1767. Sex Difference Redux — Part 21: Love IV (w/ Kathy Petersen)

Affectionate Habits

A man’s unwillingness to show affection often triggers the need for ‘relationship maintenance’. It’s the most popular complaint of women, because most don’t get enough. In a woman’s view, her man’s affection affirms his love and reinforces her sense of importance. She needs to be confirmed, but instinct keeps him focused elsewhere. He may show enough affection while still trying to conquer her. After his conquest and romantic love fades away, however, she doesn’t get enough affection and her longing for ‘relationship maintenance’ stirs the pot of incompatibility.

When women try to encourage their man to demonstrate love more openly, they often produce dismay, disappointment, and depression for themselves. This happens because the key to getting men to demonstrate more love is not what most women think and do—namely, to try to talk their man into understanding the female dilemma. Once romantic love fades after a year or two, men have little interest in strengthening emotional bonds. It has all been accomplished in his view.

Furthermore, the talent for showing affection must be cultivated earlier in life, or it likely won’t appear in adulthood. A man’s ability and willingness to show affection is dependent on two factors: (1) How he was raised. (2) Figuring out for himself without being told by his woman that he should show her more affection. However, the second is dependent on the first. Consequently, a man’s childhood is critical for the display of enough affection and betterment of a woman’s married life.

That’s the bulk of the story about affection. Females of every kind either teach males how to show affection or women’s expectations are not fulfilled. Of course, it starts with mothers, and that comes tomorrow at #1768.


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2 responses to “1767. Sex Difference Redux — Part 21: Love IV (w/ Kathy Petersen)

  1. Sis

    I’m following some of Sir Guy’s previous advice about finding something else I’m passionate about (following Christ) and I’ve noticed that since I’m not as focused on trying to please my husband all the time, he is much more affectionate and trying much harder to keep me happy. I’m still being a good wife and respecting him and all that, but this little switch in my focus has made all the difference.

  2. Anon....

    I believe it is mothers and fathers who give or teach how to give affection: but, ive heard from older people (if alive would be over 100) not to kiss small children on the mouth which so many modern parents do. Kiss on cheek or forehead, but give lots of hugs. Lips are for lover or SPOUSE… “you may kiss the bride” is the BEGINNING of MARRIAGE

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