1826. Sex Difference Redux—Part 74: Women are Born, Men are Made

The child becomes the adult. Girls are born with natural tendencies that boys lack. Boys and even adult men require development by females if they are to measure up to womanly expectations. For example:

  1. Girls learn right, wrong, and obedience more easily and younger than boys learn it from mothers, fathers, teachers, and preachers.
  2. Girls slip easily into acting civilized, but boys must be calmed and taught.
  3. Girls ease smoothly into family life by anticipating what’s needed and what’s coming. Boys have to be taught to respect others’ interests by honoring their standards and expectations.
  4. Girls socialize more easily and depend on others for guidance and help. Boys care little for socializing except with buddies, until they finally bend under social norms and pressure from girls and adults.
  5. Girls unconditionally respect others regardless of sex. Boys respect males much more readily than females. They usually must be taught to respect authority-figure females such as mothers, grannies, and teachers.
  6. Girls can easily respect others before others earn it. Boys tend to challenge others first and then respect them after they earn it.
  7. Girls anticipate and become obedient quickly, especially when father cherishes their preciousness. Boys learn through experience and fathers are the most effective at defining lessons that should be learned.
  8. Girls accept and honor parental lessons much more easily and younger than boys. Weaknesses and inconsistencies of parental leadership confuse boys and manifest as masculine immaturity in the teens and adulthood.
  9. Girls inherit this dilemma. Boys are born with little or no understanding or acceptance of the promises held for men by domestic home life. Nor about how women view and expect domestic home life to proceed. Men are no more capable of idealizing home life up to womanly standards, or even adjusting to it, than what they witness growing up. Not that they are incapable but their sense of dominance must be harnessed just to consider wifely options, druthers, and expectations. (It makes virtual virginity so valuable when trying to capture and hold manly attention.)
  10. Girls have to earn the respect of boys. Prepubescent boys learn by being taught to respect sisters and authority figures. After puberty, teen girls earn masculine respect according to how well they protect sexual assets against the desire of boys. Rejection displeases boys and repeated refusals teach that limits exist in spite of boyish smooth talk and girlish dreams of eternal love. Continual frustration starts the process of boys learning of love for one woman. It’s the best way that girls tame boys to think in terms of monogamous love and family responsibility. (Having sex immediately gratifies two teens; deferring
    sex gratifies the sisterhood by teaching boys they can’t always have their way and must earn a woman’s heart.)

Wives inherit the final burden of getting husbands to see value in their home. Harmonizing family relationships and sustaining husband’s castle image does it best. Women are born with the ability but men are not.

The sexes differ greatly from birth. Females are in charge of building monogamous compatibility, because they gain the most from it. Mothers inculcate, teen girls tame, single women train, and wives domesticate males to live up to womanly expectations. Men who don’t receive such development end up doing something other than what women expect and appreciate.


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11 responses to “1826. Sex Difference Redux—Part 74: Women are Born, Men are Made

  1. mYstiQue

    BOYS respect mama when older because they are taught by father to do so. In some translations of the bible, it says for men not to act effeminate even though they are straight. Years ago a man wouldnt be considered one until the wedding altar: I PRONOUNCE YOU MAN AND WIFE. When they changed it to husband, negative things happened to marriage in general and it lost its importance in society. What is happening is were 3 GENERATIONS DEEP now in fatherlessness and 50% of women in US arent even married in 2013 when baby is born

  2. Sis

    I don’t understand why God would make men leaders and then expect women to take the first steps towards having a successful relationship.

    Your Highness Sis,

    Great question and glad you came calling. I’ve seen you following for some time and have read much of your blog. You’re a super star in my eyes.

    As to your question: Why did He do it? To make them compatible for mating for life.

    + God gives men little or no interest in chasing female hopes and dreams. Women need help, so they have to work for it. What better way than to cultivate female-friendly leadership in one’s loveable mate?

    + Relationships are more important to women than men, so good ones don’t come without effort. God gives you eternal life but no promises that earthly life will be trouble-free or that you can do it alone.

    + He gave men dominance. Women can let men dominate completely, or they can train men to come down out of that tree so unpleasant to women.

    + Being dominant makes lazy leaders out of men when dealing with women. God empowered women to ‘de-lazify’ them, but females have to lead indirectly, patiently, and persistently to keep male eyes attracted toward fulfilling female hopes and dreams. God gave women those qualities, did he not?

    + The male nature doesn’t prioritize female-friendliness very high except in pursuit of conquest. Free will gives women the privilege of rejecting or yielding to conquerors. If not learned otherwise, that process of choosing options over and over teaches women they need greater support to find happiness through a compatible relationship. A female-trained male leader has the most potential.

    Question back at you: Do those five bullets help generate compatibility? Would compatibility even be possible outside of husbandly tyranny, if women were not so empowered and men not such ‘needful’ leaders?


    • Sis

      I can see how they’ve shaped my life and forced me to change. Thanks for your confidence in me. Your writings are so different from how I think, I have to read it several times before I can absorb it, and being in the middle of chaos, it is hard for me to see the big picture but my instincts tell me to trust you and when I do it works, so I’m continuing to trust you and learning so much on the way. As for compatible for life, I can’t see it yet, I can’t see how it works, I’m leanng on hope.

      Your Highness Sis,

      Your nice thoughts cheer me at 5:30am. Thanks.

      Have you thought of how likely this may be? I described a major part of the foundation for compatibility that God gives us. The compatible life arises with what we build upon that foundation using our individual free will and communicative access to Him.

      You say my writings and your thinking differ. Could you be harboring feminist values absorbed out of society? If it’s possible, may I suggest spending some time in the series Dark Side of Feminism?


  3. Emma

    Mr. Guy-
    As always great post and thank you for challenging our thinking.

    Much of what you say is unheard of and many wonder why we have been exposed to a different culture. In a world where women are thought to fight and speak their mind had not yield too much ROI for us. What you propose: indirectly, seed planting and quiet almost comes unnatural for us women. We are 3 generations down and the issues are bigger : at home and at work. So to make a change starting with our home – learning to those things must be taught – your blocks doing just that for many of us.

    Your Highness Emma,
    You say, “We are 3 generations down and the issues are bigger at home and at work.” Right about bigger but I call it more like 6 and maybe 7 generations of 7 years each, which means values are locked more firmly in place all across society. I use 7 years because that’s how often the newest generation of kids seek to separate themselves from older siblings. By time they are adults, the newest values are very different from those of the preceding gen. Pop culture changes that fast, and for decades pop culture has invaded and neutralized the influence of traditional American culture.

  4. terra

    guy, what is the real reason why many men today do not want to get job,support themselves or complain when they actually have a job? I’m not talking about guys that apply for a job but can’t get any but those that have been for years when they are perfectly healthy to do so. I have met around 5 guys recently that don’t really want to work, one was even some type of hobo that just hated the corporate world so much he slept on the beach with no money because “the system is corrupted” Another guy I have met for around 3 years did not bother to get a job before asking me for marriage. Another is perfectly fine living past 25 in his mom’s basement while he finishes an English Master and doesn’t even drive, another one complains that he has two jobs to make ends meet and so what? isn’t this what men are supposed to do? While I was breaking my back studying and working these guys just passively lay around probably playing video games. Only one was in a relationship so it’s not like “their girlfriends allowed them to do so”

    Your Highness Terra,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    RE the men you speak of, blame poor parenting and under-developed character. You’re right to consider them red flags for you as you can do nothing to improve them.

    I suggest that you review your place in life. If you know or know of that many men of such weaknesses, you may be associating with people below your emotional and developmental level. You may want to consider upgrading the crowd around you by moving on to another group. You owe it to yourself to be exposed to men of the best quality possible, and they congregate around the best quality women.


  5. Anon......

    YOU said were 7 generations deep: so it sounds like weve been falling since 1963. I remember in the mid~late 1980s when women got confused and wanted babies withiut husbands. Their biological clock was running out. What they didnt realize was that boys who were little babies then and raised without men turn out to be BIG babies with few skills except for the ability to fill out the paperwork for SSI and live off the government. Im hoping for a miracle. For the few educated responsible men to get married ASAP before we lose it completely….Homosexual marriage equals NO MARRIAGE and no civilization

  6. Anon......

    And to think~~~when women got IRATE when men were GENTLEMEN and held door open for them. And they inststed of wearing PANTS or skirts above the knee: that we started breeding BUMS~~~I hope terra finds her Mr. Right and becomes a MRS…..please drop MS.. its A disease

  7. thetruth01

    Why can women train men to be less dominant, but you advise against dealing with men who don’t have the courage to approach her when he knows she is interested. Why couldn’t she also train him to have courage?

    Your Highness Thetruth01,
    Masculine courage is the quality of disregarding one’s fear in order to accomplish one’s responsibility. The question then becomes how do you convert your interest in him into his feeling responsible to approach you. Women used to drop a handkerchief. Today, they have a gazillion troubles with which a man of interest can be induced to help her.

    • Ajaiwaa

      Interesting… thanks. I do need think on this more.

      Your Highness Ajaiwaa,
      Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

      • thetruth01

        I used my real name and was wondering if you can change it to my screen name please.

        Your Highness Thetruth01,
        Sorry, but I can’t find where you used any other name than thetruth01. I did delete the one you said to disregard and the one requesting it.

  8. thetruth01

    Interesting…thanks. I would need to think more on this.

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