1869. Favored Quotes—Collection 39

“Just as a woman is disarmed by a man who genuinely expresses his opinion that she is pretty, a man is disarmed by a woman who genuinely admires him.” [Anonymous at 1808.]

“My elder sis has been courting for almost 4yrs now (the wedding has been fixed for April) and never have I seen such a fierce devotion her fiance has for her. It’s true that a long courtship devoid of sex, does A LOT of good for the woman.” [Honey at 1817]

Men are no longer content to be gentlemen and protect women; they feel the need to conquer incessantly and brag to their buddies. It’s no wonder you are all single and miserable and hate women. In your minds we have become the enemy – you make us adversaries instead of allies.” [Lauren about Guy Jr. at 1495]

“A wife becoming too heavy is a sign of disrespect to the husband. Having an attractive wife is a status symbol and a sign of his standing in society. When the wife becomes heavy it lowers his value as perceived by the community.” [Some Other Guy at 1862]

“I know one thing: just because a woman goes with a guy and sleeps with him unmarried doesn’t mean he won’t cheat on her anyway. Modern women thot older ladies were crazy and their hubbys would cheat on them, so why not be loose. It just guarantees you won’t have his devotion, and the old fashioned lady, as skanky as her husband is/was, did [have his devotion].” [mYstiQue at 1780]

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