newer generations deserted family closeness to favor association with peer outsiders.
  • Females now use males as role models for attire, grooming, and behaviors that include exploiting sexual freedom. Consequently, male values sweep away female standards and override women’s expectations. Females twist in uncertainty, sense of unworthiness, and lack of self-appreciation. (The adolescent female mind works this way: If men don’t appreciate me for more than sex, why should I appreciate myself?)

Result: By abandoning femininity for feminist thought, females of every age and role drop interest and weaken their ability to civilize boys to female standards, tame adolescents and single males to live up to female expectations, and domesticate husbands for family responsibility.

  • Males are compensated with easy conquests, so they go along for the wonderful and unobligated ride that discourages family responsibility. Male values now dominate, and female values for stable home and family vaporize.
  • When females dislike being female and especially being very feminine, they are haunted with frustrations dealing with men. Even if successful at capturing or holding a man, they remain dissatisfied and unhappy. They blame men! It makes female frustration worse and pushes them toward over-eagerness, wishful thinking, hope instead of reality, and making themselves worthy of men instead of the reverse.

Consequently, adolescent thinking, values, and expectations shape the lives of everyone, weaken family influence, and cause further social decay. Such adolescent thinking promotes popularity as essential, fame/notoriety as great, and celebrities as role models. In these ways, adolescent values spread and further dominate self-interest and social life. 

Where does it end? When females keep their unmarried legs crossed, women can reestablish their control of cultural values, AKA why people do what they do in society. Following that, female relationship expertise can win men over to living up to family responsibility as the predominant and guiding institution for society.

Now, I’m not dumb enough to think that such things are forthcoming. But, I stress this point: The previous paragraph describes the macro, or society as a whole. In fact, the same principles work at the micro level, one couple as the whole.


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10 responses to “799. Adolescent Thinking Darkens Adult Life — I

  1. Mary

    Dear Guy .

    Wonderful insight. The hope is that with “micro” level faithfulness to virtue the “macro” slowly turns toward some semblance of sanity and societal stability. I think this will take almost as long if not longer than the dismanteling process.

    Much thanks for your continued efforts,


    Your Exceptionalness Mary,
    I bow to your wonderful insight.

  2. R.A.

    I love this post. Wish more women would stop contradicting themselves. Stop doing actions that will only get you the result opposite of what you want. Do you think society will ever get back to a point were at least there are a lot more women who embrace their femininity and hold em to a higher standard?

  3. Abigail

    Just watched this in action over a period of two months. A friend of mine, hurting over her pending divorce, fell “madly in love” with a new man. The “suitor” spouted words of undying love and support and she believed him. A couple of sexual encounters later and he’s avoiding her calls. The fact that she did everything wrong doesn’t make me hurt for her any less. She’s been duped into a way of behaving that doesn’t work. I hope she’ll learn her lesson and not be duped again. She was out of the dating pool for a long time (married for 20+ years) and I don’t think she realizes how things have deteriorated in that time. It’s so sad.

  4. Collin

    Saying that admitting and disclosing the human fallibility of parents is damaging to their children is interesting, and something I would like to hear more about. Because, while my parent’s never told to me explicitly of their flaws, I was smart enough to realize they weren’t perfect, and I realized their judgements were too often flawed, especially in regard to each other. I fail to see how this is a bad thing, however, it never disturbed me to know that my parents weren’t perfect, instead it helped me grow to be an independent thinker capable of questioning my parents. I was hardly a rebellious child though, I didn’t have the mind for that, which I am grateful for. I have a feeling that genetics impacts us much more than our upbringing, simply from the results of my own childhood, where I grew up largely independent of my parent’s intervention. Now, I can’t say that I am perfect, but I can’t say that I’m troubled either. I know my parents love me, and that’s really the only thing a child needs from his parents to not become damaged. Not necessarily the rod of discipline, but just not screwing him up by beating him senseless. Ultimately it was that lovethat caused them BOTH to go to work. So they could pay off the expenses of having a child. Me.

    I may be a special case though. I don’t know.

    Young man,
    We’re all a special case, unique like everyone else. But you’re 17 and I’m 79.
    You claim love is “the only thing a child needs from his parents to not become damaged.” I hope you educate yourself before you father a child or try to parent one.

  5. Princess Rita

    Mr. Collin,

    No one has said children should be beaten senseless. You say you are not troubled but the things you have written on this blog indicate an anger issue of some sort perhaps…I’m not a psychiatrist though.

  6. Simplicity Evermore

    I think Collin has stumbled on something, here. (and you may correct me if I’m wrong). I don’t think he has the right view point on it, but I think he raises an important issue.

    Love, is what a child needs to become a successful adult. But I don’t mean the kind of ‘love’ that meets only the minimum of basic physical needs.

    I mean the kind of love that puts the other person first. So, it is that love will show itself in security, unconditional emotional support, proper discipline, intellectual and spiritual guidance and so on.

    This kind of love, is the love which Sir Guy address in his blog.

    Parents can damage their children in many ways: Disrespect, lack of discipline, lack of attention, lack of support etc. Not just physical abuse, or lack of food.

    ~Sim Sim

  7. anon....

    I notice that ‘like attracts like’ I wish it wasnt so BUT the more ‘super alpha’ girls get (like being in the marines, etc,) the more ‘beta-gamma’ the boys are getting! JUST notice when many teens of opposite sex are together, there is NO affection of teen boys toward them, etc,…..high school functions are a great place to see this,..the best thing IMO to change this around is more feminine wear in girls-NOT SLUT—skirts that show calves are fine but nothing shorter-and NO CLEVAGE! But alas,..baby boom parents seem to not pull that one off well since we gave our kids NOTHING to build on,….regarding teen affection: no more than hand holding, or having boy put arm around girls shoulder NO Further!

  8. anon....

    What i mean by ‘beta-gamma’ is the passive/aggressive sort that doesnt come up to her standards while she does everthing,..yet he still controls her, and can even be violent at times (since no one calls him on it)

  9. Cocoa

    Dear sir Guy, you say “Full disclosure damages child rearing in unimaginable ways” this is in relation to girls and their mothers.

    I, as you know, have boys, and I have nothing much to disclose about past mistakes. But I want to know the effect on boys when father discloses past mistakes, not necessarily in the intimate arena, but in general. For example, a father discloses to his boys that he used to cheat at school.

    Your Highness Cocoa,

    Attitude reflects the heart. If father regrets cheating and uses his as example of how sons should do better, more to him.

    If father laughs up his cheating as proud accomplishment, shame on him.

    Leadership by example is the most effective, and poor leadership is still influential.


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