1046. Sisterhood’s Wrong-headed Philosophy

Although different by sex, humans have compatible natures for living as mates. However, our beliefs and emotions interfere, and harmony for couples easily sours when women ignore what’s best for them. 

Even though men always appear as dominant, American society operates under this general, overarching principle in the sex arena: Females act, males react. Women govern circumstances that determine whether men approach females as highly respected near-goddesses or as tramps, live as permanent husbands or temporary lovers, and stay or depart after romantic love fades.

Relationships fail today, because females generically act in ways that profit males directly instead of supporting the institutions that indirectly benefit women and children. In just a few decades Feminism-inspired females invoked a macro self-fulfilling prophecy. They called the male sex inadequate to meet the expectations of women, and, behold, men became exactly that.

Relationships don’t fall apart just because of the man. A couple’s break up and the ensuing female aloneness, unhappiness, and depression are largely self-inflicted by women turning men and their man into what women cannot live with. It’s a philosophical shortcoming to make men what they ain’t.

Among other things, the Sisterhood fails to take advantage of principles made workable through the courtesy of our unique Judeo-Christian culture, for example:

  • When most women compete with women for men, more individual women lose. When men compete with men for women, more individual women win.
  • When women don’t use strong patience in the process of capturing a man, more individual women lose than win. When men are forced to show unreasonable patience in the process of conquering a woman, more individual women win than lose.
  • When most women follow their female nature and hormones to capture one man, more individual women win than lose. When most women follow peer examples to attract men, more individual women lose than win.

Women determine how society operates. Whether females win or lose in the battle of the sexes depends largely on the Sisterhood’s current philosophy.


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4 responses to “1046. Sisterhood’s Wrong-headed Philosophy

  1. Princess Rita


  2. Thank you sooooo much for speaking the truth!

  3. boomer babe

    WE sure lost more than we won–our kids even aren’t safe anymore…Although you speak of men and women in general, there are some men that want families and live the family life, but they attract wild women, who want to be ‘tamed’, and the women ditch the men–he’s not a ‘bad boy’

  4. Delicate Petals

    “When women don’t use strong patience in the process of capturing a man, more individual women lose than win.”

    YES. Women playing matchmaker for other women now and basically promoting each other’s smartness, sucess, etc to men. In reality, they just promote each other’s desperation and give men a smorgasbord of women vying for his attention.

    My friend had another girl do this for her to get a guy who was “Mr. Right” due to his good looks. The guy asked for her number, and texted her they should study sometime. Struck me as suspicious since he just happens to be taking a difficult science course she took already. Sure enough, he asked if he could have all of her notes and if she could tutor him in HIS availabe time. I’m sure he was planning on compensation for the material was her getting to spend time with him.

    At this point, I had to intervene. I told her to tell him, “I’ll give you a small portion of the material AFTER you have done something for me, that is to my liking.”

    Now, he waits for her and walks her to her classes everyday and is picking her up for a date this weekend.

    I told her to still keep a close eye on him.

    I just don’t think a man would allow himself to be directly taught by a woman he desired for free unless he planned on ditching her and forgetting the guilt.

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