1796. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 75

  1. Bitchiness arises out of role confusion. Her heart and mind are not in sync.
  2. A female’s easy smile whispers that she knows she’s pretty.
  3. The more different she appears from other women, the more unforgettable she is to a man.
  4. If a wife mothers her husband, expect him to cheat. If he’s also of an adolescent mindset, expect to lose him.
  5. When she shacks up with a man, she puts a lid on his respect that she can earn. Limited respect means limited love, which means limited time together.
  6. Dignity—You have to act it to get it.
  7. A man’s devotion shines when he relinquishes dominance to a woman on those issues she wishes to dominate.
  8. Where laughter prevails, hope can’t be far behind. Hope and laughter go together. If you find little hope in your heart, find and generate laughter with your mind.
  9. The best husbands are trained in toddlerhood. Mothers charm boys to absorb adult values they are too young to emulate but which program their heart. Mothers do it by inculcating/indoctrinating adult values while respecting them as person first, boy second, and ‘unrespecter’ of bad behavior third.
  10. The female nature finds that manipulation comes easy. Men are not so inclined by nature.


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3 responses to “1796. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 75

  1. Miss A

    Sir Guy,

    I’ve taken your point five to heart, and have refused shacking up (not without resistance initially on his part) since I dated my now fiance. Do you think an engaged couple still should not live together until after the altar? Always appreciate your wisdom.

    Your Highness Miss A,

    Yes, they should not live together for the same reasons plus this. Engagement is the final shakeout of the relationship. To live together is to demystify life after the altar and make marriage less appealing (necessary?) to the man. He has won all there is to win, so why marry?

    Also, engagement enables his devotion to crystalize. Live together and you remove the pressures and his devotion reaches the zenith long before the altar. Not good for you but it provides new options for him.


  2. Miss A

    Sir Guy,

    Truly enlightened and refreshed by your wise words. The pressure during the engagement period is more overwhelming than I anticipated. A woman can easily lose sight of more important and long term issues when distracted by wedding dresses and so forth. A guiding light like your words becomes like an oasis. I have resolved to read your blog daily until the altar, and beyond, of course!

  3. anonymous

    “A female’s easy smile whispers that she knows she’s pretty.”

    Is it a good thing that she knows she’s pretty? I’ve heard a lot of men say that girls are most attractive when they look good but don’t know how good they look.

    Your Highness Anonymous,
    Yes, it’s a good thing. God designs, Nature endows, and hormones energize her prettiness.
    Your “lot of men” are talking about apples and you think oranges. Pretty is her smiling face and feminine charm. Attractive is her overall appeal.

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