1648. Girls New to Campus Life—Ugly Boy Behavior

At post 1647, Her Highness That Horse is Dead assumes “the ugly boy behavior on college campuses is a combination of hormones, social pressure, and upbringing.” Of course she’s right, but the real story is what enables those influences to wax extreme.

Hormones. Whether called men or boys in college, at the peak of sexual life they seek sexual experience. They compete, dominate, force, charm, lie, steal, and cheat to find sexual ‘glory’. Only one force on earth can control such extreme behaviors: females.

Social pressure. The male and female natures play to the social pressures. Boys compete with girls for conquest and compete with boys to ‘get there first’ with each girl. Masculine pressures overcome female resistance.

Girls cooperate with boys to have a fulfilling relationship only to find that each boy’s conquest leaves her less than fulfilled. So, she cooperates with someone else, still looking but still not finding fulfillment. To escape her miseries, she drowns her guilt by joining the male game. She soon drinks regularly, matches heavy male drinking, uses sex for fun, and soon cooperates by joining orgies. As her conscience weakens, restraint fades and she tries to find fulfillment in sexual adventurism. Not all follow that pattern, but most face those or similar pressures. Only one force on earth can relieve those extreme pressures: females.

Upbringing. Except for abstinence training, religious loyalty, and excellent inculcating of self-respect into sons and daughters, what part of upbringing helps resist those social pressures? How many children get those values before college? How many of those children escape the debilitating pressure of high school sex and promiscuity? Only one force on earth can restore upbringing to the parents’ domain: females.

Add mature fathers-of-daughters to the one force on earth that can improve the college social environment. Fathers already have a keen interest, but females do not. Victimized by feminist propaganda, girls, women, wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts watch helplessly and hopelessly as men ravage the lives, hopes, and dreams of girls soon-to-be women. They, in their own time and way, will further advance the evolution of extreme male behavior.

I admit my descriptions are extreme and not as universal as I suggest. But the rancid odor of female vulnerability permeates our culture and only the strongest, luckiest, and best-prepared females escape it.

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One response to “1648. Girls New to Campus Life—Ugly Boy Behavior

  1. zipporah

    You are not far off. Many women today (post 80s-90s) are having a hard time finding a date in college. No matter how pretty they are. I would be too afraid to go to a secular college for this reason: it may not be much better in a religious or Christian college, but the ‘standards’ are there

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