808. Gender Differences Revisited — Group R

  1. Couples shack up to test for sexual compatibility. Women deceive themselves. Men applaud themselves.
  2. Men presume commitment but women don’t. Women need assurance and daily confirmation, if confirmed only by themselves.
  3. Women expect men to be romantic, but romance slows a man’s conquering spirit. Men are as romantic as a woman requires before accepting foreplay or intercourse.
  4. Both wives and husbands resent facing previous sex partners of their spouse. Wife loathes the other woman. Husband holds animosity for his wife.
  5. Women crave frequent little things and remembrances to remind that their man is thinking of them. Men don’t.
  6. Men depart a relationship with hope for a less involved one the next time. Women depart a relationship with conviction she can do better the next time.
  7. Women easily expand their thinking from ‘me’ to ‘you and me’ and then to ‘us’ and even to ‘you come before me’. (It brightens her future.) Men are slow to grow that way and also backslide easily. (His interest lies with the present.)
  8. Women easily love a man, but men love their work—or whatever they have to do to prove themselves to themselves.
  9. To women, and mother knows best, a person’s character is more important than what that person does. Men lean toward the opposite.


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3 responses to “808. Gender Differences Revisited — Group R

  1. boomer babe

    I cant believe how true that is!! Have you looked at some movies lately? Women look like imitation men with a dolls body. No matter how pretty she is, she is NOT AS PRETTY as her mothers generation. It’s the feminity that makes her pretty.

    Your Excellentness Boomer Babe,
    Don’t be surprised if we find out someday that the ‘imitation men’ have been inspired by lesbians and radical politics.

  2. boomer babe

    What I mean by femininity, is ‘defering to men’ in a sweet way that most knew how to do. Also, when women do too much, guys never learn how to ‘work on cars’ etc.

  3. surfercajun


    I found this article but was unsure on where to place as it was mostly poking fun at the guidelines for wives saying don’t do this, but do this. In the pictures most of the women look, well happy. I am not sure who wrote up this lifestyle section poking fun at this sage advice but I believe the advice given is vital even today!

    Your Highness Surfercajun,

    That website isn’t blog-relevant. It’s small pieces of reality propagandized to promote Feminism.

    What you see here is a propagandized version of what men see in Feminism. Both examples are extremes designed to make enemies of men and women, which is the real war on women we hear so much about through the media.


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