1349. Feminine Mystery Late in Marriage



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7 responses to “1349. Feminine Mystery Late in Marriage

  1. Princess Rita

    This is absolutely priceless advice Sir Guy. Thank you! I have recently begun showing admiration for a male friend of mine and it really perks up his ears! Men don’t get nearly enough of this sort of thing.

  2. Sir Guy:

    Thanks for the guidance conveyed in this posting. I totally agree that men need to be admired. Everyone wants to hear people say good things about them and married men love it when their wives show respect and admiration for their efforts. I will definitely remember your words when I am blessed with a husband.

    I must ask. as a single woman, how I can be mysterious when conducting my normal social activities. For example, if I’m at a grocery store, coffee shop, singles event, or on the golf course how can I be intriguing and foster a sense mystery so that the man I focus on wants to come over and talk to me?

    I appreciate your insight.

    Lady Arabella

    Your Highness Lady Arabella,
    Your wish is my command. See tomorrow’s article 1351.

  3. D

    Here’s a question along similar lines… sometimes it happens that the man you’re involved and have been with for a while starts to pay more attention to another girl(s)… sometimes so much so that he even becomes somewhat infatuated with her, and maybe even starts to ignore you. (Not so far as cheating on you, just forgetting you). What’s the best way to deal with this in public (at a party, etc)? In private? how to get his attention back and keep it without seeming unpleasant?

    Your Highness D,
    Your wish is my command. See Thursday’s article 1352.

  4. Linda

    Thank you Magnificent Masterful Guy. Those specifics are great motivators for us ladies to ‘spoil’ our darling husbands. You make the world a better place.

  5. The Staff Sergeant's Wife

    I was about to send you an email asking this very thing! It’s easy to get too comfortable after a few years of marriage (almost 6 for us!) and I was contemplating my own lack of mystery. I think at this point…you’re right. My husband doesn’t want me to become someone brand new. He wants his adoring little woman….who admires him, encourages him, and supports him. I’m going to work on that today! Thank you for your wisdom Guy.

    You wrote, “Act feminine. More modest. More tightly bound to morals and monogamy. More responsive to his manliness.” and this is so true! As his wife he wants me to conduct myself in this way. When I exhibit extremely monogamous behavior (I don’t have “act that way I am that way!), in front of my husbands friends, I can see that it makes my husband feel proud. He treats me more delicately because of it, and his friends treat me respectfully as well! When they are over they don’t talk trash around me even though it’s at the tip of their tongues, and they fall over themselves trying to act like gentlemen around me! Opening doors, carrying things….I think men want to do these things for women. It’s an interesting effect. The more I fashion myself in total fidelity, monogamy, and femininity directed toward the king of my castle the more I notice other men expressing admiration and respect for my husband….and me! And I like the way that makes my husband feel.

  6. stefanie

    The admiration thing is so true. It’s almost as if men don’t realize we do if we don’t keep saying it over and over and over and over… It keeps surprising mine, anyway. Though I’m definitely repeating myself =)

  7. Sunny

    Huh! Well, I haven’t browsed your site in quite a while and what do I find today? I had forgotten about asking this.
    Things have gotten . . . much worse. To the point that you say find something to admire about him and I cannot. He is none of the things in your paragraph any more. I’ve tried to be more feminine, he wants me to throw the kids in daycare and public school and enter the workforce. Homeschooling was one of my deal breakers when we were dating and he knows it. I never would’ve agreed to marriage if he hadn’t agreed that any children would be home schooled. His idea of spending time with the kids is to put a cartoon on for them and watch something R rated or worse on his computer. At least he wears headphones.
    I hope this helps someone else. I’m afraid it may be too late for me.

    Your Highness Sunny,
    Your problem gave me an opportunity to describe wifely problems in ways that women don’t hear about. So, I took the liberty of quoting you in today’s article 1365. If I have misdiagnosed your situation, please don’t take offense. I merely used it to bring out specific points for WhatWomenNeverHear.

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