1805. Sex Difference Redux— Part 55: Mutual Respect I

Theory. The traffic signal just turned green. With a phone at her ear, a woman’s car starts to roll several seconds after the guy in the next lane also with a phone at his ear.

Women are generally better multi-taskers, but the stop-light intersection brings on this exception. Faced with multiple sensory inputs, men react faster to the visual and women to the audible. Simultaneously hearing a voice or involved in talking, women delay in responding to visual stimulation. Men are opposite; being hunter-conquerors they respond first to visual stimulants and then to hearing. So, when both parties are on the phone at the light, men handle the multi-tasking more easily and are quicker clearing the intersection.

Reality. I post that stop-light trivia as a reminder that women can anticipate, figure out, and resolve relationship problems before they happen. Day after tomorrow at #1806, I will restate the ten prime motivators that inspire this blog. They also trigger hundreds of minor sex differences that work to the advantage of both sexes when one relationship characteristic is present—mutual respect.


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2 responses to “1805. Sex Difference Redux— Part 55: Mutual Respect I

  1. anonymous

    Love the real life antidote!

  2. Anne

    Fascinating fact about the traffic light! I have always been amazed by my husband’s ability to tune out the adorable chatterboxes in our backseat when driving (in fact, this + his driving skill saved all our lives in one could-have-been-fatal accident a few years ago!)

    But speaking of lights, I would appreciate more light being shed on the connection between the female auditory-first trait and the female ability to stave off marital distress before it happens. Is this a call to “pretty time” (ie, the man responds favorably to the “good news” we present with our physical appearance before any bad news our mouths may bring)?

    Your Highness Anne,
    Sensing a marital distress case, the woman’s auditory-first trait is just another among her six senses that include intuition. Working in concert, they enable her much more adroitly than men to detect the approach of marital distress. It’s another facet of her natural relationship expertise. When detected, if I understand you correctly, yes it’s a call to “pretty time” for the very reason you cite.

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