1815. Favored Quotes—Collection 38

  1. “Women think that men judge them as other women would do…a high standard, merciless assessing, noting every little flaw and deducting points. … The most minor things are interpreted differently by both genders!” [Wind in the Willows at 1795]
  2. “Feminism, instead of liberating women, enslaves us!” [Mrs. Pilgrim at Author page]
  3. “One of the reasons IMO men have let themselves go, is that women are not as FEMININE ANYMORE.” [mYstiQue at 1795]
  4. “Watch what you think, it becomes what you say. Watch what you say it becomes what you do… etc” [Anne at 1785]
  5. “In my field, we have this saying “The exotic becomes erotic.” In other words, if you stand out as different, you end up being more desirable.” [Stacy at 485]
  6. “You’re transforming anyway, right?! Don’t talk about what’s going on inside the cocoon. Just emerge the gorgeous butterfly that you can become!” [Anne at 1550]
  7. “Expectations are a prime motivator in a healthy relationship, or deadly in a bad one.” [Guy Jr. at 1778]
  8. “I have only been doing it for one day, but a rubber band to the wrist and frequent snaps to remind myself to be sweeter, more feminine, patient, kind, mysterious, continuously smiling has made a world of difference!” [Lady Kaikou at 628]
  9. “I AM a better person for choosing to love him, and for submitting to the idea of a great marriage over feeling romanced on a regular basis.” [Ramona at 1461]
  10. “On the importance of choosing to think differently–a friend I respect often quotes,

 ‘Watch your thoughts; they become words.

 Watch your words; they become actions.

 Watch your actions; they become habits.

 Watch your habits; they become character.

 Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.’

 Be Blessed!” [Tania at 1784]

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