1896. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 85

  • Men crown their natural aggression and dominance with violence, if females haven’t taught them better. Mothers civilize by teaching good, bad, self-discipline, and distinctive respect for females. Teen girls tame and socialize boys. Single women confirm suitability for marriage. Conscientious wives reward fulfillment of marital responsibility. Women as lovers and shack ups contribute little or nothing, because their potential for being easily dumped significantly reduces their influence.
  • Men love the person in their childhood most responsible for teaching them self-discipline, which enhances self-respect for life. Mom’s exclusive reliance on love and nurturing doesn’t teach self-discipline to a boy but earns disrespect and teaches him to play on her emotions and manipulate her. Boys who have done badly know they don’t deserve to be loved. They expect to be disciplined and hope it will be fair. When it is, their self-discipline grows.
  • It’s been happening for half a century. Feminists change the culture by imposing political objectives aimed mostly at changing men. Men are weakened in the workplace from political, legal, and economic pressures. They are forced to change and adjust, and consequently live with put-downs, losses of pride, and defeats. Non-feminist wives unwittingly absorb and live by some feminist values. They repeat the put-downs, losses of pride, and expect to defeat husband on family issues. It pushes husbands to find exits from marriage. And so, family life withers, bachelors see they should avoid it, and single women raise kids. All of it is fallout of revolutionary Feminism.


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9 responses to “1896. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 85

  1. StillLearning...

    Sir Guy, this is all so true and I see things just getting progressively worse. God help us.

  2. boomer babe

    Another way younger women could teach men if its not too late is to ALWAYS use the term SINGLE unless they are MARRIED..
    Say “hes my boyfriend, but yes im single”
    This ALWAYS bothered me; perhaps conquered women used the term to feel better

  3. boomer babe

    When you said ‘half a century’ thats the same time the BIBLE was taken out of the public square 1963.

  4. boomer babe

    Also young ladies need to DUMP the term MS.Whem we boomers used it, we thought we were smart but we werent thinking ahead to our children and grandchildren. Millenial ladies need to wear skirts and dresses as standard wear. When we were younger, we were forced into dresses, so the jean&tshirtish styles came from US.There is a cool website that gives ideas -denimskirts.com

  5. Catherine

    Feminist influences also seem to reach into public recreational events, as if the workplace and media weren’t enough. Females in a large demolition derby audience cheered and roared when a female driver from the female-only event rushed her damaged car into the male-only main event at the last second. Also, so many young females wear those tiny shorts! Even underage girls abandon their delicate sense of modesty in favor of peer and ‘motherly’ acceptance. They seem free from mourning the loss of manly respect, perhaps because they’ve never seen it in their young lives. 😦

  6. Angel

    Dear sir,

    What a lovely post! 🙂 However after some research I’m essentially curious as to why a man asks a woman to move in with him aka shack up before marriage,? what is the males mindset,? what does the male get as in how do they benefit? how is it a man’s game? This has been on my mind lately.

    Your Highness Angel,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    The male mind set is this: His charm—whether honest as she presumes or disingenuous as he may be— works. He is dominant, the best negotiator, and can get all that he wants out of her until she’s ‘worn out’ for him. No marital vows to keep his conscience alive at least if not fully awake. No legal responsibility. No community property until common law kicks in and requires equal sharing. No growing old together as he’s too freely connected to not pursue a trophy when her time is up. He gets help paying expenses. She’s weaker than he and will please him for whatever he wants to do.

    It’s the man’s game. He gets all the winnings in the present without obligating himself for a future with her—except in words not backed up with actions, vows, legalities, and sense of responsibility to do good for a mate. That is, all those things that custom and tradition call for to preserve compatibility.

    He commits in words, and she moves in. Her sense of security stands on three legs easy to tip over: 1) promise of words rather than actions, 2) lack of social and legal custom that undergird compatibility, and 3) living with a sense of temporariness rather than permanence. His words are far weaker in reliability than his actions would be if had to display devotion to her rather than devotion to fulfilling his desire for frequent and convenient access to sex, a temporary partner, and fewer expenses. She pays the maximum cost by delaying and probably losing her hopes and dreams. The last stats I saw reported that of marriages that follow shack up, 80% fail.

    How is it a man’s game? He starts having already won, while she plays to eke out a tie. He doesn’t do relationship management. Game rules will prevent her from doing it successfully when she later sees the need.


    • Angel

      Wow! Thanks so much! 🙂

    • My Husband's Wife

      I agree with Angel, a wow of a description. Very enlightening! I learn so much from the comments section here.

      What’s a bit frightening is that I believe that a woman’s nature is to want marriage and the security and devotion from a man that comes with it —BUT, I hear all the time from women and girls that they don’t want marriage anymore. They say they WANT the live-in situation out of convenience and they want the ability to get out easy—and are not looking to marry. What is that all about when females have abandoned wanting marriage? I understand how marriage-minded females will be “fooled” by the man claiming move-in will move them toward marriage, but don’t understand where females are coming from when they say they don’t even want marriage as live-in is fine with them. Do you have any idea on why this is happening and it’s shifting toward the woman wanting just to be a live-in?

      • My Husband's Wife

        Dear Sir Guy,
        One more thing about shack-ups: 80% of marriages after shack-up end up in divorce. In your opinion, why is this? I’ve also previously seen this statistic and have been in shock over it.

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