1907. Compatibility Axioms #71-80

71. Feminine mystique attracts men and holds their interest. An air of secrecy and generally being ‘vague and unavailable’ draws men into a woman’s aura of charm. (It keeps her in charge and puts men on the defensive. It’s the opposite of her chasing him, and it forces each man to prove his worth to her—if he chooses to pursue her. When he perceives charming but strong resistance to his first priority, sexual conquest, it pushes him deeper into the role of seller, which proportionally reinforces her as the buyer.)

72. Female modesty tames males. It’s a woman’s greatest counterbalance to male domination. Keeping men on the defensive weakens male domination.

73. The foundation of a man’s love is respect for a woman signified by devotion demonstrated by his actions. (Romantic love, mostly based on infatuation and lust, does not require a man’s respect. Plus, romantic love fades after a year or two. Enduring love, if it’s to replace the romantic kind and not also fade away, requires his respect that she earned early and continues to maintain.)

74. Feminine adherence to moral standards helps earn masculine respect. The male nature does not need morality. Morality serves women and children predominantly when women promote and push moral standards that first suppress extreme male domination, aggression, and violence, and second teach men to use and spread moral values to help smooth the kinks out of society.

75. Female-designed and -upheld customs and manners calm men. By women insisting on and upholding social and domestic standards, men learn they must please women to enjoy feminine endorsement, appreciation, and support.

76. Of course it’s not fair, but men have little interest partnering with only one woman. Unless, that is, women sell and reward their man—however far removed  from ideal to her—for both husbanding and fathering.

77. Men don’t do the love thing as women do. Men expect this first in a relationship: a cooperative, helpful, and likeable rather than a competitive and offending spirit. Next, a man expects respect and gratitude for who he is and what he does. The former invites him to partner, the latter holds him as partner.

78. Masculine-style sexual freedom practiced by females dooms the institutions of marriage, faithful husbanding, and responsible fathering. The male nature is too easily lured by challenges outside the home.

79. If men pay no tough-for-them price for sex, the women providing it water down their worth and magnetic appeal.

80. Female virginity is under- and male virginity over-valued by modern women. Women desire men that know how to satisfy them sexually. With her, experience counts. Men desire females that other men have not had. With him, it’s competitively beating out all those other guys. So, it’s not purity to men so much as sexual inexperience by which he can presume his prowess without fear of comparison and anticipate her fidelity to him.


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6 responses to “1907. Compatibility Axioms #71-80

  1. sera

    I don’t agree that men don’t need morals, you clearly have morals writing this blog. All men throughout history who made a city, a culture a constitution, a bible, a family and had respect for themselves and morals to back it up. I don’t understand this notion of women appeasing calming men as if men don’t have any emotional maturity or self control.

    Your Highness Sera,

    You say, “All men throughout history who made a city, a culture, a constitution, a bible, a family, and had respect for themselves and morals to back it up.” When those objectives produced a better life for all, you’re right. However, they learned — probably sourced from females either directly or indirectly — to accept and use moral standards to stabilize their own and other male behavior such that women and children were better served.

    Men are not born with an intrinsic need of morality; they predominantly fight to get their way until they learn they have to yield to stronger powers. They adopt morality for the tactical improvement it provides to their ambitions. They are intelligent enough to accept morality as a friend in order to fulfill their ambitions and achieve their goals. Thereby, women and children benefit, and it’s presumed inaccurately that morality is part of the male nature.


  2. Marie Szczesny

    I’m at work so can’t concentrate on this too much since “momma needs to sell a car”!!

    This is what I came up with…

    Let’s discuss in this article “ Mystery, how it attracts your man and Enduring love which keeps your man”

    With Feminine mystique attracting men and holding their interest you as a woman can be in charge and at the top of your game by just doing a few things if you want to tame the beast! Being vague and unavailable draws a man to you like honey on a graham cracker and since most women chase a man, which to men, let me tell you.. is the single most irritating and unattractive thing a woman can do to guarantee running off a suitable male.

    Let’s look at options to help women gain better knowledge into the subject of attracting and keeping your man.. Now Sex for instance, give it up too soon, and you have just tipped the scale from 10 being the highest on respect for you to a 5. He thinks now you may not be the “catch” he once thought you were by dropping your drawers just a bit too soon.

    Keep those pants on girls and watch how you rise to the top of the pedestal in his thoughts and his heart. Let’s keep Him selling him to you, that’s his job as a male is to chase, not yours!

    Just a few thoughts …

    Your Highness Marie,
    Thank you.

    • Anon...

      not only pants, but pretty skirts that hit BELOW THE KNEE!! the more feminine a lady looks, especially younger, the more attractive a guy will be to her… If she goes out with pants–or is that LEGGINGS that are too tight, leaving nothing to the imagination…

  3. So Moses adopted the Ten Commandments for the tactical improvements it provided to his ambitions? And Jesus did the same with the Sermon on the Mount? And instead of getting their direction from God, they got it from their mothers? Really? (Well, maybe for Catholics that notion might make more sense.) Sorry, but today is apparently my cranky day.

    • AllThatGlimmers

      I prefer to think he speaks of men as they are born and not as they are after God’s hand has helped guide their life. Moral men may be so due to their mothers but Godly men arise from only one source and that rule no longer applies once one is reborn in Christ. Just my two cents!

      PS Jesus did love His mother too though 🙂

      Your Highness AllThatGlimmers,
      Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

      • My Husband's Wife

        Funny–I read these comments and just heard this verse in church attesting to the two women who passed their faith down through the generations and thought of this blog–and this post in particular. Ultimately, it is the Holy Spirit who works in the heart of men/women through the Word–but he uses faithful mothers/grandmothers as His instrument inside the home. Outside the home, the Lord traditionally used the male prophets and priests to delivery the Word His people. Interesting thought.

        2 Timothy 1:3-5
        I thank God, whom I serve, as my ancestors did, with a clear conscience, as night and day I constantly remember you in my prayers. 4Recalling your tears, I long to see you, so that I may be filled with joy. 5I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.

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