1870. Sex Difference Redux—Part 105: First Battle of the Sexes

Cast into life as dependent creatures, women need help. They grow up learning to solicit, trade assets, and lobby for what they need and want. Born hard-headed and soft-hearted, they are tough-minded about children. They avoid having to fight, prefer cooperation to competition, and consequently need a moral code to contain the aggressive nature of men.

The male nature lacks the need of a moral code. Actions spring from the males’ primal drive to compete with Nature, other men, and control human events, which spreads and accumulates into the constantly varying and unpredictable Rule of Man. That’s when women become tools and slaves of men, unless they impose their own moral code as counterbalance. Inspired by God, the Holy Bible provides the greatest code ever developed to provide and protect women and children. (As Rabbi Lapin asks: Would the world be a better place if overnight two billion Muslims became Evangelical Christians?)

Cast into life as independent creatures, men don’t need help except as they earn and solicit it. They are born as hard-headed and hard-hearted competitors. They are tough-minded about protecting their interests, dignity, and significance. When those traits are threatened, they are ready to fight whomever, wherever, whenever, and however. They find their way throughout life by connecting to whatever satisfies their senses of accomplishment, self-admiration, and significance.

Functioning far more independently than women, men migrate toward love of job, hobby, adventure, achievement, and habits that are bad for them and others but that make them feel good. Their nature energizes them to accept political ideologies, exploit masculine competition and female cooperation, confirm self-admiration, and protect their interests and property while enlarging their sense of significance.

The male nature urges them to reject the idea that anyone is greater than they. It inspires resistance to religious beliefs that promote appreciation of humans, generate mutual respect, and endorse love for and devotion to a priceless few. Consequently, women face this result: Men tend to avoid or reject whatever requires self-restraint. A couple’s first battle of the sexes thus begins at the margin of the woman’s morality; at the point the man begins to comprehend and either accepts or rejects her moral standards, expectations, and determination to live up to a code sourced higher than both him and her. Without her possessing those traits, their relationship revolves around his hard-headed and hard-hearted intentions, and their relationship equation begins out of balance in his favor.

Men are impressed much more by a woman’s actions than her words and promises. When she routinely grooms and dresses neat, pretty, and stylish as opposed to sloppy, exotic, or erotic, men read her as hard to weaken or break down for conquest. She obviously has high standards about life since she has them for her appearance. She appears to like and respect herself, seeks to avoid being messed up or worse, wants always to be seen at her best, and is prepared to live life the same way. Such grooming and dressing actions signify to men that she has oodles of self-respect, which in itself initiates a man’s respect (out of which a man’s love arises). By appearing particularly organized and dominant about herself, she exhibits the first sign of a strong moral code up to which she expects men to follow her lead. She may need help in life, but she wants it her way more than she want it now.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said the world turns on hope. I translate hope as the driving force given birth not by words and promises but by subtleness, indirectness, and non-verbal communication seen in actions. Such as that generated by a well-groomed and -dressed lady who is inspired by and honors a moral order higher than herself. Such women present themselves to the world as much less easily conquered, which subtly, indirectly, and non-verbally challenges men to want her for more than just sex—and in the case of husbands to want her for life.

It’s the first battle of the sexes, and their future turns brighter when women bring men into their system of morality. It all begins when she grooms and dresses in the morning, which takes us back to ‘pretty time’.


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10 responses to “1870. Sex Difference Redux—Part 105: First Battle of the Sexes

  1. Lady Lurker


    You know, I never really thought of pretty time as something that could benefit the world and encourage the men in my life to do and be better. I thought it was only suppose to benefit ‘me’ and that’s okay, I guess. However, even though I try to do pretty time regularly, a part of me felt like I was too selfish and ‘un-real’ because of it. However, now, if I can approach pretty time with this as my mindset – goodness! My heavy guilt is suddenly lifted!

    😀 Thank you so much, Sir Guy!

    • mYstiQue

      subconsciously, IMO, is that the opposites attract==a woman who looks feminine, wearing skirts, a necklace, bracelet, etc will attract a man who doesn’t. but he’s is groomed well,short hairstyle, gingham print shirts (truckdriver style) or ties of a masculine color, (no pinks)
      I notice when men wear jewelry like necklaces, etc. will attract women who don’t and the man may even start to look ‘metrosexual’ in style. I’ve seen this myself…but it could just be an opinion
      BTW i haven’t seen many women lately wear necklaces much..i’m in CA, where the MEN are wearing earstuds 75% of time, and the women are wearing daisy dukes/hot pants instead of comfortable skirts

  2. mYstiQue

    “the male nature rejects the idea that anyone is greater than they”

    YOU are sooo RIGHT about this one….
    it a reason why
    a) in college, they are the last ones who give up the theory of evolution as ‘science’ very few real women are into this..
    b) if a woman is christian, she should rarely date a non christian man, no matter how moral and upright he is,,, in general, because he may believe that Christianity is for WOMEN…and he’ll just stay home and “watch the game–thank you very much”
    c) a healthy church MUST HAVE A SOLID MAN to be a pastor, and is a reason the bible is against male pastors. [EDITOR’S NOTE: I THINK SHE MEANS FEMALE PASTORS.]
    Even Paul, who spoke to Timothy, knew his grandmother Lois, and mother Eunice taught him well about the bible, said that a woman should be ‘silent in the church’ probably so the men could ‘get it’ without being henpecked—and the ‘natural order’ is that women should be loved, and men should be respected…
    d) many pagan religions had women as heads of them, but the regular women weren’t loved, but rather ‘used’ (the goddess religions; or what i know about them—earth worship, or Baal worship in the bible) [EDITOR’S NOTE: I THINK SHE PROBABLY MEANS GODLESS RATHER THAN GODDESS.]
    every time, i generally hear an ‘atheist’ speak 99.9 % or the time, its MALE

    • Lady Lurker

      I agree with you there! Whenever I see an ‘atheist’ it is usually a man and usually a man of European Ancestry. I smile at them but they are definitely off my ‘check list’ for Mr. Right. Like if a man tells me he is an avowed atheist, for me, its a like a “Do not have a romantic relationship with this dude but just be nice to him.” My problem is, is that if I’m too nice, the atheist guy will try to date me still and ‘change my mind about God’ or something. I have difficulty ‘pushing away’ at those type of guys without destroying my feminine character.

      • mYstiQue

        sometimes,,,they are the ABC types (anything but christian) Buddism hmm OK

      • mYstiQue

        watch the men you go around, i’ve heard of women and girls go out with stoners, atheists, etc. and try to change him
        What happens, is THEY CHANGE, especially if they got conquered sexually
        just be careful

    • mYstiQue


  3. Anne

    Sir Guy, I have done pretty time for two solid years. With what should we ladies accompany it when it (alone) fails to re-captivate the respect of men? Or are we (I in this case) simply not prettifying enough? (My basic question still stands, regardless: what to add next after pretty time?)
    Your Highness Anne,

    What to add after pretty time? First, figure out what you want or where you’re headed. Example: Big differences exist between “re-captivate the respect of men” and recapture the respect of husbands. The former revolves around the subject of feminine attractiveness, such as stylishness, pleasantness, coquettishness, and a smiling friendliness.

    The latter revolves around feminine dignity. Example: Standing up bravely with female courage blazing quietly in your eyes rather than getting ‘in his face’. Or, swallowing his outrageous demands with courageous dignity that he can’t muster but that makes him question the appropriateness of his demands.

    Both attractiveness and dignity have been well covered on the blog, unless of course you have more specific questions. In the meantime, you sound disappointed in pretty time. I can’t answer, but are you doing it for yourself? You should benefit yourself first and foremost; don’t seek to determine or shape how others react. Leave it their business to appreciate your or not. Have fun entertaining yourself at the mirror.


    • Anne

      You are very astute! I did not realize I was disappointed until you said so. I think it is for this reason, though ~

      Although I do pretty time for ME alone (which keeps it fun, rewarding, and sustainable everyday!), I feel I am loosing – not gaining – my husband’s respect. I suppose it is probably not related to pretty time, but it feels like it is (or should be?) Why, if I’m improving everyday, is my relationship with my husband souring? He claims he is “bored.” I am not bored! Our children are not bored! Why is he bored?! I try to look great and let my personality shine… What am I missing?!

      Your Highness Anne,
      I don’t know if it applies to your situation, but today’s article 1781 should be of interest. Whether it applies or not, take it as my response to your earlier comment where I punted but know that you triggered a mighty important post.

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