1656. Bedroom Ownership Makes Men out of Boys — Part II

Part I of this series described how mothers can turn ‘ownership’ of his bedroom over to a son and reap the rewards of admirable growth into manhood.

A mom that follows the suggestions in post 1655 can’t keep admiring her son without it having an effect on her. She feels grateful for him, grateful for how he cares for HIS responsibility, grateful for how he improves both himself and HIS room, and grateful for how she views herself as a successful mother. Her gratitude is in the details, and as described here many times, happiness flows out of gratitude.

Her son becomes grateful for ‘owning’ his room because it totally represents him. Ownership builds pride in a man, and pride brings happiness to her son. He also gets a smoother and more respected life without mom haranguing him. Also, mom’s effectiveness significantly enhances her need for self-importance, which is a woman’s prime motivator.

I almost forgot mom’s remaining problem. It may be HIS bedroom, but the rest is HER house. Her Majesty Grace solved it with three boys. All personal belongings littering her house went into the ‘lucky bag’ (Navy term for lost and found) and couldn’t be retrieved for a week. Coats, shoes, hats, and toys. It didn’t matter, but they were confiscated for a week. It only took a time or two of going to school coatless in cold weather, wearing Sunday shoes instead of sneaks, or having no football available at play time. They quickly learned to stop leaving their stuff around—not in mom’s house but in Grace-the-wife’s house in which everyone must step up to her expectations.

May your days be bright and all your sons brighter. Females admiring males tends to make life go that way.

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  1. Linda

    Our intelligent and handsome son is happily married and I find using your advice even now is so productive. I so appreciate your writings. Suave gentlemen are never more handsome as when they make the huge effort to assist us ladies.

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