1856. Sex Difference Redux—Part 95: Where Love Begins—11

You have relationship expertise and interest in two-way love that endures. Your man lacks both. So, you inherit the process of developing enduring love before romantic love fails after a year or two of sex together.

101. You promote how one plays the game as more important than winning; it arises out of the cooperative spirit of the female nature. Your man promotes winning as the primary objective, which emanates from the competitive spirit of the male nature.

102. You tend to devote yourself to others and life and use spiritual pressures and influences to help. Your man tends to devote himself to achieving goals, uses responsibility as energy, and seeks to have sex for relief, rest, and recovery.

103. With regard to unmarried sexual activity, you are whatever you decide to be.  Your man is whatever he has to be to have frequent and convenient access to sex.

104. You and your man are two conquerors. He seeks sex without or before marriage, and you seek marriage with him. The first to conquer dominates your future together.

105. Very unlike your man, you change or try to change whatever and whomever you find as close to you but not quite complete. (Unless they’re astute and careful, wives easily parent their husbands.)

106. Your man draws a line between what is his business and what is not, between what he can or should change and what he should leave to others. You are not so constrained.

107. When you want comfort and understanding, you turn to a specific man. When your man wants those things, he turns to a friendly woman.

108. Your man eats and looks for taste bud satisfaction. You use food to fuel yourself in order to satisfy the necessities of life.

109. Both sexes are emotional creatures. However, your man is more objective and values the present more than past or future. He places higher value on what he sees when he sees it. You, on the other hand, are more subjective in decision making. You highly value past events that enable you to integrate the most relevant into the rest of your interests and future.

110. You more easily than your man endorse or find no fault in political correctness. Your man finds PC abominable or nearly so.

As with sex differences already cited, they help determine the outcome of your interactions with your man and incidentally other men. Ten more of ‘Where Love Begins’ follow soon.



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6 responses to “1856. Sex Difference Redux—Part 95: Where Love Begins—11

  1. Sara

    Thank you for #109! I always knew since I was five that the “men have no emotions” line was crap. Men are just more present in the moment, whereas we women think about everything haha. I also never liked politically-correct jargon either.

    Your Highness Sara,
    You’re right about their natures. “Men are just more present in the moment, whereas we women think about everything…,” which includes what he’s done in the past and what she needs for the future.

  2. Brown_eyes

    Hi Mr. Guy! Could you help me with 110? I understand political correctness as saying “visually impaired” instead of blind, for example. Why would a man find it abominable? But then again English is not my first language, so maybe I’m missing something here.
    Thank you! (:

    Your Highness Brown eyes,

    As stated by one of my favorite intellectual giants, Dennis Prager, PC and truth are mutually exclusive. Political correctness misreads and mishandles facts to one’s emotional advantage and twists truth all out of shape to satisfy one’s ideological beliefs.

    The nature of men is oriented more around facts and truth than the nature of women. With women, PC is more about emotions and aiming to gain advantage over men. Consequently, men find PC detestable because they fear losing to women and, when in disagreement, women use PC to get their way.

    (Incidentally, the roots of PC go back to revolutionary and feminist thoughts of the late 20th Century. It’s a concoction of cultural warfare; it divides men and women into political enemies, which helps implement the strategy of divide and conquer and helps nudge husbands away from wives and vice versa, which further weakens the family as an institution.)


    • Some Other Guy

      I personally find PC to be offensive for 2 reasons:

      1. We discriminate in the name of fairness. Hiring quotas based on sex or race are just another form of bias and racism. I cannot for the life of me figure out why we can have women only events, black only colleges. How is this not another form of racism? Do we not just perpetuate racism by making racial quotas? I fail to see how this is not obvious to anyone.

      2. Some would say that we should use PC speak so as to not offend people. I on the other hand have things to do in my life. I cannot help it if people are offended by the obvious. I’m a white guy. Why would I be offended by being called that? Why would the black guy be offended to be called black. Now certainly, If the black guy asks me to call him African american, I will do that. But I will not assume that he is offended by his obvious blackness. I will not assume that the blind guy is offended by calling him blind. Who’s got time for all the mental gymnastics? Why do people act as if everyone will be offended by something?

  3. Sis

    Haha, 110. reminds me of a discussion we just had last night over being ambassadors for Christ. I didn’t understand at all why we disagreed, now I do. PC is abominable 🙂

  4. SouthernBelle

    Sir Guy,
    I can not seem to demystify how men and women seem to recall significant moments differently whether it be an event, words shared, experiences shared, even written sentiments. However, they seem to be able to recall “insignificant” things like sports plays and scores or silly lines/scenes from a movie. I suspect it has to do with differences in motives or emotions, but I would very much like to understand this. At times this difference feels so disheartening. Perhaps related to #109 above?

    Your Highness SouthernBelle,

    You’re right about the connection with #109. But you ladies are unique in having a natural habit that men lack.

    As natural hunters-conquerors, men trust what they see more efficiently than do women. They remember what’s necessary and ignore or tend to quickly forget the irrelevant. Clear, factual, and precise things such as sport scores and movie lines appeal to men especially if fun for now or later is somehow attached. Their memory-making is one dimensional (unless other senses become involved). They just see what they see and that’s it.

    As natural prey of hunter-conquerors, women’s experiences are ‘recorded’ in two dimensions. Their emotions—which are always meaningful to them—are naturally combined with their view of what they experience. The greater their emotional involvement with and at the time of a scene or event, the greater their ability to describe its complexities. What they saw reinforced by what they felt.

    The sex difference seems to make women superior. They recall more complex memories than men. However, they lack the normal, everyday objectivity of men until education and training teach them otherwise. In the end, it all balances out to help make them compatible.


    • SouthernBelle

      Seems so simple although I do see the value of how the “other side” of this trait is also a strength as sighted in our “Your Heart Says This About Men”. Once again your insight and deftness is so much appreciated by this Southern Belle. *curtsey*

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