1477. The Lost Chapter of Genesis

And it came to pass shortly after GOD had created Adam that GOD noticed that Adam wasn’t doing too well so He engaged him in conversation.

GOD:  What’s the matter, Adam  You don’t look too well.

ADAM:  I don’t know what is wrong, GOD, but I have been feeling terribly lonely lately.  There is no one or thing here on Earth that I can talk to.

GOD:  Well, Adam, I can fix that.  How would you like a woman companion?

    – that is beautiful beyond belief

    – that has a gorgeous figure

    – that is extremely intelligent

    – that is an excellent conversationalist

    – that will hold you in very high esteem

    – that will show you great respect

    – that will forage for food and prepare and serve you three meals a day

    – that will comfort you and care for you when you are sick

    – that will clean and maintain your home, even to cutting the grass

    – that when you invent it, she will make, wash and iron clothes for you

    – that will take charge of your finances to keep you out of trouble and

    – that will love and cherish you for the rest of your life.

ADAM:  Wow!!  That sounds wonderful beyond belief, GOD.  What will that cost me?

GOD:  The going price is an arm and a leg.

So Adam thought long and hard and finally asked:  What can I get for a rib?

And the rest is History.


NOTE: Taken from a sermon by Pastor Gerald Brooks, Grace Outreach Center, Plano, TX, 11/30/2011.



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6 responses to “1477. The Lost Chapter of Genesis

  1. Tania


  2. R.A.

    I want to hear more!!

  3. Miss A

    Adam’s got a bargain!

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