961. Mr. Guy about Cheating and Betrayals

Ladies: Mrs. G. yesterday described the aftereffects of husband cheating. I might as well do the same for wife cheating.

  • If he cheats, she wants to talk. If she cheats, he wants to walk.
  • Suspicions about her cheating in the future arise routinely, multiply, and magnify much more easily than suspicions wife has if husband cheats.
  • Her sexual infidelity haunts husband the way endless guilt or his emotional infidelity haunts women. How many others? When? Who’s next? Did she enjoy it? More than with me? How extensive and permanent their passion? Where at? Who that know us saw them?
  • Her cheating is much more than a mistake. It effectively destroys the marriage. Not because they can’t make up, but because he can’t live with thoughts about the competitor(s) that beat him out of his most prized possession. Nothing he has done EVER drove her to do such a thing. (His nature more than fact perhaps.)
  • He’s also disturbed by betrayals. Primary affection for him, betrayed. Confirmation of his sexual abilities, betrayed. Dependence on him, betrayed. Payback for his loyalty, betrayed. Motherly example for kids, betrayed. Giving up his independence, betrayed. His investment in providing/protecting her, betrayed. Her appearance as loyal and faithful wife, betrayed. Her emotional fidelity, which he’s probably not thought about before, betrayed.
  • In the end, if you notice above, he focuses much more on what other people think than does the cheated-on wife. Her infidelity shatters his competitive role among other men. If he can’t “keep his woman at home,” he’s not a real man, which smashes his significance on the competitive rocks of masculine despair.

Mrs. Guy adds this: Whether for fun, thrills, passion, or revenge, when women cheat they weaken the moral fabric of society. Not by lobbing immoral grenades, but by NOT exemplifying and defending moral standards that benefit women and children. As women go, so goes society.


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2 responses to “961. Mr. Guy about Cheating and Betrayals

  1. Do you think we’re seeing an increase in infidelity among men because women are now more casual about their own infidelity and will pursue married men themselves. Or were things always this way and we’re just now more aware of it because of our 24 hour news cycle?

    Your Highness Zabeth,
    Sorry but I’m several days behind in responding to comments. Yours will be handled in the order received.

    Your Highness Zabeth,

    Many years ago maybe 20% cheated many times. Now it may be 80% that cheat at least once. The figures are a SWAG for comparison and have nothing to do with accuracy. Just a guess I base solely on having lived through both eras.

    The media played a major role in shifting values, standards, and expectations away from fidelity. The news media highlight only the disturbances that make cultural values worse for faithfulness.


  2. So much truth in this!!

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