1880. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 82

  1. Women know they are loved by a man’s words and men by a woman’s actions. Each presumes that what they prefer is enough to satisfy the other. In the course of living together, each fails to do enough for the other because they focus on what they expect to receive. Marriage vows long ago recognized the difference and settled on this guidance. To love, honor, and obey focuses a wife primarily on actions to satisfy her man. To love and cherish focuses a husband primarily on words to satisfy his woman.
  2. Women do not take time to make a man prove himself worthy through actions rather than words. When words are enough to conquer, that and little else is what men will offer.
  3. Not in the pathological but the sociological sense, many women appear manic depressive seeking a man and obsessive compulsive trying to keep one.
  4. As women take up, permit, and enjoy sex for its own sake, men need not learn and respect other things of importance to females including the worth of females as persons, women, and potential mates and mothers.
  5. Men are not moral creatures until women make them so. As Alexis de Tocqueville observed in his monumental classic, Democracy in America, “No free communities ever existed without morals; and…morals are the work of woman.”
  6. Feminism sours male devotion for one female, weakens family responsibility, and curdles masculine incentives for honoring female dreams. What more could anti-family, pro-government, and ‘it takes a village’ revolutionaries ask for?
  7. Men need no lessons for ‘wham, bam, thank you, ma’am’. They learn how to treat a woman differently and respectfully by being rejected for sex by her and others before her.

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One response to “1880. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 82

  1. Cocoa

    Should this be ‘Group 82’?

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    Yes and thanks. I love it when pretty women fix what I break.

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