1853. Sex Difference Redux—Part 93: Where Love Begins—09

We continue with sex differences that enable temporary romantic love to be turned into permanent enduring love. The better each sex comparison is balanced to the mutual satisfaction of a couple, the smoother both the development and quality of enduring love.

81. Having to ask directions makes sense to you. Doing so confesses to your man’s insignificance because it subliminally suggests incompetence (to him that is).

82. You tend to remember the past by emotions felt at the time. Your man tends to remember the past by events and certain facts.

83. High moral values serve you more than your man. By living up to something higher than yourself, it justifies expecting the same moral restraints for him. (Teammates work together, right?)

84. If you fail to live within and uphold a self-imposed strong moral code, you can expect mistreatment by your man. If he similarly fails to live by such a code, you can expect to be treated even worse.

85. Predominately you are a giver and your man a taker. Marital strength lies with an imbalance accepted as fair by you and perceived as near equal by him. (If you expect equality in giving, it pushes him into seeking fairness and causes the imposition of his dominant nature to create it. You benefit the most when you see fairness, which frees him to make mutual giving more nearly equal at his discretion.) [Greater detail provided as the subject of post 1854.]

86. If you have been promiscuous, it deadens your self-respect. Your man’s promiscuity deadens his respect for females generally. Porn deadens his self-respect.

87. You need to cure any thoughts of self-loathing. It stimulates manipulation, self-destructive behavior, and loss of relationship expertise, which makes you a poor mate. Self-loathing in men causes outrageous behavior that may include violence and incessant expressions of control of others. So, if present in your man, red flags should fly early in your relationship.

88. Sex to you is giving of yourself. To your man, it’s taking—and especially so during your first sex together. (Unless, that is, his conquest occurs on your wedding night. He’s given so much to get you there that his giving spirit likely continues.)

89. You are expert at relationships and bonding. Your man is expert at sex and escaping relationships.

90. You naturally hunger for marriage. Your man can easily do without it, so it takes your maximum effort to make him see the promise that marriage to you holds for him.

More of ‘Where Love Begins’ follows in a day or two. Just as with the 90 sex differences already posted, new ones help determine the outcome of your interactions with men and your man. Expect them to follow at ten per article.


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4 responses to “1853. Sex Difference Redux—Part 93: Where Love Begins—09

  1. Sara

    Could you elaborate a little more regarding #85? I’ve reread it a few times but cannot seem to understand it really. Thanks!

    Your Highness Sara,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Your inquiry sparks the need for greater amplification. So, check out tomorrow’s post 1854.


  2. Some Other Guy

    Good question Sara. I have noticed that in most marriages the women do most of the running around, shopping, taking kids to doctor appointments, dealing w/ many school related things. Men tend to do the maintaining of the house and making decisions and policies. I for instance, formulate punishments, rewards and recreation privileges for the kids. I decide how long the kids can stay out at night. Anything that goes wrong w/ the house and its innards is my turf. I make auto decisions and do all the repair details on them. I read up, study and implement investment and savings policy for the house. I consider the household finances to be my biggest most important responsibility. Our retirement is up to me, even tho my wife makes almost as much money. If I fail to invest wisely, we will not be retiring as per our goals.

    But in all seriousness, if it were left up to me, the kids would have no clothes, would never go to the doctor, nobody would be monitoring their school work. The family would have no clean clothes. We’d probably eat frozen food at least 3 times a week. They wouldn’t be going to church. In terms of hours spent, women do most of the work in the marriage.

    I really have no interest whatsoever in the activities that my wife seems to gladly handle. In fact I detest doing all that stuff. IDK if this is right or wrong, but this is how it goes down in my house. I told my wife that this is how it was going to be before we had kids. And she still wanted to have them. So she is not surprised at all by this. I also do some routine house work like vacuuming. But I don’t do anywhere near the work that my wife does.

    • Sara

      Sounds good to me, so long as my future husband is appreciative and I remind myself to do the same. Your wife sounds like superwoman 🙂 I look forward to tomorrow’s post!

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