1730. Vote Your Choice, Not Someone Else’s

For five years I have explained what women need to know in order to figure out how to make their lives more beneficial. I describe the male and female natures, show how they interact successfully or not, and you take it from there. You figure everything out to benefit yourself.

Well, I just figured out a way to help you the same way with the upcoming presidential election. Now, I claim no scientific legitimacy but offer roughly opposite concepts designed to contrast what the two presidential candidates seem to stand for.

WADWMUFGAO, we all do what makes us feel good about ourselves. Some feel good by choosing the candidate that best fits their single-issue preference, such as race or abortion rights. I’m strongly opposed to single-issue voting. It generates and encourages lazy voters. It drops the single-issue voter’s other opinions from the voting pool. It also under represents the voter in public opinion, because the importance to the voter is lost when combined with other votes. I designed the following to encourage single-issue and confused voters to spread their wings.

The media, campaign staffs, pundits, and commercials constantly flood your psyche. Whether objective and truthful or propaganda, you know the rest of the story is missing. Yet, you’re invited to change your way of thinking to match theirs. In my model below, you’re invited to compare many pairs of opposing ideas, concepts, and values and strengthen your own opinion. From each pair select the one that best suits your values, interests, and expectations. Then vote for the candidate that predominantly represents your choices.

We seldom see clearly through all the differences between conflicting ideas. We usually have to choose anyway. So, in each item, which side is the most important to you? Not to choose is to make a choice. So, mark your preference, weigh the results, and decide how to merge the results with your already-formed opinions and beliefs.

  1. Political correctness —or— Freedom of speech
  2. Judicial activism —or— Only Congress legislates.
  3. Rule of Man —or— Rule of Law
  4. Collectivism —or— Individualism
  5. Power politics —or— Moral principles
  6. Feminist-friendly —or— Feminine-friendly
  7. Equality (achievable only in theory) —or— Fairness (achievable with practice)
  8. Globalism —or— Patriotism and Nationalism
  9. Environmentalism —or— Private property rights
  10. Multiculturalism —or— e pluribus unum, out of many, one. (aka the Melting Pot)
  11. Atheism-Agnosticism —or— In God We Trust, religious freedom
  12. Secular-Humanism —or— Judeo-Christian culture
  13. Moral relativism —or— Biblical morality
  14. Socialism (The gov’t owns businesses.) —or— Free market capitalism (The public owns businesses.)
  15. Pro-choice —or— Pro-life
  16. Progressivism —or— Conservativism
  17. Same-sex marriage —or— Traditional marriage
  18. People should be treated to make up for past mistreatment. —or— People should be treated as equal under the law.
  19. Gov’t reads, understands, and complies with public opinion. —or— Gov’t too often rejects public opinion.
  20. The majority always rules in a democracy. —or— Our form of gov’t isn’t a true democracy but a representative democracy. That is, a republic where small groups with similar interests and the majority prevailing elect people they can trust to represent them.
  21. The popular vote should prevail in presidential elections. —or— The Electoral College defends states’ influence, balances power, and prevents tyranny of the majority
  22. Spend as required to meet people’s needs. —or— Balance the federal budget.
  23. U.S. should be more like Europe. —or— American exceptionalism.
  24. Enlarge gov’t for better delivery of care to the people. —or— Limit gov’t to preserve individual freedom.
  25. Gov’t should find ways to make people unique. —or— Gov’t should find ways to unify the people, make them more alike than different, more friendly than unfriendly.
  26. Depend on gov’t to provide the needs of life. —or— Depend on self, family, and opportunities provided by free market capitalism.
  27. Gov’t produces jobs. —or— Gov’t produces only gov’t jobs. (Wealth-building jobs come from untaxed earnings left in the economy and personal savings that banks loan to entrepreneurs and small businesses.)
  28. Diversity makes America great and gov’t is justified using it as strategy to serve unique groups differently. —or— Diversity separates the public into groups recognizable as worthy of special attention, which demeans those excluded and generates unnecessary biases.
  29. Power, passions, and possessions generate the good life. —or— Decency and goodness generate the best way of life.
  30. We should pour more money into education. —or— We should restore local control of education.
  31. Flood the media to get everyone believing the same way. —or— Provide We the People with the truth, and we will figure out what needs doing.
  32. Unlimited gov’t power promotes national well-being. —or— The Constitution limits gov’t power in order to protect against gov’t excesses and tyranny.
  33. A living Constitution changes to meet problems the Founding Fathers never anticipated. —or— Only amendments can change the Constitution; the Founding Fathers knew best.
  34. Our rights come from gov’t and only gov’t can enlarge those rights —or— Our rights come from God. They’re eternal and described in the Declaration of Independence, itemized in the Bill of Rights, and dependent on the Constitution as amended.
  35. Groups generate freedom within themselves. —or— Liberty as the promise and freedom as the actuality reign for each individual.
  36. The rich must pay more taxes. —or— You can’t legislate the poor into prosperity, by legislating the wealthy out of it.
  37. The federal gov’t outranks state and local gov’ts. —or— The states created the federal gov’t, and states rights prevail according to the 10th Amendment.
  38. The Executive Branch dominates the Legislative and Judicial Branch. —or— Three-branches of gov’t balance each other, none is intended to dominate.
  39. Hate speech is criminal. —or— The 1st Amendment prevails and thoughts can’t be criminalized.
  40. Ban guns. —or— The Second Amendment is sacrosanct.
  41. Malpractice as goldmine for lawyers. —or— Tort reform.
  42. Central planning and regulatory control of the public. —or— Freedom from excessive regulation.
  43. Have higher taxes to enlarge the gov’t. —or— Lower taxes to stimulate the economy.
  44. Collect tax revenue and redistribute to less fortunate voters. —or— Charity begins at home and need not be replaced by gov’t.
  45. Govt’ guarantees that nobody is in need. —or— Individuals are free to pursue their goals without gov’t interference.
  46. Political skills make candidates competent for public office. —or— Admirable character is essential for representing the people.
  47. Quality character develops in the crucible of politics. —or— Quality character develops from following moral standards.
  48. Politics reflects the public will. —or— Principles best guide the public will.
  49. Equality demands that wealth be redistributed. —or — Without the specific permission of We the People, redistribution is theft.
  50. What’s best for all of us together is what’s best for each. —or— What’s best for each as determined by each is best for all of us together.
  51. The Constitution imposes negative rights; it should promote positive rights such as the right to a home, education, and medical care. —or— Our rights are to prevent gov’t intrusion in our freedoms, and not to provide what We the People can provide ourselves.

Of course, you have other issues. You may have already decided how to vote. Weigh your choices above against your choice of candidate. If you like Obama best, then most of your selections above should be on the left. If you like Romney best, then your selections should be on the right. If not, then you’ve found other decision-making factors. That’s okay too as long as you please your conscience instead of someone else. (Can the list above help understand what you hear during the last debate this Monday night, 10/22?)

Not being a professional pollster, I admit the list appears amateurish but it should help you figure out how you want to vote. If the amateur flavor offends, I apologize, but ask you to vote anyway. If you can’t decide to which candidate you should cast your vote, you are not alone. However, as expected by everyone else, you have a moral obligation to choose and vote.


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6 responses to “1730. Vote Your Choice, Not Someone Else’s

  1. I like this list, and think that it’s helpful for people to consider many different issues and make their decisions on their considerations. Please note, however, that there are several candidates in the running, as well as the possibility for write-in candidates, if someone absolutely cannot figure out if they prefer Romney or Obama, or refuse to vote for either of them. Not voting is not acceptable; it looks like apathy or laziness, rather than “conscientious objector”.

  2. anonymous

    This is wonderful. It will be my first time voting this election and this list helps clear things up!

  3. *enchante*

    It should be obvious how many or most women who read your site will vote. I myself feel that Romney Ryan are a breath of fresh air. Their wives are even staying out of politics per se, unlike Hilary Clinton. I’m hoping if/when they are elected it would have an impact on the culture

  4. Girl

    Both candidates stand for the same thing: the corporations who pay for their election, and buy the Senate and Congress. There is no “free market” or “democracy” in a Fiat Empire.

    @Kathy: “…if someone absolutely cannot figure out if they prefer Romney or Obama, or refuse to vote for either of them. Not voting is not acceptable..”

    ^Exactly! There is an Independent candidate. His name is Gary Johnson. He is not paid for by Big Agra, Big Pharma, Big Oil, etc, so many people do not know of him, and of course he was left out of the debates.

  5. This injection of politics is annoying at best. Your opinion clearly shines through as displayed by the very biased examples you used. Both comparisons are wholly inaccurate and incomplete. I’ve not forgotten about the values you propose as a standard for us to follow while you’ve justified your son’s out of wedlock relationship. I hope the women reading this post will apply CRITICAL THINKING and WISDOM – including the right to vote for neither candidate unless they live in a swing state. As well as to the advice offered here. Freedom of choice is the opposite of “moral obligation” to OTHER PEOPLE’S IDEOLOGY. I’ll do what’s best for me TYVM.

    Your Highness Faith Dow,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    You’re right, of course. Politics annoys when opinions differ—and mutual respect isn’t present. I posted the table with the firm conviction that readers could figure out what’s best for them from something that I figured out might help. It helped you. You found your sensibilities offended, and it confirmed your already formed conviction not to listen to someone from ‘the other side’. Nothing wrong with that. We all make similar decisions every day. We choose what’s best for us.

    My original article contains my admission of a bias. However, you never saw me try to justify my son’s out-of-wedlock relationship, unless you accept posting his articles as some endorsement other than WhatWomenNeverHear about growing into a solid relationship.


  6. Gosh, that’s all very nice sir Guy, but I just vote for whatever my husband chooses. He’s into politics, while it bores me.
    I can trust him to choose something to benefit our family though, not just him LOL

    Your Highness Happyhousewifetwra
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

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