1830. Sex Difference Redux—Part 78: Created to Do Good — III

Theme: The female sex can use a unique genetic predisposition for exemplary leadership.

Women have a vital interest in relationship maintenance. They also have unique talent for finding gratitude in themselves, others, and all that happens—if they but take an interest in doing so. Combined, a woman’s interest and talent enables her to overcome a man’s shortcomings while she also develops children. It’s another facet of her relationship expertise.  

A woman’s natural leadership turns exemplary when she finds gratitude in everyone and everything. It’s a 1-2 punch. She finds gratefulness and spreads it as credit to praise others and as salve to ease the ups and downs of those she loves. It makes her far more important than trying to get her way with a critical attitude.

Gratitude-finding leadership keeps hers, mate’s, and children’s eyes focused on the positives instead of the criticizing negatives (reprinted at the bottom). The self-fulfilling prophecy enables her inspirational good in life to rise and intensify as if drawing compound interest. It tends to drown the ‘ungood’ negatives that so easily erupt from the ungrateful heart and disrupt compatibility and harmony.  

It all sound overly promising, does it not? Well, consider these benefits that flow from grateful-oriented family-wide habits of searching and finding gratitude. (Leading by example outshines all other leadership.)

  1. Impatience is suppressed and fades in moments.
  2. Affirmations prevent ill feelings from emerging or—even worse—accumulating.
  3. Accusations fade; finger pointing isn’t compatible with gratefulness.
  4. Criticisms not verbalized leave faults in the deserver’s conscience for at least different and perhaps better performance next time.
  5. More alert and active consciences resolve issues before they arise.
  6. Mutual understanding weakens interpersonal defensive barriers.
  7. Mutual respect strengthens as understanding and praise turn huge problems to ashes.
  8. Mutually agreed upon gratefulness confirms pledges of mutual love and likeability.
  9. Trust arises out of turning blame into acceptance, which also enhances mutual respect.
  10. Acceptance as a good person in spite of one’s wrongdoing strengthens the bonds of love, friendship, and leader-follower.
  11. A woman’s self-importance and man’s self-admiration are reinforced immensely by forgiving others.
  12. Gratefulness discourages this: Acceptance of responsibility becomes distasteful when demanded by someone else, and it distorts the outcomes of fulfilling that responsibility.   
  13. Antagonisms never raised indirectly convey and promote common values, religious beliefs, and interpersonal closeness.
  14. Gratitude bonds emotionally attached people, whereas lack of mutual gratefulness indirectly encourages searching for it elsewhere.
  15. Mutually grateful people work more diligently at doing good together than ‘ungood’ individually.

WADWMUFGAO, we all do what makes us feel good about ourselves. Finding the good and being grateful usually does that. On the other hand, using the negatives makes us feel good, but it’s inevitably at the expense of someone else. Progress made when someone pays extra isn’t progress in the long run.

Experts have unique advantages built through experience. Women through congenital inheritance have a unique relationship advantage that men can’t match. They can find, exemplify, and spread gratitude as inspiration for living better lives among those bonded in marriage and family.


The Negatives Reposted from 1828, Part I: Criticism weakens acceptance of the criticizer. Lack of trust weakens respect and vice versa. Faultfinding weakens mutual respect and likeability. Contradiction of mom weakens motherly authority. Reproach of father weakens his usefulness. Censure of husband weakens his value. Censure of wife weakens her harmonizing leadership. Complaining weakens the leadership ability of the complainer. Blaming others for one’s mistakes sparks hatred. False accusers lose credibility. Disapproval of a girl’s choices devalues her importance. Scorn of masculine behavior turns boys toward rejection of parental values. Contempt for a child’s immature values causes loss of self-respect. Condemnation of a child’s friends solidifies the child’s opinions. Immature, disrespectful, and untrusting treatment wires children to duplicate it later with their own. Parental scorn of adults and authority figures causes children to disrespect them. Continual scorn of father and men in general inspires boys to be something else and girls to do without men. Impatience spreads unwanted pressure to others. Sour attitude causes loss of respect and full appreciation of others and generates the same from them. Manipulation destroys manipulator’s credibility. Wife denying sex insults husband. Husband denying sex convinces wife she’s unimportant. Not respecting teen as an adult and toddler as a person stimulates rebellious thoughts. Verbalizing parents’ disagreement before children empowers kids to play parents against each other. A negative spirit makes positive affirmations virtually worthless. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

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