1887. MAKE MARRIAGE WORK: Background Note

I was invited by Her Highness Reina to view the site, Why Men Don’t Want to Get Married. She said, “I thought he would go off on an abusive rant against women, but it was surprisingly civil. That civility along with the devastatingly accurate details he gave left me disturbed and ashamed for how men have been belittled and then turned against marriage.”

I recommend it to you to uncover social and media pressures of which you’re probably not aware. You may not be guilty of what the radio host describes, but the men in your life have certainly been shaped by it.



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4 responses to “1887. MAKE MARRIAGE WORK: Background Note

  1. Some Other Guy

    Good Topic Sir Guy. I believe this video does a much better job of explaining why men are refusing to get married these days.

    THe TL:DR version is this. Men in the past could create an identity and take pride in being a married father and provider. These days men that follow this path are derided as clueless buffoons that are tolerated by the bright sassy women in their lives. Furthermore the legal system of today makes it probable that a man’s carefully built identity as family man will be taken away by litigation run amok. A man being an everyday ordinary man can easily be fired by inadvertently offending someone at work. Yet in the legal system unemployment is no excuse for failure to pay alimony.

    Faced with all the disincentives for adopting the traditional father/provider/married guy role, men are simply not doing it anymore. Too much risk for too little reward. I wish it weren’t so. But it increasingly is so.

    Sir Some Other Guy,

    Thanks for your clear and valuable contribution.

    Re too much risk for too little reward, I wrote and expand MAKE MARRIAGE WORK precisely for the purpose of disclosing that it’s that way for both sexes. A better understanding of how the opposite sex thinks and what they expect may improve their interaction. No guarantees because either side can be dishonest or pressured by events to change their expectations and commitments.


  2. Some Other Guy

    Forgot the video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlvMAS_20K4

    Sir Some Other Guy,
    Thanks. The lady describes many things very well but, for me, not always clearly. I enjoyed it.

  3. J'ahdore

    Dear Sir Guy,

    I listened intently to the broadcast yesterday morning. It was painfully true and made total sense to me. So much brainwashing in schools and through media has damaged so many lives. I only wish I had escaped.

    I agree there should be some apology to all men and every child for the damage caused by the feminist agenda. And how we women have hurt ourslves….

    For me, I can only begin with the new demeanor that you are helping me to create in myself and in direct relation to others.

    I also watched some Sopranos -mentioned briefly in the broadcast. I am completely affronted by my sympathy for a couple of gangsters in regards to the disrespectful treatment they receive from their significant others.

    Sir Guy, you have washed my mind for the better. (smiles)

    Your Highness J’ahdore,
    Your womanly wonderfulness continues to grow.

  4. Reina

    Dear Guy,

    Thank you for sharing this with everyone 🙂
    I have watched other videos and read other literature as well on the subject, and there seems to be a rising movement among men who are starting to verbalize their discontent. I hope it continues and moreso, that it is matched by paradigm shift among women who will start to hold them in higher regard. I count myself as one of those.

    Your Highness Reina,
    As I recall you’re a dancer of significant quality. Your attitude should help you immensely to find and enjoy partners.

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