1816. Sex Difference Redux— Part 64: Commitment and Devotion I

Their natures differ on how men and women live with these two terms. Commitment verbally attaches one person to another by mutually pledging to combine as a couple and be supportive and faithful to each other. Devotion arises out of actions that emotionally connect and faithfully deliver dedication to another.

Commitment consists of words that each considers mutually agreed and understood. However, the words may or may not gravitate into matching or even mutual actions. Commitment’s a mind function with limited relationship ‘glue’. The female heart yearns for manly commitment to be doubled and hardened by the attributes of masculine devotion. And so, women accept commitment as an interim step toward the buildup of their man’s devotion. However, until they learn the merits of devotion to a woman of great promise for their future, men prefer commitment’s limited and flexible obligations.

Devotion consists of actions that seal one person to another. It’s a heart function with deep-rooted ‘glue’, and pleasant longevity sustains it. Women expect a man’s devotion, because their nature tells them they deserve it. They continually examine a man’s behavior to find or reassure themselves of it. Men kind of stumble into devotion; it happens without their having thought much about it, and a woman’s likeability causes them to stumble more.

Men become devoted to a woman in one of two ways: 1) Love at first sight inspires it. However, the more like puppy love and wimpy it proves to be in her mind, the less respect she has for him. If his devotion enables her to assume the dominant role, both her love and respect dissolve over time. 2) His sincerity in his ‘commitment speeches’, his heart-felt obligation to marriage vows, and her likeability foster the desire in him to please her as he likes to please her. Such is a man’s devotion; he pleases her because it pleases him. WADWMUFGAO* and he feels good pleasing her.

Next, the clash of giants in the commitment-devotion arena. It’s #1817.


*We all do what makes us feel good about ourselves.

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