1831. Sex Difference Redux—Part 79: Feminism vs. Femininity

Theme: Feminism smacked men in the face and promised women a different and supposedly better role model than Femininity. History shows the results. (I capitalize to symbolize the terms as polarized opposites.)

History: When Feminism cut a swath across the social fabric, radical feminists claimed that patriarchy would be overwhelmed by a popular upsurge toward matriarchy. Feminism attacked male dominance and manly behavior on every front. Feminists demeaned to extinction the concept of gentlemen and gentlemanly behavior. They thrust this offending attitude in the face of men: You stink! Men fought back but their natural masculine spirit was driven underground. Subsequent generations of boys have been feminized for lack of rugged individual role models. Consequently today, women complain the pool of marriage candidates appears half empty and half contaminated against ideal courtship, marriage, and raising a family.

Feminism causes disbelief or disinterest in three natural female skills. 1) How to value and uphold morality as the primary key to condition both sexes to live compatibly. 2) How to tame males to accept feminine dominance in matters of female uniqueness and sensibility. 3) How to lure and harness individual men into domestic responsibility with a woman and children. Part of their present-day unhappiness stems from women not using those three natural skills. Instead, they mistakenly expect men to be and act as feminists expect, rather than who and what men actually and naturally are.

Femininity both empowers and enables girls and women to capture, hold, and energize a man to help fulfill female hopes and dreams. Although beneficial in legal, political, and economic venues with which I take no exception here, Feminism disrupts and even cancels the superior influence of women when they deal with men socially and domestically.

Direct comparisons best enable me to dissect the Feminism-Femininity carcass that continues to stink up society and culture after nearly half a century.

Feminism empowers men to liberally spread their seed. ♥ Femininity enables and rewards men for female-friendly discretion and sexual fidelity.

Feminism demeans the significance of men. Spurred by their greatest fear of significance, men resent, resist, and retaliate against females. ♥ Femininity adds satisfying importance to females by admiring masculine significance.

Feminism appeals to female insecurities in order to enhance momentum for criticizing and demeaning men. ♥ Femininity combines and coordinates male and female strengths in order to minimize insecurities.

Feminism destroys fairness in the name of equality and fosters unbalanced competitiveness between the sexes. ♥ Femininity generates and nurtures cooperative and compatible relationships with men.

Feminism demeans male nature. ♥ Femininity appreciates male nature, applauds it, and relies on it to provide, protect, and stabilize family safety and security.

Feminism fakes women into thinking that hook up and shack up will lead inevitably to marry up and thus put each woman in control of her future. ♥ Femininity teaches girls that only abstinence during courtship elevates her with sufficient respect and influence to overcome and compatibly live with a man’s dominant nature.

Feminism confuses men about their role in society. It drives them away from domestic obligations and discourages acceptance of responsibility for others. ♥ Femininity enlightens men about their high priority, highly valued, and highly honored role as producer, provider, protector, and problem solver.

Feminism encourages women to value themselves individually much as men self-centeredly value themselves first. ♥ Femininity encourages women to value themselves as part of a couple—just as God designs, Nature endows, and hormones energize them.

Feminism energizes women to fight against male dominance. ♥ Femininity energizes women to tame and harness male dominance into serving women and children.

Feminism turns men off from honoring the female gender. ♥ Femininity turns men on to respecting the opposite gender, honoring individual females, and loving children.

Feminism energizes women to emasculate men. ♥ Femininity welcomes, endorses, and reinforces the virtues of manliness, and it makes women feel good about themselves in return.

To the exclusion of Feminism, Femininity enables women to deal successfully with male strengths, such as the marvel of male dominance and its ability to produce, provide, protect, and problem solve. Femininity also enables success dealing with weaknesses so unfriendly to females, specifically those of men loving job more than spouse and longing continually for conquest of unconquered females.

♥ Mothers tame aggressiveness or boys express it freely for life. Femininity strengthens motherly efforts to teach the blessings of femaleness so that boys for life carry ultra-respect for the female sex. Femininity also enables moms to nullify the masculine aggression that flares from the anti-maleness of Feminism.

♥ Teen girls civilize boys into men with promise for married life—or boys never learn. A boy is never more attentive to a female than when she’s sexually attractive but unconquered by him. Boys listen and heed and feminine girls have opportunity to teach boys about domestic responsibility and marital way of life. However, boys pay attention more to her than her dreams. The more they know about her, the closer they are to find the trigger that gets her to yield sex the first time. The promise keeps them coming back to learn more about her, which enables her to teach them how to become good husbands. On the other hand, Feminism says to have sex for sake of sex; no need to teach boys how to face up to marital responsibility.  

♥ Femininity promotes chastity, morality, and holding herself for a husband. Not to avoid sex so much as to uplift the virtue and promise a female has for wifehood. Feminism preaches or condones the opposite and tends to de-civilize boys into little more than narcissistic pursuers of sex.

♥ Bachelorettes and wives domesticate men to settle down or else men avoid devoting themselves to one woman. Feminine virtues of cooperation, gratefulness, and promise for a good life as a couple generate mutual respect and domesticate men. To the extent this model breaks down under the pressures of Feminism, relationships follow suit (as they have for decades).

♥ Feminine mystique works to hold men’s attention. A man’s curiosity, interest, and desire flow more easily toward that which he finds attractive but can’t fully comprehend.

♥ Our foremothers used patience, pleasantness, kindness, gratitude, indirect and non-challenging influence, and plenty of time to mold both husband and family. They smothered their family with loyalty and support. They served gentleness and kindness with generous platters of food. Lifetime marriages were in vogue. Feminism discourages the outcome of such lifetime marriages by condemning our foremothers’ way of harmonizing family and home.

As women go, so goes society. Feminists—especially political correctioneers—cause the sexes to fight over gender values. However, in the grand scheme of a happier life, women capitalize on male strengths to compensate for male weaknesses and fulfill female hopes and dreams. It’s best done by dumping feminist values and relying on Femininity that is so natural and potentially powerful for individual females.


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12 responses to “1831. Sex Difference Redux—Part 79: Feminism vs. Femininity

  1. Meggrz

    I’ve been pondering the dichotomy of Feminism/Femininity lately, too, and I have come to the conclusion that Feminism believes women powerless, and Feminism empowers them. Feminism glorifies male forms of power, like authority, force, direction, and stubbornness, and ignores female powers, like influence, suggestion, validation and incentivisation. It seeks to ascribe an unnatural set of behaviors to women to create equality, but in actuality it impedes women’s true power.

    The more I think about it, the more it seems Feminists are weaker, more fearful, and more disparaging of women than any Feminine Woman or Patriarchy would be.
    In that regard, at least, Feminism

    • “the more it seems Feminists are weaker, more fearful, and more disparaging of women than any Feminine Woman or Patriarchy would be.”

      Yes! I have experienced this! So many women hate it as I look and act more and more feminine.

  2. Anon

    What has to happen is young people 14-30 need to toss the gender sameness of the previous generations. Ladies need to wear skirts and men need to be bold instead of passive/aggressive if they want to form families.

    Your Highness Anon,

    You’re absolutely right and with good reason. Men marry and intend to stay married because they perceive promise in the actions of a woman over and above whatever she promises with words. Promise that living with her will enable him to find more and greater self-admiration as man, husband, and father. He sees promise in her for support, encouragement, and castle-comfort. If he doesn’t, neither his romantic nor enduring love are likely to bring him to the altar.

    Teen promiscuity kills the promise of marital compatibility for boys and it carries into adulthood. The respect of a male for female stops growing after conquest, but a male’s love is based on respect. Consequently, teen promiscuity weakens respect of boys for girls, which adds limits to the intensity of male love. Among men that do marry, their love is far less intense than if teen girls had forced them into greater respect for both the female gender and individuals.

    Feminism gave us teen promiscuity, which makes men see less promise in women, which weakens compatibility, which weakens marriage as both contract and institution.


  3. Maria

    It’s all so discouraging. Being raised in our feminist times, and having no guidance whatsoever to point out the flaws and consequences of feminist behavior, I completely ran with the feminist “ideal” from as early on as I can remember. Now I find myself stuck in a marriage with a man that resents the hell out of women because of feminist man-hating, and I never did much of anything at all to harness his dominance when I had the chance.
    Now my options are to simply stomach this disgust and misery I feel toward my husband who is repeatedly selfish beyond reason, who puts his work way ahead of his family and claims it’s all for us, who has deeply hurt and betrayed me and thinks that a few insincere words now and then are going to appease my pain-wrenched heart, and who emotionally abuses me daily, even telling me I’m worthless at home and ought to get a job, etc. Or, I can join the evil force that destroyed my life to begin with. I can abandon my children, get a “job” doing nothing important, and at least distract myself from this misery by having some fun now and then.
    I know the feminist option would make me more miserable than anything else ever could, but it sure is tempting to be that lazy. I feel so weak, and I am so sick of losing sleep over my husband. I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do to be feminine, but it’s just too late. I blew it from the start and I have absolutely no power to change it. Saints say things like that “where there is more difficulty, there is more virtue”, and that feeling disgust with oneself is a form of suffering that can be pleasing to God if we accept it. I suppose my only hope of getting through this without wasting my life in tears and neglecting my children on account of my self-pity is to really become a saint. I have to face this for God’s love alone, because His love is all that I really have. He cursed women, though, cursed us from Eve down to depend on our husbands for happiness. There is no way around it. My life must be a sacrifice, a burnt offering. Only then will it have value. It’s going to take patience beyond any patience I can fathom, but it is possible. I can get through this, and in the end, if my husband doesn’t become a good person himself, he sure will regret it. My only consolation is justice. It makes me sad that I would have to feel God’s mercy through my husband’s shame. I love him so much. I want him to be blissfully happy. That’s what almost evaporates my whole motivation, were it not for the virtue of hope. I must keep hope that he will change before it is too late. Pray for me.

    Your Highness Maria,
    Yes I’ll pray for you. More importantly, I’ll pray for him. He needs it far more than you. Perhaps some readers will consider praying and I encourage them.

    • Maria

      Thank you, Sir Guy. You’re prayers certainly are appreciated.

      I’ve read so much of your blog lately, I’m starting to really catch on to the details of things. When my husband woke up, he knew I had been up all night, and he knew somewhere inside that it was his fault. I’m guessing he still doesn’t know exactly why, but it really doesn’t matter. Since I didn’t examine his conscience for him as I usually do, and only confirmed that I had been up and it was because I was upset with him, he reacted totally different than he ever has before.

      Usually he’ll leave saying he’s sorry and give me lots of kisses and maybe argue with me about things for a while. Then he’ll come back and he will have forgotten about it entirely. He’ll have nothing but work on his mind.

      Today he came back with not one, but TWO bouquets of flowers and a bag full of new maternity clothes for me (I’m 6 mos. along)! 😀 😀 😀 Hilarious! He never does anything like that!

      You know what it reminds me of? It’s the advice given to Little Bo Peep; “Leave them alone and they’ll come home, bringing their tails behind them.”

      Your Highness Maria,
      The version I learned about 75 years ago said “dragging their tails behind.” I guess sometimes it makes a difference.

  4. Brown_eyes

    Hi! New reader in love with your blog! Do you have any grandsons in their twenties? 🙂

    Your Highness Brown eyes,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear. (Nope as to grandsons.)

    P.S. I disappointed people that know our grandson. We have one slightly beyond his twenties. He’s also 6′-10″ tall and coaching BB in Missouri.

    • Brown_eyes

      Oh Mr. Guy! I’m sorry my comment has been upsetting. I’m sure you were protecting your family from the public eye. And I’m also sure your grandson is a real gentleman (: Thanks again for your thought-provoking blog!

      Your Highness Brown eyes,
      He is a real Christian gentleman plus a whole lot more, thanks to his exceptional mother, admirable step-father, and several basketball coaches that held good character to be vital for their players. His dad and our son died of leukemia when grandson was five years old.

  5. Lin

    “The respect of a male for female stops growing after conquest, but a male’s love is based on respect. Consequently, teen promiscuity weakens respect of boys for girls, which adds limits to the intensity of male love.”

    Sir Guy, what you wrote as an answer to Anon above is truly frightening to read and enlightening at the same time. My ex was extremely promiscuous as a teenager. What you write has shed a lot of light on his behavior and explains the general disrespect he exhibited towards women as a whole. Thank you so much for that insight!

  6. Thetruth01

    Hello Guy,
    I need help. My friend said he was ok but, he isn’t acting that way. I try to go and see him and he avoids me by not responding to my texts or responding at midnight. He has a hard time being honest that’s how we got into the situation we are in. If he would have told me how he felt about me I wouldn’t have went any further with him. I asked him if we could talk and he said through texts and that’s what we did last time and his behavior is worse. If he needs time that is fine but, he should say that. Help!

    Your Highness Thetruth01,

    You’ve lost him. Your story and screen ID make me think you’ve been begging, perhaps endlessly trying to find truth, and that has cost you his respect. No respect means no love too. So, turn your back, walk away swiftly and silently, and forget him.

    If you have any hope for winning him, you will have to let him restore everything at his own time and on his initiative. That is, start over with your mouth shut, no texting except for simple answers, keep opinions to yourself, and let him lead you into whatever happens. Above all, no sex regardless of his promises.


    • Thetruth01

      I understand what your saying. We didn’t have sex. I’m not begging him to tell me the truth either. I was going to ask him if he wanted to end the friendship but, I will do as you say and let him lead.

  7. Anon...

    Uhhhh.We have our work cut out for us it seems: wnd.com had an article out of how women think its OK to shack up. Although it may be originally a CNN article. The girl has a baby. Its from 4/9/13. The parents of said kids were perfectly fine with it since it lost its stigma.i guess they dont care how the girl will be treated later.uhhhh

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