944. Unmarried Sex As Bribery

About gifts: Think as men tend to think of unearned gifts as bribes and earned gifts as rewards, and what follows will make sense. To grasp the underlying nature of these events, love and associated passions have been set aside.

About sex: Three results describe female motivations about unmarried sex. Allow conquest to capture a man, bribery. Provide it to please a man, hopeful of something. Provide it to hold a man, bribery. It all has to do with her intention. (See last entry below about sexual fun and games and post 578 about married sex.)

About couples: When unmarried sex comes cheap and easy, men don’t truly appreciate it beyond physical gratification and ego strokes for conquering her. It settles in his psyche as pleasurable but unbinding. She bonds but he doesn’t.

About bribes: The environment, spirit, and intentions surrounding sex as bribery differ greatly from sex as reward. The unmarried bribe kills off the reward of married sex in the male psyche. Marital permanency suffers.

About promises: If it seems this way, it is: Unmarried bribery diminishes marital opportunity for her, because she gives away her greatest reward with his conquest. So, she has less ability to reward him for what he earned by marrying her. In the natural world he heads for the altar not for what she promises but for the promise he sees in her wifely potential, likeability, and sex in that order.

About rewards: Men do whatever women require for men to have frequent and convenient access to sex. If earned by marrying a virtual virgin, it’s his reward for finally conquering her. If unearned because of premarital sex, it’s temporary and discourages his greater effort to keep her pleased with him. One of these options brightens the female marital future much more than the other.

About mistakes and fun and games: Unmarried sexual relations have no place with a man she hopes to keep forever. Virtual virginity enables recovery from mistakes and sexual adventurism.


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9 responses to “944. Unmarried Sex As Bribery

  1. thoko

    “If earned, it’s a reward as with conquest. If unearned it is temporary and discourages his greater effort, as with post-conquest unmarried sex.”

    Sir Guy, i am really confused now. isn’t conquest giving in to sex? here, it sounds like it’s anytime a woman says yes to a guy that’s been asking her out. please explain.


    Your Ten-ness Thoko,

    I have already spotted lack of clarity and rephrased the confusion out of those sentences. At least I hope I did it.

    Check the current version and let me know if confusion remains.


  2. Jessica

    Please explain how to activate virtual virginity with a man one may have fallen short with? Im in a long term relationship with my boyfriend and have struggled with this. If I turn a new tied and activate this, am I more likely to loose him or increase his respect for me?

    Your Preciousness Jessica,
    The answer lies within the Virtual Virginity or Chaste Courtship Works series. I’ll try to find it, but you may look too. First one to find it tell the other.

    P.S. I added a separate response nearby. Let me know if questions remain.

    • A.GuyMaligned

      Your Sterlingness Jessica,

      I searched for several hours but couldn’t find the write-up I did on your subject. However, I copy below a comment made to another lady with almost the same questions. It went like this:

      You say: “Considering that we have already had our first sexual encounter together, isn’t it too late for him to view me with respect and possibly want to pursue me as a woman of value?”

      Somewhere in the VV series you’ll find a deeper explanation of this: He will learn to respect the ‘new you’ if your sincerity shines through and if you withdraw from sex for reasons above yourself. Reasons such as to please God, obey biblical injunctions, comply with moral standards, or to ease your conscience for doing what you know to be wrong. Not selfishness, not manipulation, and not to get him to do something. If you stick believably to a new belief in words and actions, he will become convinced of the rightness of your new purpose in life, or he will depart.

      Remember this: The one with the greatest fear of losing the other will yield to the other. Put another way, the one with the lesser fear of losing the other wins in the end.


      P.S. And let me add this: If he won’t recognize and honor a ‘new you’, his devotion to you is insufficient to last long anyway. Also, if you improve in all honesty with yourself, your self-respect will rise. When he detects that, his respect for you should rise if he’s after more than sex.


      P.P.S. You may find post 716 . Recovery from Lost Virginity of interest too.(My thanks to Her Highness Simplicity Evermore for showing me how to create the hyperlink.)


      • Jessica

        Thank you for such a thorough response. I’m eager to strenghten my self-respect either with or without him and to make my relationsip with Christ primary.

        Thanks Guy!

        Your Gorgeousness Jessica,
        Wise move. You’ll not regret and either he or another guy will reap the rewards of you as an improved super-female.

  3. Sir Guy, I love this blog; but I can think of one thing that will improve the ease with which to find posts. For example in this post, you say to look at post 578 for more information. You can link to other posts in WordPress very easily, which will remove frustration in some of the newer readers, who may not realize that they can search for posts by searching for the number with a period after it.

    When you’re writing a post, there are two options for viewing, “visual” and “html.” I prefer the “visual” one, because what you type (for instance, italics or bold) shows up like it will look at the end.

    To link when in the “visual” tab, all you do is select the text you want to link to (in this case, the words “post 578”), and just above the white-space where you’re writing the text will be a light-blue space with several different icons, including an i for italics, b for bold, etc. In the middle of that line (the higher one), will be an icon that looks like a few pieces of chain-link. When you click that, a little screen pops up that allows you to enter the url (in this case “https://wwnh.wordpress.com/2009/06/04/578-sex-reward-or-incentive/”). At this point, you just copy the URL from post 578 into the space that says “Link URL” and click “insert” at the bottom. If you want a new window or tab to open up when someone clicks the link (which I always use), you can choose to set the “Target” to “open in new window”; otherwise, don’t worry about it.

    It’s easy to insert links and more user-friendly, too. 🙂

  4. Simplicity Evermore

    Links in the posting section have to be done by tag.

    So you would write it like this [url= ] The name of the page here [/url *other bracket here*

    [url=https://wwnh.wordpress.com/2009/10/20/716-recovery-from-lost-virginity/] 716[/url]

    Your Heavenliness Sim Sim,
    Thanks for the quick response. However, I can’t make it work for me.

    • Simplicity Evermore

      Oh, it would seem that this board doesn’t take PHBB3. Maybe it takes HTML.

      Try this:

      Name here


      Your Beautifulness Sim Sim,
      Thank you. It worked by just copying what you did. You’re a jewel.

  5. boomer babe

    Virtual Virginity works because usually when women move in with men and get married, they divorce and it doesn’t matter how long they shacked up. It could be 10 yrs and they get divorced in 6 mos, so don’t live with a guy if you want REAL ANNIVERSARIES.

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