1901. Compatibility Axioms #21-30

21. Flowers as gifts have one purpose, to please women. They are worthless and border on inappropriate for men even in sickness. Flower gifts indirectly inflict guilt that her money was wasted at his cause.

22. As to TV in the bedroom, mates have their imaginations stirred by dreamy-type people just before sleep. The imagination easily captures the thought that one’s mate comes in second and sleep comes after such nightly reminders. Outside entertainment ain’t all it’s cracked up to be at bedtime, but men won’t eagerly abandon eye candy opportunities.

23. Honey-do lists become intolerable when Honey schedules, supervises, or criticizes.

24. Husbands do not see the little nesting details of home life that irritate wives. Wife can forgive and forget or risk turning herself into nag, shrew, or perhaps even expendable mate.

25. Dominance among families comes in several colors: Dominant mate or the head, dominant nester or the heart, and most cherished family leader or dominant leaned-on shoulder. Marriage works best when that sequence matches this: him, her, and either.

26. Girls dream of a happy life with the right man. Men know they are the right man for any woman. Consequently, women inherit the task of making men prove they are right for her.

27. After conquest, a man’s pursuit of a female stops. He now “owns” their sexual agenda, conqueror’s right you know. The maximum influence she wielded before conquest fades to much less. Worse, he quits looking for her weaknesses, so he stops uncovering her strengths.

28. Women think love conquers all. Not so. The real glue of a lasting marriage is the absence of demeaning irritants and frequent hassles, and lack of gratefulness for him and affection for her. As one’s likeability dwindles in spouse’s heart, they become worth less and less as mate.

29. A female eager to accept a male as sex partner bypasses the process by which she earns his respect. This means that little within him grows to keep him committed to her after lust and infatuation fade in a year or two.

30. Femininity is the philosophy of attractiveness for men, the creed of devotedness with men, and the gospel of faithfulness to one man. Its inherent virtue civilizes men, balances male dominance, suppresses male aggressiveness, inspires men to prove their worth for one woman, and rewards men for acting responsibly as husband and father.


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9 responses to “1901. Compatibility Axioms #21-30

  1. Chanel

    I told my fiancé when we move together, no tv in the bedroom. I never was sure why I took a stand on that topic, but #22 resonated with my subconcious reasoning. Hopefully he won’t take a stand against my request when we actually move together.

    Your Highness Chanel,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    • Sbaby

      Dear Sir Guy,

      What would your guidance be as to how women could communicate their desire to have no TV in the bedroom, if the man has always had a habit of having a TV in his bedroom when he was single? Since the husband becomes king of the house, how can the queen communicate this request when this might challenge his “leadership”? Thanks!

      Your Highness Sbaby,
      Hint in several ways that you’re against it and refuse to watch. Commit and teach yourself to fall asleep with TV on. If you never give up, you’ll find you can sleep with it on. The less you mention, explain, or complain, then the sooner he will adjust more closely toward your habit.

  2. Tica

    All very interesting, Sir Guy. When I read #21 I can’t help but think about my 80 year old neighbor man from childhood. One year his daughter in another state sent him a bouquet of flowers for his birthday. I heard him say more than once how inappropriate that was.

  3. StillLearning...

    Sir Guy, re: #21, I once gave an orchid plant to a man as a small birthday gift (he liked orchids). Would that be the same as flowers IYO?

    Have you written any articles geared specifically to older women who have already had marriage and family and are just looking for a man to spend their golden years with?

    Your Highness StillLearning,

    Is orchid plant same as flowers? If he likes to grow orchids or have flower plants as decorations, then no. If he likes orchids as you like flowers, probably yes. In the normal understanding of male nature, flowers are flowers and for women.

    As to the golden years, not directly I don’t think. No one or very few have asked questions that pushed me to involve myself. Perhaps something of interest is listed in the CONTENTS page. Or, and I respond to questions, can you be more specific with your interest?


  4. Lisette

    I’m curious: Is #27 true whether conquest occurs before or after the wedding? Or do wives retain more of their influence after conquest than girlfriends do?

    Your Highness Lisette,
    Yes, it applies but wife’s influence is far greater than girlfriends’ because she has earned so much more respect by governing her life her way.

  5. If flowers as gifts are worthless for men, then why did the man I am getting to know make a point of telling me about his ex-wife sending him flowers after their first date? This gesture apparently made a big impression on him, sent him a big message that she thought he was special.

    Would it have to do with the fact that gardening is a major hobby for him? (He offloads stress and exerts control over his environment through gardening–roses, bulbs, flowering shrubs, rock borders–and he puts me to shame!)

    Your Highness Entwyf,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    As to the first-date guy you mention, any other gift would have made the same or similar impression. Men don’t appreciate unearned gifts. Since it followed the date, he took it as earned, which initiated his appreciation. As to his gardening hobby, it may have caused another uptick in his appreciation.

    I write about the sex differences that we all inherit at birth. If the flower gift was greatly appreciated by the guy, it is normal behavior that he learned in life.

    The sender figures men appreciate flowers as women do. Women know so much about men, but much of it is wrong. That thought gave birth six years ago to What Women Never Hear.


    • A man rejecting flowers or any other gift because he feels he hasn’t “earned” it makes sense. A man accepting flowers or any other gift because he learned (his mother trained him) to be polite also makes sense.

      Mothers teaching sons to be polite means that they can have basic civilized interactions with women. I bless mothers. 🙂 But as I get older, I see more and more that I need to remember: a socially adept, polite and polished man is not necessarily the same as a genuinely appreciative man.

  6. Anne

    Sir Guy, I was not sure where to post this, but I believe this story beautifully exemplifies a woman who knows What Women Never Hear and a lovely, long-lasting marriage! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/elad-nehorai/i-didnt-love-my-wife_b_3908956.html

    Your Highness Anne,
    The author describes well how love IS the giving rather than the emotion. He’s so clear and describes it so simply that men won’t pay attention. Women should like it but I wonder how deeply the message (it’s also biblical) intrudes their thinking about what to look for in their man.

  7. thetruth01

    “Worse, he quits looking for her weaknesses, so he stops uncovering her strengths”.
    What do you mean by this? And can you give me some examples.

    Your Highness Thetruth01,

    Weaknesses are those things that make her more vulnerable for conquest but little else, such as whispering or certain words or unusually sensitive erotic zones. Or, she shows less appeal for domestic life, such as too-strong certainties about a career and little interest in family first.

    Strengths are unique or unusually developed talents, skills, and reactions that seem to promote her worthiness for marriage, such as hard-nosed attitude against premarital sex, (which signifies her dedication to monogamous fidelity). Or, a well developed happy attitude, unusual skills and happiness in the domestic arena, insistence on vanity time, or hard-headedness against wasting money.


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