1797. University Final Exam — A.A. Degree #2

Another WWNHU student completed requirements for the Anxiety Avoidance degree. She earned the second ‘A’ and second degree awarded. Her final exam deserves publishing below.
FINAL EXAM: Summarize what men like but don’t necessarily require in a wife. Her Highness P.D. responded this way:
• Men like a woman who is pleasant with a “no way, never” attitude which requires a chase. The more mysterious and challenging the chase, the more likely she will hold a man’s interest until marriage.
• A woman who is independent, full of self-respect, and handles her sexual assets with modesty and tantalizing detail in proper balance sparks a man’s interest.
• Her pleasant respect for him, who he is and what he does, coupled with a mask of disinterest encourages the marrying man to further pursuit.
• A woman who is wise and patient will show greater interest as he shows greater interest in her beyond sex, [thus] increasing chances of proposal.
• A man is more likely to remain devoted to his wife after marriage as she softens to become more cooperative and continues to show her undying respect for husband.
• To keep her husband, she must continue to display her sexual assets with beautiful femininity; though still tantalizing, she must appear even more modest than before. This communicates her exclusive faithfulness to him.
• She must also shift from being independent to being dependent upon him to provide, protect, and problem solve as she trained him to do so during a lengthy courtship.
• A man may settle for much less than this in a wife. But too much less, she may become Ex.
Congratulations to P.D. for completing her AA degree in less than a month and a half.


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2 responses to “1797. University Final Exam — A.A. Degree #2

  1. Dear Sir Guy,

    Please – more comment here:
    “Her pleasant respect for him, who he is and what he does, coupled with a mask of disinterest encourages the marrying man to further pursuit”

    A man biologically is wired to chase. I know this. It is stimulating to him if you return a little less than he is giving so he has a continuous goal – to pursue you. The art of love? I need some concrete examples for help! I LOVE this phrase “coupled with a mask of disinterest” because this is exactly what I am working on. But I didn’t know it.

    I would welcome comments on this. Allure is a wonderful thing. But the man needs to know he is top dog. Help? Examples? To be truthful, he wouldn’t even know my name if I was not attracted to him and felt him to be so special and wonderful. But he needs to come towards me and show me his devotion to me – and I like it when he does this! I would like to stimulate more of this in the relationship. It is good for both of us. It also seems to follow the natural law. So, examples please! More on the art of love, please!

    Thank You!

    An Avid Follower And A Lady

    Your Highness Avid Follower,
    You comment in woman-think. I close the gap with man-think. What women dream of as the art of love, men dream of as the art of lovemaking. The sexes differ greatly and only females can change the game. I provide details in article 1798.

  2. Linda

    Wow P.D.! How clever (and pretty you are.)

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