1505. Avoid Acrimony to Promote Matrimony — Part I

  • As single women take up, permit, and enjoy sex for its own sake, men bypass learning and respecting other things of importance to females.
  • In our world today where sex comes before marriage, men look at attractive women as sex targets until conquered and as keeper, backup, duty slut, or throw-away after conquest.
  • The more that women provide unmarried sex, the easier for each individual woman to miss out as a keeper.
  • Men need no lessons for ‘wham, bam, thank you, mam’. It comes quite natural. Only women can defeat the urge.
  • Men learn how to treat a woman differently by rejection for sex by her and others before her. Thus, men learn to respect greatly the female gender.
  • Morality serves women, but men don’t need it. Mothers and other females carry the burden to see to it that boys and men live within the moral expectations of women.
  • Mothers civilize and domesticate boys. Chaste girls tame and teach testosterone terrors to honor female dreams. Grateful wives finish the process of making great husbands. Or else men disappoint the female gender.
  • The more that women trash-talk masculine characteristics, the less men honor female sensibilities.
  • The female nature strives to live up to something bigger such as God, their man, their children. Men have to learn to live that way, which puts teaching in the hands of women.
  • The less respect that women show the male gender, the more men become irresponsible for helping fulfill female dreams for home and family.


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5 responses to “1505. Avoid Acrimony to Promote Matrimony — Part I

  1. Aegeanx

    Everytime I read your blog, I realize how much I’ve got to learn and how little I know about men and relationships. Thank you for your dedication, hard work, time and shared wisdom.

    Have a great weekend,


  2. wow

    Do you think all men are the same?

    Your Highness Wow,
    As you phrase it, of course not. As used on this blog, basically yes. Visit posts 702-705 and 1458-1460. You’ll find the foundation upon which I describe the natures of men and women as if their minds are not filled with emotions, values, and beliefs. It’s how God designed them, Nature endows them, and hormones energize them. As men and women are described in those and many other posts, the sexes are very different and men are generally very much alike relative to women who are also very much alike.

  3. Aegeanx


    I have worked in a male-predominant environment since 1999 and my conversations with men of all ages and from all continents and backgrounds is 100% coherent with what I have been reading in this blog.
    I have read several of your posts written only to criticize and complain.
    What are you doing reading this blog and posting comments?
    What do you want exactly?
    Whatever the answer to those two questions one thing is for sure, no one can help you.
    You are your own problem to solve.

    If this blog only deserves criticism from you, shouldn’t you find something coherent with your way of thinking and being?
    You’re not going to change the concepts in this blog, you’re not going to change Guy’s mind and ideas, you’re not going to change the happy readers.
    You can only change yourself or accept yourself as you are.
    I suggest you do the latter.

  4. not-so-annonymous-Anne

    Any words of wisdom on mothers civilizing and domesticating boys? After watching my mother’s attempt to [s]mother my brother backfire on her, my tendency has been to aim for the other end of the spectrum: setting up opportunities for my husband and son to be together and crossing my fingers that bonding and all that good man-stuff transpires when I’m not looking… I have nothing to go on other than it’s not what my mom did (which strikes me as thereby good) so I try to be less of a direct influence on son than on daughter… But perhaps I remove myself from the equation too much?

    Your Highness Anne,
    Check out two series in CONTENTS page: Mom Loses Son’s Love and Mothering Sons.

  5. Lianne

    Guy, thank you so much for this website. I use it as a road map for my marriage.
    Not trash talking males can be done by shuning feminist press. Be consistent in your company – seek the advice of people with joyful marriage. Check the background of all those advisers : if they are divorced, or have been married for 1 year, wait until they are seasoned.
    Not everyone who has a mouth (and a pen) should have authority over one’s life. Discern ur advisers- and check their credentials .

    Your Highness Lianne,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

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