1740. American Exceptionalism Originated with Women

Election day is a good day to draw this picture of American Exceptionalism. Morals are the province of women. Christianity is based on loving one another. Freedom and other rights come from God via the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States. Leading by example, women put God first, subordinate their self-centeredness to husband and children, and exemplify moral imperatives that bring out the goodness in people. Men dance to the kind of womanly music they respect and admire the most, which basically women perform in the key of chasteness, beat of fidelity, and notes of marital sex only.

Liberty, In God We Trust, and e pluribus unum (out of many, one) make up the American Trinity.* Combined with those spirits, American Exceptionalism flowed out of political and economic freedom, rule of law, entrepreneurial spirit, belief that Americans are good, and the creed that America is the greatest nation and place to live. The reputation of American Exceptionalism began and grew to worldwide prominence on the backs of responsible husbands and the moral and religious spirit of their wives.

Cultural exceptionalism empowered American Exceptionalism. Christianity and Judaism are male-dominated religions. Americans merged Old and New Testament values into our Judeo-Christian culture, which has turned out to be female dominated. Not female dominated, you say? Culture represents the values that govern what we all do in society. Men conquered the West but civilized it at whose insistence? Men don’t promote civilized behavior except as women insist. Men don’t need it, but they will accept moral discipline. Men don’t need a supreme being but find their lives enhanced when their women insist on religious observance. Men have an abundance of self-love but it takes women in many roles to teach men how to share and express it.

Men have always dominated the workplace and society (aka what we all do). However, American wives came to dominate the home and cultural values. Wives pressured husbands to improve happenings in society in order to meet the expectations and happiness of women and children. Wives sent husbands from breakfast with orders to put crooks in jail, keep filth out of the public eye, and to educate children. If not from the mouths and expectations of wives, from what set of masculine values did American Exceptionalism arise? Who else but women could smooth the rough masculine edges of capitalism, individual freedoms, and pursuit of property for men and happiness for women and children? Consequently, we should all feel indebted to American women for producing the foundation of American Exceptionalism. To paraphrase Ben Franklin, we have exceptionalism, if we can keep it.

If you haven’t already, please go vote. Our children need their future brightened and today’s a good day to produce it and extend our exceptionalism.

* After a close examination of the U.S. penny, Dennis Prager coined the term American Trinity.


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12 responses to “1740. American Exceptionalism Originated with Women

  1. boomer babe

    Whatever women gained with men, we could LOSE by becoming too easy with them and trying to upstage them. I for one HATE these modern commercials that show them as BOYS…and their mommie~girlfriend or wife helps him out . Like that volvo parallel parking commercial. The guy trYing to park was least 30+~~in real life, most guys i know have a parallel parking gene..LOL…I actually think that when young people from 12~30+ watch too many commercials, respect for men goes down.

    • Anne

      Can women promote a culture of this kind in the midst of today’s filth? Ie, what can they do beyond the family??

      Your Highness Anne,
      Your question as sparked the article to be published tomorrow, #1741.

      • Anne

        Whoops! I did not mean that as a reply to Boomer Babe (although I agree with you about the commercials!) This was in response to Guy’s original post.

      • Sarah

        A great question. I’m excited to have Sir Guy’s insight on this. I know that I exert great influence upon my husband and children, but the opposing messages of the culture can seem overwelming beyond the walls of our home.

  2. boomer babe

    I’m glad your site is there~~its a good teacher and some young women who want to be BRIDES are waking up. Women really respect a hard working man…and the men LOVE it..

  3. boomer babe

    Thats ok Anne.. I HOPE im wrong, but there isnt much we could do beyond the family. It seems like it takes CENTURIES to build and only DECADES to rip down. Train your daughters to be ladies in the true sense, and sons to be gentlemen…thats all we can do

    Your Highness Boomer Babe,
    That’s not quite all as I will explain in tomorrow’s article, #1741.

  4. boomer babe

    Btw Anne. I’ve heard somewhere that it was the ‘sandra fluke’ types which guided Obamas reelection election IDK and shes going to law school to boot: since she is a never married but wants low cost contraceptives and is a 30+ woman. I’m hoping young ladies 18~25 yos could rebel against this type of behavior when they leave home. Today i went to the mall & got a little depressed: young pretty girls hanging on to these boys like they are their lifeline and the guys just sitting there taking it in

    • Starviolet

      Obama won both the popular vote and the electoral college. It takes more than “Sandra Fluke types” to accomplish that. Most of America either wanted Obama or didnt want Romeny.

    • Lin

      Boomer babe, your last three lines on what you see at the mall struck a cord with me. It terrifies me.

      I really look forward to Sir Guy’s new post as response to Anne’s question.

      To Sir Guy, a little off topic here. When a man says he is looking for a busy, independent woman what does he actually mean in terms of man think? Should I be reading more into it ? Would you be kind enough to break it down for me.

      Your Highness Lin,
      You don’t provide enough info, but I suspect he’s looking for sex with minimal responsibility for reciprocity.

      • Lin

        More info, Sir Guy. I met an acquaintance of mine who likes to play matchmaker. She told me about a friend of hers who who is looking for a busy independent woman. He’s got a great career of his own, blah, blah…
        That’s all. That is what set off my train of thought. Of course, I have heard this phrase many times but for some reason, I decided to ask myself if I really understood it from the man think point of view.

        To clarify, I have no interest in meeting this man. However any additional wisdom or insight into ‘man think’ on this phrase would be highly appreciated.

        Oh just remembered, acquaintance mentioned he doesnt want anyone needy.

        Your Highness Lin,
        That he mentions “anyone needy” confirms my previous response he seeks sex at minimal expense. He’s grown but remains an adolescent at heart, fears or seeks to avoid responsibility for someone other than Self, and isn’t about to FULLY share his career earnings. He’s a Mr. Ain’tNeverGoingToBeGoodEnough for a good, sincere, and giving woman. He’s not necessarily hopeless, but some woman will work hard and long to convert him into a stable, reliable, and faithful husband.

  5. My Husband's Wife

    Dear Sir Guy and Readers,

    I just listened to a great radio program titled, “The Real History of American Attitudes on Sex” by Dr. Allan Carson and thought of you all on this blog site. Much of what WWNH was confirmed and highlighted in this show: That American Exceptionalism coincided with periods of increased Christian morality. A few myths were exposed as well that have been perpetuated, especially in the last 50 years.

    You mention that it’s a good idea for us women to study history (real history, that is) and this, in humble opinion, was a thought-provoking program of information we NEVER hear. If anyone is interested, you can find it here:

    I think this gentleman also has authored a book on the topic as well.

    P.S. Thank you, Sir Guy, for prompting interest in history of the USA–as I would have never thought to be interested before coming to this site. Most of us know something is off in our society right now, but knowing where we came from and why it’s this way now helps us move forward in a positive direction and not remain victim to circumstance.

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