1181. Boot Camp for Girls—Day 18: Grandfather’s Advice #5

Precious granddaughter, I continue describing potential mistakes. In the words of a radio ad in my youth, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ Fortunately, your parents have taught you to avoid what follows. Permit me, in the interest of eliminating ignorance, to describe what likely happens to a girl that experiments and participates sexually with boys.

Disease and pregnancy threaten but may or may not materialize. Mental afflictions, however, always arrive. They surround her mental processes, and reduce her abilities for the healthy development of her mind.

Sexual encounters contaminate a girl’s thoughts. Guilt impounds her conscience and smothers her ego. Self-talk distorts her hopes and dreams. It all works directly against a pleasant and enjoyable youth.

The earlier in life she encounters sexual experience, the more teen years are available for mistakes, guilt, and remorse to compound, worsen, and sicken her spirit. Moreover, the more encounters, the more severe the penalties she receives. Guilt is bad enough but other consequences afflict her.

  • She handicaps herself. She can’t associate normally with peers that are focused on developing and maturing themselves with adult skills, values, and attitudes.
  • Her mental maturation slows. After enough encounters it virtually stops. She then passes into her adult persona with mental development still locked in adolescence. Acting as mature adult women act and deal with the subject of sex seems foreign to her.
  • She absorbs a sense of girlish worthlessness except when desired sexually. It pushes her mindset to drop feminine and absorb masculine values.
  • The bloom of her self-respect wilts. It stops growing and narrows too, which reduces her influence with people.
  • Her sense of self-importance withers rather than grows with youthful exuberance. She tends to only feel important when sexually targeted, pursued, or engaged.
  • Her self-confidence rises when concerned with what she can give. It weakens when concerned with what she is due or wants or needs.
  • Her will power doesn’t mature. It doesn’t embolden her to resist masculine assaults on her feminine spirit.
  • She loses her ability to clearly define and commit herself to doing what’s right for her and her alone. She throws herself into living today and doesn’t invest herself in her own future.
  • She becomes afraid to refuse sex for fear of being disliked. Can promiscuity be far behind when teen girls are so plagued with anxieties?
  • Her thoughts and motivations weave webs to make herself worthy of others and make others like her. Her sense of personal values sinks accordingly.
  • Her hopes and dreams die as she shifts her hopes toward attracting and holding masculine attention today.
  • She turns more to thinking as boys think. She seeks more stroking of her ego, as she learns how to live with being treated like trash. She cries for attention.
  • After she enters the workforce, self-defense pushes her to adopt the strategy of ‘screw my way to the top’. She fails to develop belief in herself that she can do it any other way.

Honey, other girls must look out for themselves. You owe them respect as a person but little else until the bonds of friendship arrive in your life. However, reserve a lot of pity for the youngest girls that give fellatio and a lot of sorrow for those that do it in public. They doom their futures much faster and dramatically than other girls.

Tomorrow we’ll lightly touch on that powerful motivator of females, guilt.


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4 responses to “1181. Boot Camp for Girls—Day 18: Grandfather’s Advice #5

  1. Princess Rita

    Guy this is a wonderful series. Joy of joys, I actually have finally gotten my 17 year old daughter interested in your blog and this series has her hooked! You are so very special! I thank God for you and your lovely wife Grace!

  2. boomer babe

    Sir Guy, Im soo glad youre out there!! I’m trying to get other girls tuned in to your website–unfortunatly, im hearing that many pretty teen girls today seem to think no guy is going to like them UNLESS they put out, and its taking time getting the message across, that REAL MEN wouldn’t put them through that

    • R.A.

      boomer babe,

      But the REAL MEN are asking where are the REAL WOMEN.

      Your Cheerfulness R.A.,
      You say about Boomer Babe, “I love how you are so blunt. Yet so true.” And I say about you, “I love how you are so blunt. Yet so true.”

  3. Anon2

    It’s not just teen girls… but I am late 30s, divorced 2 years, ex and I were virgins when we married… and while I’m feminine (not trashy) enough to get a fair amount of male attention, the guys don’t stick around very long if you don’t put out. I try to be coy about it, and avoid actually telling them how I feel, but you can only go out so many times of resisting deeper kissing or moving their hand away from where it shouldn’t go before I get the “you’re a really nice, sweet girl” and never hear from them again.
    The few guys that I’ve actually had the guts to ask about this have told me that “At this age,” they say, “I’m used to certain things.”

    I’m reading this blog with mixed feelings- part of me feels encouraged that I am doing right by myself to remain chaste. I dress myself modestly yet attractively, always turn heads, guys get the door for me and stuff so I know I’m doing “something” right…

    But where is that man who actually respects a woman who keeps herself? Looking around at my singles sunday school class, I am forced to accept the reality that I may never remarry. Because that man may not exist! And even if he does, there’s not enough “hims” for all of us. 😦

    This is not to say I don’t agree with you Mr. Guy… I just feel like most of us are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Treat ourselves with disrespect, and we just get used by the men. Treat ourselves with respect, and we won’t get used by the men… but we won’t get a man at all.

    Your Highness Anon2,
    Welcome aboard. Always glad to have another pretty woman join us on this cruise.
    My response takes more time than available. I’ll be back on Tuesday.

    You describe problems that apply to many thirtysomethings. So, I broadened the response and turned it into today’s article 1208. Thanks for the inspiration.

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