1224. Movie Call

I recover from a promise unfulfilled. Her Highness Seekingtruelove asked for a list of movies that appeal to or reflect the female heart. It’s here.

These flicks tell a good and sometimes unbelievable story using believable and female-endearing words of romance and love.

All are available at Netflix. If you don’t feel good and even better about yourself after watching any of them, let me know. I’ll review my work. Many more good flicks exist, perhaps a favorite of yours. Cite them for addition to the list.

  1.  My Favorite Wife
  2. Move Over, Darling (remake of My Favorite Wife)
  3. An Affair to Remember
  4. Young at Heart (1954)
  5. Kitty Foyle
  6. Alice Adams
  7. It Happened to Jane
  8. Enchantment
  9. Tammy and the Bachelor

10.  The Shop Around the Corner (1940)

11.  Roman Holiday

12.  Random Harvest

13.  The Rainmaker (1956)

14.  People Will Talk

15.  I Was a Male War Bride

16.  Houseboat

17.  Angel and the Badman

18.  It’s a Wonderful Life

19.  Glenn Miller Story

20.  The Benny Goodman Story

21.  I’ll See You in My Dreams

22.  Singing in the Rain

23.  Three Coins in the Fountain

24.  Till the Clouds Roll By

25.  Words and Music (1948)

26.  South Pacific (1958)

27.  The Music Man

28.  Easter Parade

29.  The King and I (1956)

30.  Three Little Words

31.  For Me and My Gal

32.  Guys and Dolls (1955)

33.  Lullaby of Broadway

34.  Oklahoma (1955)

35.  On Moonlight Bay

36. The Moon is Blue


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12 responses to “1224. Movie Call

  1. Thank you Guy! My teen girls and I will enjoy these together!

    Jill Farris

  2. HisWayMyWay

    Sir Guy,

    I remember seeing an old Cary Grant movie called “Room for One More”. It was a sweet film about a family that takes in strays and orphans. I loved the character of the wife. She is very sweet, respectful of her husband, capable of taking care of the household, depends on her husband and yet also very strong.

  3. HisWayMyWay

    Also loved a film called, “Goodbye, Mr. Chips”. His wife only comes out for a short time but she changed his life.

  4. Grace

    Any recent movie suggestions?

  5. Goodbye Mr. Chips was based on a true story. Sad and sweet.

    The new movie with Colin Firth about the stuttering British Monarch is supposed to be amazing. My daughter (19) and my mother (83) who are about as opposite as you can get in viewpoints…loved it! The name escapes me.

    Jill Farris

    • HisWayMyWay

      “The King’s Speech”. I have not seen it yet.

    • Jlynne

      “The King’s Speech” was fantastic! I saw it three times as I kept dragging family members and friends with me to see it, too.

      This is a wonderful list of movies. I look forward to watching them. I have an old Fred Astaire/Rita Hayworth movie for this weekend. 🙂

  6. HisWayMyWay

    Oooh. I thought of another one- “I Remember Mama”. I loved the movie as well as the book- “Mama’s Bank Account”.

    Maybe also- “The Quiet Man” with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. Or “McClintock”? 😉

    For recent suggestions- how about “Cinderella Man”. I have also heard good things about a movie called “Gifted Hands” but have not watched it yet.

    • HisWayMyWay

      The children and I loved “Shadowlands” about C.S. Lewis and his marriage to Joy Gresham.

      I have always been touched by male characters that are gentle. Atticus Finch, Casper Ten Boom, Charles Moody. All strong leaders of their families and communities but such GENTLEMEN. Oh, my heart is fluttering just remembering those books.

  7. princess blossoming

    the Notebook,
    The Scarlet Pimpernel,

  8. Cassy

    I looooove old fashioned movies 😛 I get my feminine inspiration from the actresses in my grandmother’s time. Like my grandmother they were so much more beautiful and dignified then the celebrities of today

  9. eleonora

    Several of my favorite movies are on your list. I would add the following:
    The Best Years of Our Lives
    An Apartment for Peggy
    If you don’t mind watching them on a small screen, some of these older movies are available for free viewing on YouTube, divided up into a series of short videos.

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