1670. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 60

  • When a woman emphasizes her prettiness to please no one but herself, she’s not disappointed by the reactions of others. When she dresses to please others or attract men, she prepares herself for many disappointments and too easily concludes that she’s not pretty/attractive after all.
  • Respect given to someone returns as trust for the giver.
  • Only self-motivation works. You can’t change anyone but yourself.
  • Hoping to commence a relationship, fishing for instant gratification works against the female.
  • The best wife-to-husband results come from seed planting done casually in moments of his inattention.
  • Men provide things that women blend into families.
  • When you tell someone HOW to do something within their experience level, you send this message: I don’t respect you enough to think you know how or can figure it out.
  • I understand that women have a fixation against high heels. However, such footwear brings out the feminine nature to bless the world with two strong feminine motivations. Regularly wearing high heels motivates women to guard their eating and don’t gain weight and to make more attractive everything above their shoes. The physical and mental uplift of high heels urges a woman to upgrade everything else about her appearance.


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8 responses to “1670. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 60

  1. “The best wife-to-husband results come from seed planting done casually in moments of his inattention.”
    Do you think you could expand upon this a little?

    Your Highness Becky,
    Look at the description of seeds suggested for planting in post 1668. The moments described and the comments suggested are verbalized as casual for him and designed not to stir a man’s ire. His inattention means that his subconscious mind absorbed the idea but his conscious mind for the moment remains closed. It will later stir his interest in what she said.

  2. Arual

    High heels aren’t just painful for your feet (which is bad enough)–they do terrible things to your overall alignment, which leads many women (and men–positive heels of any kind, not just the “high” kind are detrimental to both sexes) to have pelvic floor prolapse and back ache, among other things. There are better ways to improve one’s appearance than wearing something that sabotages one’s future health.

    Otherwise, I find this advice rather apt.

    Your Highness Arual,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Your arguments against high heels are the same as those spread by feminists several decades ago to kill the concept of the ‘lady’, persuade women to move toward unisex fashion and behavior, and demean the uniqueness of femininity. Their arguments were propaganda then and fallacious beliefs now. The feminists aimed to suppress patriarchy in favor of matriarchy. It hasn’t worked. Actually, male dominance and female-unfriendliness especially in domestic life have intensified over the same decades.

    High heels were only part of the campaign to disturb the existing social and domestic equilibrium of sixty years ago. If you’re interested in more than heels, you might find more that conflicts with your belief system. Survey and read my articles listed as “Dark Side of Feminism” in the CONTENTS page at blog top. You will find hundreds of reasons why it’s so difficult for a woman to find good men, capture an adequate one, and keep the best for her.

    If, as you say, “there are better ways to improve one’s appearance,” women haven’t discovered them. Look around you in public. How attractive do women make themselves in flats and flip flops? My original point is this: The classiest of footwear inspires a woman to make herself look classy all over.


  3. Sis

    If females are supposed to rely on seed planting and indirectness, then how is it you know so much about this? You are a man, somewhere along the line your wife must have let you in on her secrets.

    Your Highness Sis,
    Thanks for asking. No, Her Majesty did not make me privy to female secrets. She has, however, reviewed and evaluated almost every one of 1670 articles I’ve posted. As Disraeli said, “The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a book about it.” I figured women out by writing the blog.

    Over the course of 50 or so years studying, teaching, and writing about motivation, leadership, and human behavior in the military, university, and business worlds, I focused on principles that drew employees together in common effort. Their gender was supposedly irrelevant. Then, about the turn of the century I had a eureka moment and commenced listing over three hundred ways in which the sexes differ. Out of that arose the foundation of marital compatibility currently posting. Out of that and daily writing more than 620,000 words (equivalent of 10 or 12 books) over the course of almost five years, I figured out how the NATURE of both men and women work to guide their behaviors.


    • Anne

      And we are fortunate and blessed to be privy to those 1670 articles, 620,000 words, and equivalent of 10 or 12 books!

      Regarding high heels, this may be too specific of a question, but do you happen to know if wedges fall into the same category as high heels? I think they are more modern and not the classic heel of yesteryear. I wear them for practical reasons, but seem to get the sense that “practical” footwear may not be what I should be aiming for! If the classic heel is better, I will gladly make the switch! Any excuse to go shoe shopping… 😉

      Your Highness Anne,
      Ask yourself, do I fix myself up better, prettier, and more attractive in my eyes whenever I wear wedges? If yes, you get a similar benefit as with high heels. If no, you can figure it out.

  4. Melissa

    I am 5 feet 7, so high heels make me taller than many men. Do you think that some men feel emasculated next to women that are taller than them?

    Your Highness Melissa,

    Uncomfortable, yes. Emasculated, maybe. But, it shouldn’t matter to you except to judge how the difference makes individual men want to please you whether in heels and flats.

    Also, I suggest you forget the issue. The purpose of high heels is to inspire you to make everything above your shoes match them in class and attractiveness that makes you feel good about yourself. Dress for yourself and let men and female competitors worry about the effect.

    Heels may reduce the size of the pool of eligible men, but masculine height adds effectiveness to a man’s interactions with others. A more effective man is a better producer, provider, protector, and problem solver. I don’t mean that shorter men aren’t respected or can’t be effective, but extra height more easily earns both.


    • Melissa

      Dear Mr. Guy, Thankyou for your wise response. Regardless of the hight issue, heels certainly do affect the way I feel and act in public.

  5. Elisabeth

    I too, feel a lot prettier and more elegant in high heels than flats, but I’ve had a longstanding habit of only wearing them when not on a date, because I stand 5’11” barefoot and even moderate 2″ to 2.5″ heels raise me up to over 6 feet tall. I didn’t want to make my dates feel uncomfortable. I have too few of them already. Only thrice in my life have I been out with men who were the right height for me in heels! But maybe Guy is right in that the “pretty” effect they give is more important than height. In my case, wearing flats often doesn’t solve the problem anyway because even in flats I am taller than most men.

    Your Highness Elisabeth,
    The greater value of high heels comes in attracting men and not in pleasing dates. So, your longstanding habit resounds correctly for your self-interest.

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