806. Her Happiness Starts Here

I expect much heat about this article, so I want to hedge. Don’t judge it on the first read through. I welcome contrary arguments, as some dialogue may clarify or amplify a daily event that women don’t credit enough.

Background. Women long for happiness. The adolescent mind considers it a goal, and so adolescent-minded females never find it. The mature female’s mind understands happiness as a process; a roadway with ups and downs where gratefulness floods her spirit to outshine discouragements.

Problem. Modern women are unhappy both individually and as females. Oh, they have many things for which they are grateful, but they lack gratitude for their selves. Witness the discouraged, dispirited, and often demoralized faces and unattractive attire of women in public everywhere. Witness those that dress as men do or use shoddy or careless attire. Very few seem uplifted with any kind of happy spirit!

Solution. Now, what stimulates a woman’s gratefulness for herself? What puts her on the happy road? Don’t say a man either.

One essential daily event leads to it. When she executes that event with pride and energy, each day brightens and shines. The more deliberately she makes it happen, the more easily gratitude rises to keep her encouraged and happy.

Eureka! So what’s the event? The morning ‘pretty-time’! Cleansing, freshening, grooming, and dressing to make herself pretty to herself, before she does anything else for anybody else. Everyone has to honor her ritual and compensate for her being temporarily unavailable. (Except infant care only if no one else can do it.)

  • Since everything and everybody else claim the rest of her day, her morning ritual comes first and rates as unalterable.
  • Pretty-time elevates her in her mind. It simultaneously protects and arms her to handle upcoming tribulations. She thus takes control one day at a time, and when repeated endlessly, her gratefulness builds for who she is. (Sense of being in control reinforced daily also helps prevent depression.)
  • She finishes pretty-time feeling GREAT about herself. It’s the strongest possible foundation for facing life with grace, patience, and understanding. Why? Because she graces herself with self-greatness fed by prettiness, which enables patience and understanding, and she has some left over. (The ultimate expression of power is forgiveness. When mom forgives, harmony floods the home. When mom isolates herself in early morning, she signifies her ultimate power to ‘switch the world to ON’ and do it her way. Can her forgiving spirit be far behind?)  
  • If she lets kids, husband, breakfast, extra sleep, work, money, squabbles, or whatever outweigh her need for pretty-time, she for that day disqualifies herself to be at her best and happiest. (Adjustments become easier, if her ritual remains primary and habitual.)
  • Women should be morning people, but many are not. They may have it tougher, but pretty-time can ease if not cure it.
  • Single women and those married without kids should make pretty-time strongly habitual, before newcomers arrive in their lives. (She’s not ready to face the world until she’s ‘fixed up’, so why shouldn’t she fix herself up for herself?)

Instead of paying the fare to jump aboard, women throw themselves under the happy bus. They do it by rolling tiredly out of bed, throwing on an unsightly robe, mumbling about their problems, disrupting breakfast routine with irritation or anger, rushing to prepare for everybody’s departure including their own hair and clothes, and feeling droopy for the rest of the day. All energy wiped out by one simple miscalculation: She didn’t start her day by proving to herself that she’s prettier than most everyone else.

A much better way exists, if she but takes charge and puts it into practice: Pretty-time is her time, and it always comes first thing on rising. Period. End of discussion. When women don’t do it, they cheat themselves, and the people around them don’t appreciate them as much.


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53 responses to “806. Her Happiness Starts Here

  1. I’m sure than many will argue with you on this, but I agree with you 100%!! I was raised by a mom that got up, dressed and beautified (although simply). I know that I feel so much better about my day when I can great the morning dressed and hair done. We don’t have to wear a ‘glamor’ look everyday, but nice hair, simple make up, and pretty clothes go a LONG way in how we feel and how we are looked at. I am also a HUGE shoe fan!! Flylady (www.flylady.net) also has a lot to say about how we feel when we wear our shoes. Keep up the great posts!

  2. Karen

    I’ll actually agree with you, too… although I would add to it that it’s not just a ‘pretty-time’ that is required… what is required is a quiet time to regroup, start the day quietly and breathe before the demands of the day start getting dumped on you. For some that might take the form of getting ‘pretty’, but for others it might be sitting in a cozy robe with a cup of tea and watching the sun rise before going ahead and getting the kids up and fed, for someone else it might be taking an hour on her own to work out in the morning.

    All of those things have something in common, though, and that is giving yourself what you need to start the day in your best possible frame of mind, and that is definitely good for everyone. 🙂

    • Heaven Thunder

      This is a beautiful insight, Karen. I can attest to having a great attitude and mindset for my day when I take an hour or two in the morning to devote a ritual to myself. It is like watering the flowers so that those passing by can appreciate their beauty. A cup of tea before the sunrise, a small yoga stretch, and my daily shower are what keep me grounded and ready for the day’s demands!

  3. Miss Dawn

    Greetings All!

    I have to agree 100% as well. And just so you know TODAY was a perfect example. I did not know today is a holiday. (Which one is it?) and so I did my AM routine and did a little extra because its raining. Well, its 9:15 and the office is empty! But I look and feel lovley and hot so I’m not all that fluttered. I think I’ll go have brunch in the window of a nice cafe and enjoy myself, the rain, coffee and sight of men peeking at me!

  4. Anthony

    ill be honest with you…it totally depends on the girl!! If its a sporty girl, i personally find her more attractive in sports clothes and a hat then i would in a dress!!

    If you are a woman who is career driven, obviously I find you more attractive in your work attire!

    maybe I’m not like other guys in this area, but those are my thoughts….

    I tell my girlfriend that i believe she is the most beautiful in the morning…when a guy gets to that point…you know he really loves you….not just your looks!

    • Abigail

      Do you see your girlfriend in the morning much? I hope you aren’t living with her :~(

    • Laura

      Anthony, you totally missed the point of the article. It’s not about you.

    • Princess Rita

      Did you marry this girl you love yet? It’s been 7 months.

    • Erna

      That’s good insight, Anthony. It matters to a woman very much that her man is pleased with her appearance. I think the point of the pretty time is an investment in our worth. When we care for ourselves, it’s like telling the world “We’re worth being cared for”, whether the end result is a sporty look, a suit, or a dress. It may seem strange to guys but it really does build our confidence simply because we took the time. I’m sure there must be some parallel activity for men. Who would adore a confident man?

    • sapphire

      sometimes, guys like ‘career driven-sporty’ women because they dont have to WORK HARD and knock themselves out to work for her or family–the more feminine the women, I believe, the more the guys has to be the ‘proper masculine counterpart’. Do you notice that most men dont mind the sporty, career driven women? I’ve heard or saw on this site, that when women have a career, she gets two jobs while he gets two paychecks

  5. QEII

    I completely agree with this post!!! An older lady friend, who is now in her late 80’s, gave me the exact same advice about 10 years ago when she saw me bumping around town in workout clothes, no eye makeup and my hair in a ponytail. Fixing up every morning makes all of the difference in the world, and people, especially men, really do notice. But the biggest impression is the one you make on yourself when you leave the house looking and feeling your very best!

  6. Sharon

    Once again, Sir Guy, you have given wise counsel. I have observed that even when a woman loves to give care and attention to others (not complaining and slouching around in a grubby robe), somehow, she feels a need of “permission” to take time to give care and attention to herself. Thanks for the encouragement and exhortation you have given here!

  7. Mrs. Pilgrim

    This is very true. I find that, if I put effort into looking well in the morning, my day becomes that much more productive. The only thing that has a comparable effect is taking time to study the Bible. (If I do them both, look out, world!)

  8. Jill F.

    Great advice Guy! It also takes strength for a woman to unapologetically keep up the practice even when her nearest and dearest are clamoring for her “help”….

  9. awaitingmrgoodenough

    Mr. Guy, you have inspired me to change my blog-name from seekingtruelove to awaitingmrgoodenough. The more I study what you are teaching and read all the wonderful comments, the more hope I have.

    Some truths are so foundational. This is an amazing insight. Something as simple as if women will return to this practice, it will have such far-reaching effects that not only will we will see the female obesity rate return to what it was in the 1950s because women won’t want to ruin their appearance by overeating all day since they feel pretty, but as moms/wives become more loving and patient because of their increased self-love, families will strengthen, and the ripples will go on and on . . . Wow.

  10. patti

    I started to cry when I read this blog. What an amazing grasp he has on women. I agree with this wholeheartedly. There is something about that time first thing in the morning that clears my head and makes it a little less stressfilled than when I don’t do it. I feel so good about myself and my day I can’t tell you! Thank you for writing such amazing insight!!!!!!!!

    Your Highness Patti,
    Welcome aboard. Glad to have you with us.
    Also glad you like this post. I consider it one of the most vital for women to understand themselves. They know it intuitively, but they don’t want to do what they think won’t be appreciated by someone else, I guess. Or, they don’t think they deserve to feel good about themselves.

  11. Danielle

    morning me time= a happy me! 🙂

  12. stefanie

    I wouldn’t have agreed with this article before (seeing prettiness as fickle), if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve made a similar discovery myself recently!
    I’ve just gotten a beautiful antique dressing table as a present some months ago. And for the first time in my life (I’m 25) I’ve gone all that time feeling pretty. I used to never feel pretty every day – just some parts of some days in good lighting.
    I was wondering how come I was so much happier – then my love told me it was because the dressing table was wholly devoted to my beauty.
    I’m going to make this my daily ritual: prettify myself at the dressing table each morning!

    Thanks for this article – it does ease the guilt over ‘me-time’ when someone says I SHOULD do it!


  13. Ettisen

    Thank you again for another very insightful post. This post took me back to my teen years. During those years I really spent a lot of time on my personal appearance, a time before I ever engaged with men sexually, when I had a pure view of men, women and romance. I use to love everything feminine and soft. I even use to alter my voice to speak in a softer and gentler manner. I loved getting attention from boys. I knew just how to behave and it did drew them. But sadly thats as far as my understanding of men and women went. I mean, I knew that it was good to remain chaste but, all the older females around me had boyfriends and slept with them. Even my mother allowed my teenage sister to have boyfriends over. So it made it look like it was not such a big deal. After reading your posts, I realized and can pinpoint exactly when that light in my eyes began to dim. And how I viewed men and myself changed
    when I became sexually active. Not to mention my parents relationship at home was not very peaceable. Physical and verbal abuse was what was normal. My older sister would scream at and hit her boyfriend while having many emotional tantrums.
    I now can begin to connect the dots. But this post has motivated me to have MY pretty time no matter that I have three kids (two with Autism, a very failing marriage and even while I am obese).

    • Abigail

      Hang in there Ettison. I’ve lost over 40 lbs since I began reading this blog. I’m also learning to be more feminine.

      • Ettisen

        Thanks Abigail, I just saw your reply after almost a year. I thought to revist this post. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. And yes I am still hanging in there.

    • Christa Sligar

      I know that I’m writing from the future, 2017, but I want to reach out and air hug 🙂 may you be blessed!!

      Your Highness Christa Sligar,

      Welcome aboard! I love it when pretty women join us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

      Thanks for revisiting the subject. For overweight gals, post 806 has comments from women who lost many pounds and also find other blessings there.


  14. Blessed Son of Man

    Somewhere along the line I can see my man card being revoked for reading this and I get murdered by beer can crushing frat boys and stubborn mule men.

    Pray for the Scared son of Man.

    • gonemaverick

      i always chuckle when i read this comment. Blessed Son of Man, i hope you are still a regular here.

  15. Zipporah

    Man, the reason men are getting scared is because women are acting more ‘masculine’. polarity attracts polarity; the more women get ‘away from home, or domestication,” the more men get either wussy or have absolutely NO GENTLEMENLY behavior.{macho}It could be the fault of both men and women–we need to model for our children;etiquette

    Your Thoughtfulness Zipporah,
    Two reminder points: First, when dealing with polarity, opposites attract. Second, fault may lie with both men and women, but only ladies can lead men to gentlemanliness. It’s the models that females exemplify that both men and children follow.

  16. Ettisen

    I just love this post. It really hit home for me how important pretty time is for me. To me pretty time is more than just looking pretty…it’s self respect.

  17. solocuteduck

    There is definately something here. And I totally agree that “pretty time” is on a par with self respect. Infact I would say that when someone is truly self respecting they always appear beautiful to themselves and that that energy is felt by others.

    • Abigail

      This is something I need to make a priority. When I’m not working a regular job, I let it slide too often.

  18. Sir Guy:

    I agree with you. Every woman needs her pretty time and I definitely use mine to its full advantage (smile). I was raised in a family of females who ALWAYS took the time to look nice and smell wonderful. My mom always told me, “I don’t care how tough life gets — you must ALWAYS make an effort to keep yourself up.” My aunt (who’s the most feminine woman I know) is truly an early bird and rises every morning at 5 am to “put on her face.” She’s now 76 years old, gorgeous, and just married her sixth husband. She definitely has a aura that modern females wish they could exude.

    Lady Arabella Victoria

    Your Highness Lady Arabella Victoria,
    Thank you. I consider post 806 as the best of all blog articles for helping an unhappy woman put herself back on the road to happiness (which incidentally is a road and process and not a goal or result).

  19. Lady Thalia

    You have inspired me to change my morning routine…I usually climb out of bed with just enough time to nag and cajole my 12 year old son to get ready for school. In the frumpiest robe you can imagine…I’m going to get up earlier, make myself look clean and fresh ( I don’t wear much make up) and buy myself a new pretty feminine robe for the days I can’t get my clothes on early enough. Goodbye frumpy robe. My sweet 12 year old deserves to see a fresh happy pretty mom, not a cranky frumpy grouch…

    I’m 45, married for the second time (happily, thanks to this blog primarily, and married man sex life blog by Athol Kay) You’d think I’d know better about morning pretty time, but laziness just takes over in the morning if you let it. Thank you Sir Guy for helping us so much!

    Your Highness Lady Thalia,

    Welcome aboard. Its a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    I recommend that this sentence be forgotten: “My sweet 12 year old deserves to see a fresh happy pretty mom, not a cranky frumpy grouch….” Replace it in your mind with this: My sweet HUSBAND deserves to see a fresh happy pretty WIFE TRYING TO PLEASE HIM MORE THAN HER SON.


  20. Lady Thalia

    Yes, good advice 🙂 Most mornings my husband slumbers while I get my son off to school, and by the time hubby wakes up I’ve had time to get myself ‘pretty’ for him. It’s my son that I was not including in this routine.. You are absolutely right that my husband should and does come before my son in this regard.

  21. thanks so much for this article (and all the articles/posts)
    I love them all
    I started doing this myself some time ago, to make myself feel better (self respect) and to get more done (for me productivity is achieved by being ready for anything – and being sloppy in any way – hair not clean, neat outfit, make-up of some sort applied does the trick)
    At first my husband of 23 years and our 4 children thought I was going out for the day…this went on for nearly a year. Now they realize that’s just what I do now. They still love it and often comment that I look nice etc.
    It’s a great way to live a lovely life!

    Your Highness Cathy-lee,
    Welcome aboard. Its a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

  22. Shermy

    I can’t tell you what an enormous gift you are to my life and the lives of the women I share this blog with! All the gratitude in my heart goes out to you, the Mrs. and your family! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

  23. Ettisen

    This blog was a great wake up call. I have read it at least three times in the past. But for me bad habits are so hard to break and the sad thing is I use to be a pretty time type of young woman and ultra feminine. Now I am 35 obese and have so completely lost myself. It’s still in me because I admire pretty things. However, the bad habit of not caring for myself took a deep root in me. I think maybe I am still waiting for confirmation from a man that I am worthy or pretty before I make myself pretty before I feel validated to proceed? I don’t know but I am going to make it my aim to wake up early tomorrow and greet my day with prettiness.

    Your Highness Ettisen,
    Congratulations. As you express at post 1143, waiting for a man’s confirmation of your worth to make yourself pretty doesn’t work. Bad habits are easy to break with good habits that make you feel better than the old habits made you feel.

    Also, I have seen many obese women that were very pretty and seemed to love themselves. The questions revolve around what comes first? Prettier or less obese? Self-respect or less obese? Cure overweight or accept what is? The answer lies here: ACTIONS SHAPE THE WAY YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF much better than your disappointment, disgust, fears, worry, and other negative feelings about yourself. Even will power is not as recuperative as actions contrary to the way you feel.


    • Ettisen

      Mr. Guy. I am so sorry. I did not see this response until now while I am revisiting this post. Thank you for your kindness and for sharing all these gems of wisdom with all who are struggling for knowledge, understanding, wisdom and change, through your blog. You have helped me a lot and it’s not over yet because I am still learning and applying. Mr. Guy you handle us so delicately and you are so patient. Thank you for keeping our dignity in tact while being so humble and so willing to help.
      Forever greatful

  24. NatalieW

    This is so true : pretty time is what help us women feel beautiful & open ourselves to the world.
    One time is especially challenging for a woman and it is the baby years.
    Who has never met a cute baby held by a dishevelled mother?
    My tips to avoid that are the following :
    1) have ur shower in the evening & prepare ur clothes for the next day
    in the morning, just have a quick freshen up (teeth, face, armpits).

    2) Put some makeup
    Lack of sleep and zombies eyes are not a good look.

    3) Sort out ur clothes regularly. After birth, ur body will change and keep on changing. every month, try on new and old clothes to see which ones fit. If needed, invest in beautiful pieces a size up.

    4) Have a simplified hair routine
    curly lady, this is you! Braid your hair and condition it in the evening.

    5) Plan ur meals
    Baby diet is fine but what about yours? Drink a lot, go for ready made meals if needed but do not succumb to the junk food monster.
    Walk a lot to help baby sleep and help ur body back in shape.
    Massage ur belly and brestfeed for at least 1 month to help ur belly back in shape.

    6) Be secretive about your lady parts
    After birth, down under is a mess. Yet, u do not want ur other half to contemplate this ruin. Have black underwear, scented bags to hide blood stained patches.
    Once blood loss is over, introduce colour back to ur underwear.

    7) Use feminine accessories
    Some jewels can harm baby but that is no excuse to become a monk. Indulge in feminine hairbands, scarves, gloves, etc.
    Choose a feminine nappy bag (make one if needed)

    8) If you breastfeed, do keep ur dignity
    Most breastfeeding tops are ugly. Use two layers of tops. Plus a scarf when you breastfeed.
    Make sure ur spouse is ok about u breastfeeding.
    And avoid using breast pumps that make u look like a cow (combi feed baby or use it when ur spouse is not there)

    Your Highness NatalieW,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

  25. How wonderful to read this post. As I look over the last few years I feel robbed as a woman. I am so glad that I found this blog..to revive and encourage my return to femininity and enjoy being a girl!!! ( woman, but you know what I mean)

  26. Sbaby

    Sir Guy,

    Because of you I have transformed myself over the past year. I used to only wear jeans; but now everyday I lovingly put thought into my hairstyle, makeup, jewellery and my dress. In choosing which dresses to buy, I stay true to myself and only go for the one that makes me feel like a princess / goddess inside out, and hence I do not bow to the opinion of the salesperson whose mission is to get me to purchase a dress which, while being a dress technically, is not feminine at all.

    I have been enjoying this process so much and just as you described, I feel DIFFERENT when I do that, and when I don’t (but actually I seldom let myself seen in barely okay attire anymore), I feel that a great portion of my own light is shut out. Seriously! I have also been enjoying the blog “The Seductive Woman” which connects me back to my deep, long-held aspiration to be as beautiful, soft and gentle as the quintessential female. In terms of remaining attractive for my boyfriend, I delight in prettying myself to the degree where I feel myself tapping into my core ability to be a wonderful confidante, a sassy girl, a graceful lady, a fun companion, a mysterious artist … every role I would like to excel in.

    My mom has never been like this her whole life. She still subscribes to the notion that nice clothes are reserved for special occasions. I’m not saying this caused the breakdown of her marriage, but my Dad has been serial cheater throughout their 31-year marriage. I know that deep inside she is crushed and has extremely low self-esteem (which is especially natural if she has never had a habit of making herself pretty for HERSELF, and she thinks being in her mid-50s, there’s no room for entertaining “fantasies” of still looking beautiful). I did mention once casually about this blog and how making oneself pretty to oneself will brighten your day and make others treat you better, and she replied, “I’m not in the mood.” It’s understandable and I won’t force her to change her ways. Instead I subtly influence her in purchasing clothes with colours that light up her face, and she has followed my advice and upgraded her attire in this regard. My parents are still together but I am sure, if she had put in more effort to look beautiful and gradually recognise her beauty as her reality, my Dad would be happier too. I guess it doesn’t help either if none of her friends has this pretty time habit.

    I agree that women will judge and question others if they choose to transform themselves in appearance. But you’ve got to make that plunge at some point. The rewards of being beautiful (which is your right) will outweigh the pain that you might suffer from others’ jibes and bitchy comments. As for me, my primary motivation for transforming my outer appearance was to NEVER LET MYSELF BE ECLIPSED BY ANOTHER WOMAN in my boyfriend’s mind. Of course, if I stand next to a movie star, I might not be as outstanding, but I am confident that my continuous efforts at perfecting my skills will make me a dignified lady next to her. I just never want my boyfriend to ever think that some other woman is so gorgeous BECAUSE of my sloppiness.

    • Katey-Anne

      This post has inspired me Sbaby! Sir Guy is performing a vital function in encouraging us into expressing our femininity fully and unashamedly!

    • mYstiQue

      i’m in my mid 50s as well
      I also remember, that back in the late 60s, when women started wearing pant suits, men started to panic, Perhaps not ALL but some, and thought “what would men wear’ if women wore pants, since men cannot wear dresses
      I actually wish that headscarves and gloves comes back in again which weren’t in since the hippie era took over
      the ‘fantail’skirts seem the best, because they are below the knee and have a lot of movement meaning ‘no minis’
      BTW my sister was a cheerleader in the late 50s and had that style in her outfit plus it it was cordoroy

  27. Ettisen

    Hello Mr. Guy and Gals.Wow, I remember this article Mr. Guy, way back a little over two years for me I think. It’s one of my fave of yours. It remained with me too although it was difficult for me to practice it at first because I was so lost. However, the seed of these words were planted. Little by little I began to apply it to my life. And boy have I changed. I have since losted 55lbs. I feel like I am dreaming! And I never leave the house looking frumpy and unkempt any more. Oh no, no, SMH. My hubby gets tons of compliments about me. I began to apply my skills in cosmetology to myself. Hair and make up. Check! Feminine attire. Check! And I am always smelling delicious. Check! Check! I am so happy. I think healthy thoughts and those thoughts brings healthy behavior towards myself and others. I now attract the attention of both men out of admiration and women out of curiosty, especially those who knew me before my transformation. I am constantly complimented and asked about “my secret”. *Giggles* Just like Mr. Guy said. It starts with us ladies. No one can do this for us. We must see our value and sacrifice for it and take the journey. Life has it’s ups and downs, mine still has it’s problems, but I handle them very differently now. I value myslef which in turn help me value others. And others value you too because you first prove and set your own value. Of course, with some women they begin to feel insecure and have animosity towards this new you and some may say you are vain and shallow. But I feel sorry for them because this peace and contentment can also be their own too. I can go on and on but I have done that a bit already. Ladies, Please do try this. One step at a time so you do not become overwhelmed and that it can become a habit which you will in time do automatcially. Love to all.

    Your Highness Ettisen,
    I love it when pretty women tell me such things.

    • Anne

      What a beautiful and encouraging story!! Thanks to reading this blog, I ditched all my sloppy clothes and was recently complimented when my husband offhandedly commented (while we were getting ready to do some painting in our house) that I could borrow one of his T-shirts because he didn’t think I’d ever owned one. I stifled a chuckle because T-shirts and yoga pants were ALL I used to wear! It seems that thanks to 2 years of pretty time he completely *forgot* I’d ever been so sloppy! Hooray. 🙂

      • mYstiQue

        Yoga pants are ok under a skirt, IF it is cold outside

      • Ettisen

        How wonderful! What a transformation you must have undergone to wipe out all memory of your T shirt days from your hubby’s mind. *giggles*. Mr. Guy is so right, 100%, about Pretty Time and about actions and that it’s those actions that lead to feeling good. Stay beautiful and most of all feminine!
        Take care.

  28. Ettisen

    YouTube is a great place to learn how to apply make up in a classy way. Look for a subscriber who suits your feminine and modest taste. Same thing applies to attire.

    • Anne

      This is so very true! Also, if a lady’s pocketbook affords, I highly recommend getting a professional makeover and just buying the products used. Its pricey, but worth it for someone who (like me) did not have a clue about which colors to use or how to apply them.

  29. Ettisen

    That’s a great idea. My purse is on the light side right now..lol..so yeah it’s YouTube or library, mags., and books for now. But it’s amazing what you can find in the thrift store and with a little imagination.

  30. Patricia

    Sir Guy
    Tears of joy came to my eyes while reading this post. God has blessed you with wisdom and insight!
    I came to the realization of the power of ‘pretty time’ after years of practicing it!
    I’m a widow and was married to a wonderful man for close to forty years. From the beginning of my marriage I considered being attractive for my husband a form of worship, so every morning I dressed up and I refreshed myself just before he came home in the evening. Looking good, smelling good and ‘smilingly pleasant’, as you say.
    After many years, I realized that this was both meditation and a prayer, my breathing would slow and I would be ‘in the zone’. I felt happier, kinder, gentler. I benefited as well as my husband, who delighted in the knowledge I was doing it for him.
    I might add, that I was very busy with many children and homeschooling, etc.
    A tip to the ladies, aprons, beautiful and practical, allow you to wear even evening gowns, when you’re in the mood(good deals at the thrift stores). Of, course take the apron off, when you’re through cooking or what have you. Have fun with it!
    God bless you, Sir Guy! Thanks for sharing!

    Your Highness Patricia,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear. And, thanks for the nice description of a feminine woman doing it for husband but receiving the best of the benefits.

  31. surfercajun

    This post needed a song! The young lady walking around with the balloons reminds me of the time I was in high school and the manager at the Hardee’s restaurant in my hometown said we could have all the balloons in his store. So I had my girlfriends tie them to my car and we drove around the Plaza all evening. I had people wishing me happy birthday all evening and it was not even my birthday!!! Was even stopped by the police. They wanted to know if it was my birthday as well! They asked that I please don’t drive on the highway with the balloons as it might cause an incident!! ((blushing giggle))

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