947. Commitment and Devotion

Reorganized, clarified, and reissued as #1819.


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2 responses to “947. Commitment and Devotion

  1. How does she get him to do stuff (that will help him become devoted to her) without directly asking him or being the pursuer? Or, how does she help him become more devoted to her?

    Your Loveliness Blugreeniz13,
    Keep him curious and herself more unique than other females he might be interested in. If he can’t score points with her through talk, he’ll take actions that enable him to uncover her weaknesses that might get her in bed: gifts, surprises, etc.

    It’s why virtual virginity can be so effective. He wants to know who and what she is as a bed partner first, because his imagination runs on high speed. If he can’t find out, then he wants to test to see just how extraordinary she really is. (She had to be partway there for him to remain interested in the first place.) It all calls for her to display more feminine mystique, female modesty, dedication to marriage and monogamy, high moral standards, and expectations for gentlemanly conduct.


  2. Also, I am “anonymous”…I just got an account 🙂

    Your Steadiness Blugreeniz13,
    Good choice. Cute.

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