1229. Devotion: Earning It

Reorganized, clarified, and reissued as #1820.


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7 responses to “1229. Devotion: Earning It

  1. Listening

    Thank you Sir Guy,

    This post really opens my eyes explaining devotion and how a woman earns a mans’ devotion! Most helpful!

  2. Simplicity Evermore

    If he can like and commit all by himself, then wouldn’t devotion come naturally too? I mean men devote themselves to other causes. (e.g. the military, or their job etc.)

    Your Highness Simplicity Evermore,
    Your question became excellent when it inspired the main thrust of today’s article, 1230. Thank you.

    You have an uncommon understanding of human dynamics, especially for a coed. For one so young, you bring out the best in this one so old. Thanks.

  3. anonymous

    makes sense!

  4. Cat

    Yeah I see this…when it happens it is a weird feeling…when you don’t think you deserve it. I guess I have to learn I deserve that kind of behavior and should expect it right? From a gentleman who is interested.
    thanks for these posts I don’t comment often (maybe once before) but I would like to comment more.

    Your Highness Cat,
    You’ve said nothing that would disqualify you from adding a lot on this blogcruiseship. Feel free to sound off.

  5. Simplicity Evermore

    Thank you for your compliment, Sir Guy. You do me much honor.

  6. not-so-annonymous-Anne

    “After he does something a few or more times, he needs no more words of thanks but grateful smiles carry much weight. When he accepts things as his duty, then her recognition of his role in her life registers better than thanks for whatever duty he just performed.”

    So it sounds to me like the word “thank you” should be somewhat rare, then?! I will certainly give “just smiling” a whirl when it comes to things my husband sees as “habit” (taking out the trash, opening doors for me, carrying the diaper bag when I have my arms full of babies, etc.) But would you still recommend the scarcity of “thank you” in a case where husband has specifically said he likes to *hear* words that make him feel appreciated, valued, etc.? I figured “thank you” was what he was looking for so I say it a lot. And now that I think about it, he says “thank you” to me a lot. But, still, maybe he is hoping/wanting to hear something else…?

    Your Highness Anne,
    No reason for scarcity on saying “thank you.” Especially when he prefers it. But you may want to frequently use something less routine, such as: I love it when a handsome men rescues me/solves my dilemmas/lifts my burdens/eases my pains/usurps my chores/entertains me/lifts my spirits etc.

  7. Kaikou

    In modern day dating men want to know where you live before they even know your first name (forget the last). I have a first name that takes a little getting use to, so I know if a gentleman won’t even make the effort to learn/remember my name, they definitely need to look elsewhere.

    Lady Kaikou

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