1440. Guy’s Favorite Post

I’ve wondered for months when someone would ask me to identify my favorite daily article. I prepared but no one asked. Having figured it out weeks ago, I respond as if asked.

Much more than fun, riches, and glory, one ingredient makes our civilization pleasurable for both men and women. Each woman knows that she’s pretty and devotes her life to staying that way and showing it off. Why is that so?

The actions and attitudes of women who cater to their prettiness govern their surroundings in an indirect manner that satisfies both sexes. Between women associating with men, silent but mutual envy motivates them to be prettier, which shapes their attitude positively and enables satisfying relationships to form. Between women and men, indirect expressions of feminine superiority exhibited by perpetual prettiness both tame the male beast and enable productive relationships to form.

To paraphrase an old axiom, the woman that magnifies her prettiness is the woman that rocks her world. To magnify her prettiness, each woman first magnifies her own importance to herself. She does it best when seated in front of a mirror absent the pressure of having to move on to something else. The woman that magnifies her prettiness magnifies her importance to herself, spouse, family, friends, dates, associates, and even enemies.

These articles relate closely and provide background for my favorite:

            1146. Pretty is as Pretty Does at the Mirror

            1143.  Primal Beliefs: She’s Pretty

Not all of a woman’s prettiness is physical. The heart has its own magnifying effect, and the mirror has a way of exposing it if she looks deeply enough. And so, my favorite article is this:

            806. Her Happiness Starts Here

Ladies, I wish you a life of happy mirror time. It’s the greatest single investment you can make to conquer your upcoming day, strengthen your relationships, and consequently brighten your future and that of those around you.



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7 responses to “1440. Guy’s Favorite Post

  1. Guy, I always think of you during my daily “pretty time” because I am finally feeling free of guilt when I take some time for myself. After growing up under a feminist mother and seeing many women griping about themselves and their lack of attention I reacted by veering away from anything that was focused on myself (to my detriment!).

    I have a friend who is very successful selling cosmetics and feels “called” to encourage women to feel good about themselves (she never allows anyone to put themselves down in her presence). I told her about you and your view on “pretty time” and she said, “I’ve got to read this guy! He’s singing my song!”.

    Jill Farris

  2. pam

    You are so right. We should have asked you what your favorite article was. What were we thinking?? Once again, spot on with analysis!!

  3. Honora

    Pretty time has made such a difference in my life. Who would think that something so simple would have such a big impact on how I view myself and how others view me as well. Guy, Is it too late to ask what your 2nd favorite article is?

    Your Highness Honora,
    I think #2 will be much tougher to choose so give me time without deadline.

  4. Helen

    You are so right, Guy!
    I’ve moved in a new apartment at the beginning of the year, and next to the bed I have a wardrobe with mirror doors allover. Every time I go to bed at night and I wake up in the morning I watch my reflection in the mirror and without intending I start a conversation with the image over there. A very intimate one. A while ago I was unconfortable with my image and felt like avoiding or ignoring it, but gradually I got used to it and started to embrace it and even celebrate it, posing and dancing in front of the mirror.
    When I go to bed now, I know that my best friend is in the mirror and love myself and acknowledge my potential, and even if I don’t like the alarm waking me up in the morning, seeing myself in the mirror reminds me of the love I felt for myself the night before when I went to bed and my good mood and inspiration and love for the world comes back in my heart ready to shine for the rest of the day! 🙂

    Your Highness Helen,
    Welcome aboard. Its a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

  5. Linda

    It’s so like a clever gentleman to choose a blogpost as his favourite that is so inspiring to women. It is also a concrete task we can accomplish – mirror time. It was very remiss of us not to ask you what your favourite post was. Apologies. I wonder if there are other questions we should be asking you? We’d love your answer, Sir Handsomeness.

    Your Highness Linda,
    Thanks for inviting me to cite questions for you to ask. I have an idea. I’ll prepare what I think might work and make it evident when posted.

  6. Concetta

    Dear Mr. & Mrs. Guy:
    I don’t write much, and will elaborate my thoughts in a much more expanded way at a later time. However, I did want to write briefly to say, ‘thank you.’ This blog has been very helpful to me (I have been reading your blog since the end of August). I’ve made my way through the AA and the BA program and read the daily posts. I also have been making my way through the older ones slowly.
    Your ‘mirror time’ idea has been quite helpful and I think it is very ingenious. Although I like many posts, it was the only one that I printed. It’s most ingenious to me because it is a ‘doable’ thing. There is all sorts of ‘clatter’ out there telling women what they should and shouldn’t do, purchase or not purchase. Mirror Time is very straightforward and logical. Additionally, it’s free!
    Thank you again, and please don’t get discouraged when your reading audience doesn’t respond–we are all quite running on that ‘treadmill’ and have not yet learned to slow down, appreciate and take care of ourselves.:)
    Once again, thank you.
    Concetta (aka: conniechetta)

    Your Highness Concetta,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Apologies for taking so long to respond. I got mixed up dealing with pretty women and it slows me down or every time it mixes me up more.


  7. surfercajun

    I wish I could click *like* to these statements of truth! 🙂

    Your Highness Surfercajun,
    You can. Look just below the bottom of the article text.

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