1025. Another Conqueror’s Rights Don’t Apply

Her Highness Delicate Petals at post 982 cited how men expect sex based on a woman’s sexual history. Men interpret their due according to what she provided others.

Men can expect many things, but it doesn’t follow that ladies have to satisfy such masculine urges and demands. You can be sure of this: The more a man expects or demands sex, the more his self-centeredness shines against her best interests. In which case, how does she win in the long run, if he doesn’t learn to honor what she values extremely high? (Of course it all depends on her valuing virtual virginity more than anything else; that is, she sets the stage.)

So what if men do feel they’re ‘owed’ what other men earned? Can’t a lady change her mind? Can’t she discover that her future brightens when sex is restricted to marriage? Can’t she adopt and be guided by moral principles and values and perhaps biblical injunctions that she previously ignored? Can’t she live by newly adopted standards better than before? Can’t she be the determiner of her sex life better than leaving it to someone else? Can’t she decide that past mistakes need not be repeated? Can’t she bargain for mutual respect so essential for marriage to succeed? Can’t she consider one man better and more deserving than another? Can’t she hold herself for the man of her dreams? Can’t she challenge the new men in her life to rise up to qualify as man of her dreams? Can’t she make herself extraordinary by making her future life chaste? Can’t she qualify a man as worthy of her by his willingness to honor what’s vitally important to her?

Men do whatever women require for frequent and convenient access to sex. The best marriage candidates become devoted to her based on the promise he sees and not the promises she makes. Promises more easily imagined when her sexual history does not cloud her man’s imagination.


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5 responses to “1025. Another Conqueror’s Rights Don’t Apply

  1. Princess Rita

    The phrase “modern day Women’s Rights” comes to mind.

    I’m not directing this to anyone here but it’s ironic that so many women in our world use “a woman’s fight to do what she wants with her own body” as an excuse for abortion but doesn’t recognize the right to say no in sexual situations.

    As you become an older woman…and you have a children, the message is “we’re all adults here”. In other words, “we’ve all had sex before so no need to pretend to be a virgin now”.

    Don’t be taken in ladies! God Bless you!

  2. anonymous

    What does the “promise that he sees” look like?

    Your Princesstial Greatness Anonymous,
    The extraordinariness, wonderfulness, and magnificent appeal that she holds for him and their future together. As perceived and determined by him and not proclaimed by her.

  3. Femme

    Sir Guy,
    I have been trying to find a post about
    how attraction works for a man but can’t. Do men go for specific physical types always? Certain height, hair or eye colour?
    Also… I’ve been wondering about men who use prostitutes. What is the likely level of respect such men have for the female gender?
    Do such men marry?
    And if they do what is the chance of success.

    Your Highness Femme,
    Re attractiveness, there’s no accounting for personal taste. Men are on their own others have no way to figure it until they settle on one gal. Even then we don’t learn a lot.
    Re prostitutes, I have no idea about gender, marriage, or success.

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