1800. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 76

  1. You wish to raise a girl to be a happy woman? Teach her how, help her do it, and then repeatedly confirm her proficiency in finding gratitude in every part of life. Not even love has a more blessed effect on her development for finding love.
  2. Feminism is the philosophy of envy of men, the creed of anger at men, and the gospel of politics-first at the expense of men. Its inherent virtue equalizes unhappiness for females living with men.
  3. In the most offensive but realistic description of what happens in the male heart after he conquers a female, the male assumes ‘ownership’ of the female’s sexual assets and dominance of their sex lives together. Men don’t compete with a conquered woman; they assume the dominant role, expect cooperation, and presume the right to have sex at their masculine call.
  4. Why do women try to prettify themselves exclusively with clothes and skin exposure? Prettifying themselves with extended mirror time works much better. Pretty is first how she sees herself and that becomes how others see her.
  5. Marry a man beneath you and your disappointments never end. Not just with his disappointments either, as you will have no restraint on detecting and perhaps inventing new shortcomings of his.
  6. Self-esteem is set before the conscious mind opens in the third year of life. Self-image emerges after that and toddlers realize their sexual difference but can be easily or accidentally misled as to their sexual identity.
  7. When guys exploit the college scene to prove their competence by conquering women, they lose respect for those conquered by other guys. Their regard for any purity or trustworthiness of women slacks off and reduces respect for the female gender.

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