1918. Compatibility Axioms #121-130

121. It’s far more important that she help him succeed to himself than to her or the family—if he’s worth keeping, that is. It’s the taproot of family integrity. [72]

122. He can’t be successful to himself, if others see him weakened by his wife. His competitors are outside the home, not inside.[73]

123. The issue of who submits to whom revolves around respect each has for the other. When she wants him to succeed, look good, or lead the way, she submits. When he likes her way of doing something, he submits if there’s no watering down of his authority or direct threat to his dominance as perceived by others.[73]

124. When women act like men, men treat them as other guys—as competitors and eligible even for physical handling to get a man’s way. [75]

125. Courtship provides opportunities for a woman to be hard-headedly female against a man’s hard-headed persistence to have things the masculine way. The opportunities fade after marriage, but soft-heartedness is her key to then soften his dominance. [75]

126. Wife seeks to change her husband, but he resists, resents, and eventually retaliates if she keeps it up. [75]

127. Without exceptional respect for his woman, a man’s enduring love never arises to replace the temporary romantic love that fades in a year or two. [75]

128. Women flourish with a man’s enduring love, but it arises only from his respect for women generally and her particularly. The roots extend back to his boyhood and their pre-conquest days. [75]

129. When she makes herself worthy of a man by providing sex readily, it doesn’t matter much if she’s pretty and attractive. Sloppy or comfortable may work for her, but it adds not to his reputation for having a good looker. This diminishes her worth as keeper. [75]

130. A woman that parents her man slowly crushes his sense of significance. It highlights his immaturity, and this shifts his mentality back toward adolescence. His ego seeks solace, so he cheats emotionally or physically. [75]


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5 responses to “1918. Compatibility Axioms #121-130

  1. Jessica Prepetit

    As always – THANK YOU.

    God Bless, Jessica

  2. thetruth01

    I broke up with my ex almost two years ago and I called him to see if he has matured (he seems worse than when we were dating). He was very rude, but he did talk to me for a decent amount of time so that confused me. What does this mean?

    Your Highness Thetruth01,
    Hard to tell but probably that you’re a good listener/conversationalist or perhaps he appreciated thinking about times and things more enjoyable than his current stresses.

  3. anon...

    I notice one thing: men ONLY MATURE, when women make it a little hard for them to become close.. the old ‘HARD TO GET’ meme is sooo true. And ladies, it would help if we start wearing dresses again just a little more

    Your Highness Anon…,
    Amen. Men don’t appreciate what they are given without having invested time and effort to earn it. Their prime motivator, need of self-admiration, arises out their accomplishments and not out of gifts they receive for nothing. (They are not women.) Think of easy sex, full disclosure that destroys mystery, and excess eagerness to have a bf/husband as gifts. HARD TO GET says, ‘You have to earn me’ and her appearance and his curiosity and imagination stir him to accept her challenge.

  4. Tica

    Sir Guy, how deeply should a woman engage in political talk/debate with a man? I don’t really disagree with my bf about much politically. If anything I am a little more conservative as opposed to him being slightly more libertarian. He is a bit older and when we talk about stuff he does show himself smarter than me. He never rubs it in and treats me with respect but I hate feeling dumb in front of him sometimes and worry he is disappointed that I am not as smart as I had seemed. I don’t always feel that way but at the same time maybe it makes him feel better knowing he knows more than I do, possibly given I am younger and more formally educated? I hate that I feel this way and can’t be relaxed about it. I very much admire his thirst for knowledge and self education. He is so respectful about it but he does inspire me to read more about these topic we are both interested in!

    Your Highness Tica,

    Not to worry. Don’t disturb what you have. He respects you and that’s the foundation of whatever love forms in his heart. If you try to change from “feeling dumb” you will initiate competition. In the grand scheme of life, you can compete with a man to avoid sexual conquest, but other competition will cause him to lose interest.

    Be grateful for what you have. Drop this thought too: “[I] worry he is disappointed that I am not as smart as I had seemed.” That won’t bother him unless you try to outshine him; he has already judged your intelligence and not found it wanting.

    You’re doing well. Work on other things to improve your worth to him and his eagerness to win you as his mate. You seem to be on that road already, so work at what you want and not what you fear.


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